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The Soothsaying Complete Anachronist

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  • Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor
    There s going to be a class at Pennsic about how to do a CA, so I m thinking that after that there may be a huge pile of CAs that we d be competing for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 7, 2010
      There's going to be a class at Pennsic about how to do a CA, so I'm
      thinking that after that there may be a huge pile of CAs that we'd be
      competing for attention with, so we should see if we can get ours in
      We've been talking about this for a year now, and I don't think it
      should take more than a month to write a one to three page article,
      and that's what each of us is supposed to be doing. Here's the
      outline I'm sending in to CA:
      I Introduction
      A Historical Soothsaying in the SCA period
      1 What types were done where
      2 Religion and Divination
      3 The Class/wealth factor
      4 The Gypsy factor- Annora
      B Soothsaying in SCA
      1 as an individual
      2 the East Kingdom Guild Elena
      3 SCA rules regarding soothsaying
      II Forms of Divination
      A Astrology - we still need someone for this
      1 History of Astrology
      2 How to do it more authentically in the SCA
      3 Bibliography
      B Palmistry Catherine
      1 History of Palmistry
      2 How to do it more authentically in the SCA
      3 Bibliography
      C Runes Arwen
      1 History of Rune Divination
      2 How to do it more authentically in the SCA
      3 Bibliography
      D Tarot Arastorm
      1 History of Tarot
      a Non-tarot card reading
      b Card making guilds
      2 How to do it more authentically in the SCA
      3 Bibliography
      E Psychics
      1 Crystal Gazing
      2 Famous Seers
      a Nostradamus
      b Mother Shipton
      F Other forms of Divination
      1 Omens
      2 Bibliomancy
      3 Seed Casting
      4 Numerology/Qabala
      5 Dousing & other folk divination
      6 Crystal Gazing
      7 Ceromancy
      8 Auspices and Augury
      9 Necromancy ("don't do this at home kids")
      10 Non-European Methods
      a I Ching
      b Vedic Palmistry
      c Dragon Bones
      G Our Guild's experiences
      1 What is "Right Out" for the SCA
      2 Telling fortunes at events
      A reminder- each paper should contain a brief history of how it was
      done, where and when that form of divination was practiced, a
      description of how it is done, along with how it would be done in the
      SCA as opposed to in a modern situation, and suggestions
      (bibliography) of where the reader can go to look for more
      information on this subject. We're looking at only one page for the
      small forms and 3-5 pages for the more major forms. Come one, you can
      write one page in the next week, can't you? Email them to me, and
      I'll post them for comment on the website, so we can send it to the
      editor before they get their post pennsic glut.
      Tamar, Morwenna, Brian, Kirstin, Biya, Erin, Arli, Liora,
      Mairghreicc - I know that not everyone is a writer, but if each guild
      member could please pick ONE little section from the above to do, it
      would make it so much more a group effort. 400-500 words on one topic
      would just cover when and where it was done and what we know about it
      being done in history, and one source (book, article or internet)
      about it. Even if you can't do that much, how about a one paragraph
      anecdote or bit of trivia? If you know about a period divination
      form, send it in so we can put it on the time line.
      I lost track of this last year, but I really don't think that it
      should take too long to pull together if each of us does a little piece.

      > 1. The minimum length for a CA is 45 pages because of the way we
      > are binding them now...we use an actual binding rather than saddle
      > stapling to give each monograph a more professional, scholarly
      > appearance.
      > 2. Illustrations are great...but, unless they are either original
      > illustrations or items that belong to the author, permission must
      > be had for them from the owner. Even photos of items in museums
      > taken by an author must receive permission from the museum.
      > 3. What you would do is to send me an outline of what is proposed
      > for the manuscript. Outlines work best but you could submit a
      > precis, or short summary.


      If you know a friend you can fully trust, go often to his house.

      Grass & brambles quickly grow upon untrodden track.


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    • Judy Anderson
      I had written an article a few years ago about medieval and Renaissance astrology that is up on the guild website. Can you use that? Temair of Stonemarche
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 8, 2010
        I had written an article a few years ago about medieval and Renaissance
        astrology that is up on the guild website. Can you use that?

        Temair of Stonemarche

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      • Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor
        Sorry folks, I guess I m trying to keep too many plates spinning at once, but let s see if I can keep this one going. So we have most of what we want for the
        Message 3 of 3 , Sep 10, 2010
          Sorry folks, I guess I'm trying to keep too many plates spinning at
          once, but let's see if I can keep this one going.
          So we have most of what we want for the CA spoken for, but need a
          few spots filled in. Because this is an overview we don't need to-
          really can't- go into great detail on every topic. The point of this
          is to show the Known World that soothsaying IS indeed a period
          activity and can be done in an authentic way if one feels like it AND
          that doing so is fun. So we sure don't want to present our material
          in a stuffy way that makes the reader think: "ooooh, they're so
          scholarly! I can never do that! I'm just going to keep doing the
          Celtic Card spread with my Witches' Tarot and not worry about it!".
          I think we all started not knowing much and learned- mostly because
          it's fun stuff! I certainly don't know it all- if I did, I'd be doing
          this myself. The fact is, that we are cool because we all know
          different things, and if each of a dozen people does ONE PAGE on some
          special aspect of soothsaying that has always interested her or him,
          we'll cover a whole lot without needing huge amounts of specialized

          I think it will be a lot more accessible if we combine all our
          sources into one bibliography at the back- perhaps with notations
          about which sections are covered. (This will also save space if some
          of us have used the same sources as references.)
          I've got the The Compleat Anachronist Author Orientation Packet and
          will happily send it to anyone who wants to see the whole thing.
          We've made our first contact- the people who are doing it are
          wonderful, helpful, and friendly; we've submitted our proposal
          (outline and description), and are now working on our first draft.
          For those of you who are only doing one, two or three page sections,
          you may not need to look at the whole thing, but here's the style
          sheet: (skim it, save it and read on below)
          The Compleat Anachronist

          Style Sheet

          - Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition guidelines for organization
          of work, formatting of citations and references, etc. The note and
          bibliography system of references and citations is used for the CA.
          Samples of references and endnotes are included at the end of the
          style sheet.

