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Make Love Last - Tips to Help You Stay in Love Forever

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  • C. K.
    http://gogo.kubera.ro/a.htm ***************************** Most youngsters believe they will fall in love one day with their soul mate and then everything will
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2006

      Most youngsters believe they will fall in love one
      day with their soul mate and then everything will
      be just perfect until one of them dies in 50+
      years. This is a fairy tale and it is not
      realistic. Falling in love is easy; staying in
      love takes hard work and effort on both parts.
      That is the reality and something all young
      couples should realize before they ever marry.
      Knowing this up front could help many marriages
      stay in tact and keep many couples together

      How is Love Work?
      Love is wonderful and that connection you feel for
      the other individual will only grow stronger and
      deeper each year if you foster the love and help
      it grow. However, if you stifle love it will burn
      out and your relationship will fail. So, you are
      probably wondering what you can possibly do to
      keep love alive. The answer is to simply keep
      doing the things you did when you first fell in

      The most important thing you can do is to always
      consider your other half. Think of their feelings
      before you say or do something and make your mate
      your number one priority. When you do this all of
      your other priorities will fall in line behind
      your relationship and you will be happy knowing
      that the needs of your spouse are being met. Too
      many times as relationships grow older spouses
      stop thinking of one another or treating their
      spouse like they used to. This results in the
      other spouse feeling as if they don\'t matter like
      they once did and might doubt your feelings for
      them. When there are doubts in the relationship
      all kinds of things can happen, so be sure to
      foster love by focusing on your spouse on a daily
      basis. Examples can be noticing when your spouse
      is really busy or stressed and doing something to
      help relieve the tension. This might be cooking
      dinner, taking the kids to school, doing the
      laundry, or simply giving a nice massage. None of
      these things take a lot of effort, but they can
      make the difference in the way your spouse feels
      about you.

      Another way to stay in love forever is to call
      your spouse every day. I know, you think this is a
      waste of cell phone minutes because you see each
      other all the time, but how much time do you have
      just for yourselves? If you are like most couples
      probably not a lot so simply dial up your spouse
      on your way to or from work, during your lunch
      hour, or sneak out of a meeting for a quick call.
      This will spike your romance level, make your
      spouse feel incredible, and these great feelings
      will rub off in your work, in your personal life,
      and with all of your other relationships as well.
      It is amazing what a loving phone call can do.

      Many couples that make it to their Golden
      Anniversary and longer say the key to success is
      not only love, respect, honor, fidelity, and all
      of those important things, but also making alone
      time for one another. Once kids enter your lives
      alone time is difficult to find. However, if you
      plan a date night as a couple, no kids or friends,
      once a week or once a month and always stick to it
      you will find your relationship stays stronger and
      you will look forward to that day all week or all
      month. Nurturing your love by demonstrating it is
      important and having a few moments to unwind and
      connect with your spouse might mean the difference
      in a long term relationship or ending up in
      divorce court. Have you ever heard couples say
      they just drifted apart? Don\'t let that happen to
      you and plan regular date nights!

      Don\'t forget that while your actions are
      important your words are as well. Both men and
      women need to hear how their spouse feels about
      them on a regular basis so tell them. If you are
      in love you can tell your spouse that as often as
      you like and it will always be appreciated. The
      last thing you want to do is begin a relationship
      expressing your feelings and then as time goes by
      just assume your spouse knows how you feel. This
      will cause doubts and that is the last thing you
      want to do. Simply tell your wife or husband that
      you love them, appreciate them, need them and it
      will make a world of difference in your

      There are obviously many ways you can stay in love
      for the long haul and it really does take work and
      a conscious effort to do so. However, if you are
      really in love and have a family then it is worth
      the effort to make your relationship work.

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