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Guild meeting at GNEW

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  • VFRT Tchipakkan
    It occurs to me (NOW) that I should have announced this here. Durp. The lovely organizers wrote me just before GNEW, and asked if we wanted to schedule another
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2012
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      It occurs to me (NOW) that I should have announced this here. Durp.
      The lovely organizers wrote me just before GNEW, and asked if we wanted to schedule another meeting. I said yes, and we had it at Cabochons as I'd originally expected to be there alone. There were about 8 of us there (I have a list in my luggage somewhere...) Many didn't know that there was a Guild, so that's one goal accomplished. I hope there are other meetings at large events further south. Mostly what we talked about was 1) what the guild is about, 2) projects the Complete Anachronist and Soothsayer's Picnic, and 3) what SCA and guild rules mean. As I said, there were many new members, and about an hour later I did a workshop on Tarot in Period, which had about 12 people many of whom didn't already read, so there's more potential there as well.

      On 2- the Complete Anachronist, the good news is that several people offered to do re-draws of any pictures we will need. That's a hurdle cleared! So if you have illos that need to be redrawn, I'm sure I'll find the list of contacts soon. As for the picnic- they like the idea, but as usual, it would be a bitch to figure out when we could squeeze it into the tight EK schedule. I've been thinking maybe spring may be a better bet than fall.

      On 1- and please feel free to discuss/disagree if you think I got it wrong, what I said was that the Guild is here to promote period practice in divination within the SCA. This means we research period practice, share it with each other, and display it at events so that others can see it being done. When we do forms of divination authentically, we enhance the historical/SCA experience for others at the event.

      On 3- This leads to the discussion about what's allowed, what's not, why, and how do we accomplish it. Again, discuss or disagree, that's what this forum is for. It is my understanding that we may do our divination because it's our right to practice our beliefs, as long as they don't infringe on the beliefs of others. That means that we may have an Oracular Seidhr session in a closed room at a Viking event, as long as anyone who wants to avoid that sort of thing can still attend the main activities of the SCA: feast, court, tourney, etc. without having to be exposed to it. We can read palms around the edge of the dancing, because that's both period, and personal (if not private), it doesn't involve the dancers, and they can ignore it. We couldn't do a reading in or as part of court, or as public shtick at a feast. SCA rules don't say we can't do soothsaying, only that it can't be forced onto someone it would offend. If they don't have to skip a main part of the event to avoid us, we're not infringing their rights. Other than that we aren't allowed to do anything that would give an unfair advantage (like predicting winners of tourneys or wars) to combattants. (I would expect this might extend to arts competitions as well.)

      And that's what we talked about at the Guild Meeting. So- nudge nudge, if you haven't got your article- whether it's one page or three or five done yet, please get it in. If you have illustrations that need to be redrawn, send them to me and I'll get them to our volunteer artists. And send in bits and pieces of trivia. Let's start with this. If everyone sends in what kinds divination are period for one culture (your personas) we can start the time line.
      Send to Tchipakkan@... or post here. Thanks!
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