          - Word document (please do NOT send your manuscript as a pdf file or
          as a type-set file of any sort.)

          - 8.5" X 11" paper

          - 1" margins all the way around

          - double spaced

          - 10 point font

          - Times New Roman font

          - Material should be suitable in depth and breadth to fill 50-60
          pages formatted as described above, including illustrations/photos
          and references. Longer manuscripts that are more than 100 pages in
          length and tightly written may be considered for publication in two

          - ENDNOTES are the required citation style. Do not use internal
          (parenthetical) citations.

          - All citations in the body of the paper should be listed in the
          reference/bibliography section.

          - All references listed in the bibliography should be cited in the
          text of the paper. Please do not use encyclopedias of any kind.

          - Authors are responsible for produce all parts of their manuscripts,
          including references, tables of contents, etc.

          - Photographs, if applicable, are allowed and encouraged.

          - Submit photos and illustrations in separate files for each image.

          - Photos should be as high a resolution as possible.

          - Copyrighted photos need permission from the copyright owner to
          print in the CA. Personal photographs of artifacts owned by someone
          else (museums, private collections, etc.) need permission from the
          owner of the item to be used.

          - The author is responsible for obtaining and paying for necessary
          permissions to reproduce copyrighted material.

          -The author is generally responsible for supplying any illustrations
          or artwork desired to be included in the CA, however, I have a staff
          of illustrators who can help if needed.

          * * * * *
          I'll be taking care of a lot of that- if you send it in, I'll make
          sure about the format. As I said, I think we'll do best to just post
          them here so others can offer any suggestions before we pop it into
          the official "first draft". Don't worry about finding a copy of the
          Chicago Manual of Style- they are probably available in your public
          library, but the important bit is this is how they want us to format
          our bibliography entries:

          Book (single author):

          Reference: Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication:
          Publisher, Copyright Date.

          Smith, John. How to Write About Anything and Meet Every Deadline.
          Milpitas: Society for Creative Anachronism, 2008.

          Endnote: Last Name, Short Title of Book, pg (where specific
          information in citation was found)

          Smith, How to Write About Anything, 17.

          Journal Article (single author):

          Reference: Last Name, First Name. �Title of Article.� Name of
          Journal Volume Number (Year): pages.

          Smith, John. �How to Write Anything and Meet Every Deadline.� Writers
          Anonymous 55 (2008): 15-22.

          Endnote: Smith, �How to Write About Anything,� 19.

          Internet Source:

          Reference: Last Name, First Name. Title of Source. Full URL of
          source (accessed mm/dd/yy).

          Smith, John. How to Write Anything and Meet Every Deadline. http://
          www.sca-org/ca.html (accessed 6/30/08).

          Endnote: Smith, How to Write About Anything, http://www.sca-org/

          Once a reference is cited in an endnote, additional citations of the
          same work may be shortened further to the author�s last name and page
          number where the reference was found.

          * * * * *
          They also have "permission to publish" forms which I'll distribute
          when the time comes.
          That which bugs me the most is that I wanted lots of illos, and the
          policy is that if it's from any book after 1923, we have to get
          permission from whoever owns the original image- so we may have to do
          some re-drawing of some where we found a great old woodcut in a book
          from a publisher that's gone out of business, but was printed in the
          last 90 years. Annoying, but do-able. (For those of you who don't
          know already, I'm an artist, which is why it seems simple to me.
          Anyone else who can't track an illustration down to the museum who
          owns it, or whatever, get in touch with me and I can probably get a
          facimile that's still legal done. I bet there are other artists in
          the guild too.)

          So don't be intimidated. I have worked on newsletters before and the
          idea of having to tweak something a bit before pasting it up isn't as
          bad as it sounds. Start from your own passion and enjoyment of the
          subject material. That's why we want your help. I am looking forward
          to reading these as much as anyone, and just think about how much you
          enjoy learning some new tidbit about soothsaying- that's how our
          audience is going to feel. After we've got the basics done- write
          down what we know, THEN we can look for the references to show the
          scary, mythical, "snooty laurels" that when we pool our resources we
          know a whole lot! Nyah, nyah, ne nyah nah! (and think about the
          companions of the Laurel like Arwen that you actually *know* as
          opposed to the ones you've just bumped into occasionally- they're
          nice aren't they?) If the editors tell us we have to do some
          reformatting, I'll take care of that. If they have questions, the
          rest of the guild can help search for answers or references, if a bit
          needs rewriting, we'll help- and /or let you do it, (not rewrite it
          without telling you- I hate it when that happens to my writing, and
          won't let it happen to ours).
          If possible, I'd like to ask people to write in and let me know
          how your stuff is coming. The theory is that each of us can "toss
          out" a first draft of a page on a topic we enjoy in an evening or
          less. Think of it as an answer to a leading question someone has put
          to you because they know you like casting or cards or whatever. Write
          what you enjoy- and get it in. The sooner the better.
          BTW- I'm on facebook, search for Tchipakkan, if you want to make any
          quick exchanges.


          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
          change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
          Margaret Mead

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