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Re: Missile Defense Could Cost $238-Billion--Or Maybe Not

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  • sheila baker
    Hi, Thanks for the posting, Fact is, ALL space programs cost money, and take precious resources away from this planet. To claim otherwise, that space
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      Thanks for the posting,
      Fact is, ALL space programs cost money, and take
      precious resources away from this planet. To claim
      otherwise, that space exploration, commercialization
      and development is beneficial to humankind, is to
      sadly reject what earth has offered us for millions
      and billions of years.
      I love the Earth Island Institute model for
      space-leave it as wilderness.

      --- kevcross@... wrote:
      > CBO Says Missile Defense Could Cost $238 Billion
      > Washington, D.C. . . A report released today by the
      > Congressional Budget
      > Office (CBO) on the costs of national missile
      > defense shows that the
      > Bush administration's plans for missile defense
      > could cost as much as
      > $238 billion (current dollars) over the next 15 - 25
      > years but even
      > these estimates are unreliable according to the
      > Center for Arms Control
      > and Non-Proliferation.
      > "CBO says in one breath that missile defense will
      > cost between $158 and
      > $238 billion. But in the next breath, it says it
      > cannot be sure of the
      > costs, or even determine whether missile defense
      > will be effective,"
      > said Chris Madison, director of the Center's missile
      > defense project.
      > "The Bush administration needs to go back to the
      > drawing board before it
      > presents its missile defense plan to Congress,"
      > Madison said. "This
      > report clearly shows the Bush proposal is half
      > baked."
      > The CBO estimate provides costs for development and
      > operation of a
      > ground based system, a stand alone sea based missile
      > defense system, and
      > a space based laser system. These are three major
      > components of the
      > administration's plans for a layered national
      > missile defense.
      > Yet CBO said it received insufficient information
      > from the Pentagon for
      > estimating the cost of three other potential parts
      > of the Bush
      > Administration's layered defense: sea-based boost
      > phase system,
      > Brilliant Pebbles, and airborne lasers.
      > Overall, the report makes clear that the CBO could
      > make only rough
      > estimates of the total costs of a national missile
      > defense. It says:
      > ����������- "CBO did not... analyze the potential
      > effectiveness of any of those systems against the
      > threats they might be
      > designed to counter&
      > ����������- "CBO has not provided an estimate of the
      > costs for a sea-based boost-phase system because DOD
      > has released no
      > description, however preliminary, of what might
      > compose such a system.
      > ����������- "Decisions regarding what [missile]
      > defenses to deploy and how to deploy them would
      > depend on a number of
      > factors that CBO has not addressed, including the
      > nature and the extent
      > of the threat that the United States will face in
      > future years, the
      > potential effectiveness of any missile defense
      > system against such
      > threats, and the potential reaction of allies and
      > other nations to a
      > decision to deploy a missile defense system. Thus,
      > the total costs of
      > national missile defense cannot be determined
      > definitively at this time
      > (emphasis added).
      > ����������- "Some defense analysts argue that
      > enemies could employ certain countermeasures that
      > would significantly
      > decrease the effectiveness of current concepts of
      > missile defense.
      > Should those concerns or others prove true,
      > potentially significant
      > design changes or upgrades might be needed to
      > maintain the system's
      > desire effectiveness, with a concomitant increase in
      > costs relative to
      > estimates for earlier, less effective systems."
      > of the Congressional Budget Office report are
      > available at
      > http://www.shieldofdreams.org/cborept013102.shtml
      > John Isaacs
      > Council for a Livable World
      > 110 Maryland Avenue, NE - Room 409
      > Washington, D.C. 20002
      > (202) 543-4100 x.131
      > www.clw.org
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      > http://Antiwar.com and
      > http://www.Space4Peace.org
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