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    - In eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com, anya_krasnoperkin wrote: Greetings, Anya. ... I do tarot, as do many other members. I
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      - In eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com, "anya_krasnoperkin" <jillpackard@...> wrote:

      Greetings, Anya.

      > I am new to the Guild and am looking for a mentor. I reside in Endewearde (Hampden, ME to be exact.) My persona is early 15th century Ukrainian. I have personal interests in tarot, scrying, astrology, essentially you name it, there is an interest and a desire to share whatever I know. I am also interested in being ranked.

      I do tarot, as do many other members. I live in Storvik (south-eastern Maryland). I also have dabbled lightly in astrology and done a bit of scrying. I don't have a teaching system, but tarot requires the gift of gab, and I can usually cobble up an explanation for most anything. Feel free to ask questions, both on the group and by email, though I can't promise instant replies.

      My persona, such as it is, is late 15th century northern France.

      Tamar called the Gypsy, mka =Tamar
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