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WTO Direct Action Trainings [Fwd: Bay Area Trainers' Meeting]

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      >>> As you may know, huge national protests are planned for the last week
      >>>in September, centered around the International Monetary Fund and the
      >>>World Bank's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. >>>

      From: radtimes <resist@...>
      Via Bay_Area_Activist list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bay_area_activist
      Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:40:24 -0700
      Subject: !b_a_Act: Bay Area Trainers' Meeting: WTO Direct Action Trainings

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      From: Michael Eisenscher <meisenscher@...>
      Date: Thursday, August 30, 2001
      Subject: Bay Area Trainers' Meeting: WTO Direct Action Trainings Request

      Dear friends,

      Please forward to those you believe can help with the following:
      And sign up for opportunities you feel called to.

      We, The Bay Area Trainer's Group, are planning on giving one-day direct
      action trainings every weekend day in October and from November 3rd thru the
      8th, to get folks ready for Bay Area WTO actions from Nov. 9-11 while the
      WTO meets in Qatar.

      The trainers that met last night to propose this were Starhawk, of untold
      fame and infamy David Solnit, of Art & Revolution and Freedom Rising, Carla
      West, of the East Bay Affinity Group, dress, of East Bay Food Not Bombs &
      Critical Mass, & Liz and Rachel from the Medics Collective.

      These trainings will be all around the Bay Area and West Coast as local
      groups organize for them, hopefully after a proposed Road Show (If you are
      interested in working on the Road Show, please contact David Solnit ,
      dsolnit@..., for now, )

      If your travel options are limited, please note that, or you are interested
      in going to particular locales as well. Also, if there are particular
      trainers you would like to work with.

      We would like to present the following topics/tracks, not necessarily each
      every day, but probably at least every weekend. We would like 2 presenters
      for each topic on any one day. Parens indicate shorthand for schedule format

      Direct Action (DA) - 3 hours Legal/Jail (L/J) - 3 hours Medical - (MD) 1-2
      hour Art & Theater (AT) - 2 hours Anti-Oppression (AO) - 2-3 hours
      Strategy/Analysis (S/A) - 1.5-2 hours Magical Activism (MA) - 2-3 hours
      MA may have different foci

      Please indicate what you are available for in the chart below and I'll get
      back to you to verify it.

      organizing for freedom (from corporate hegemony) dress















      8-Nov ========================================

      Subject: [publicpower] Local SF protests against IMF/World Bank

      Proposal for Bay Area Week of Action in Solidarity with IMB/WB Protests in

      Organizing meeting: Thursday, August 30 at 6:30pm Global Exchange at 6:30
      pm 2017 Mission street (right next to 16th St. BART)

      August 27, 2001 Dear Activists,

      As you may know, huge national protests are planned for the last week in
      September, centered around the International Monetary Fund and the World
      Bank's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Coming in the wake of the mass
      demonstration of 300,000 in Genoa, Italy against the G8 summit and the
      murder of activist Carlo Giuliani by the Italian police, the Mobilization
      for Global Justice in D.C. will bring the fight to cancel debt to poor
      countries, and for human and labor rights into George W's back yard.

      Hundreds of community, political and student groups, N.G.O's and labor
      unions have committed to bring out 10's of thousands. The AFL-CIO recently
      issued a national statement calling on its member unions to back the
      protests and get their members into the streets. (for more info, go to

      The D.C. protests are specifically targeting the IMF/World Bank's
      destructive policies abroad, but they are also linking the fight for global
      justice to local issues, like police brutality, real funding to fight AIDS,
      protecting the environment and defending union rights here at home.

      Locally in the Bay Area, many people will be traveling to D.C., but many
      more of us won't, so we need to get busy here. Luckily, the week leading
      up to September 30 is shaping up to be pretty hot around here.

      As things stand now, all these great events listed below are being put on
      by different organizations or movements. Maybe we can a way where we ca
      all work together to mutually publicize or support each others' actions
      (for instance, with a "action week calendar") and, more importantly,
      discuss how we can start taking real steps, where possible and helpful, to
      concretize our solidarity and unite our struggles.


      September 21 at UC Berkeley - national tour by Taco Bell agricultural
      workers fighting for union rights

      September 21-25 @ Berkeley, Oakland, SF - the Network of Globaliphobics
      sponsors a tour of organizers from the maquiladora plants in Tijuana to
      talk about their struggle and build cross border solidarity

      September 22-29 - The Arab Student Union and Students for Justice in
      Palestine are calling for a week of action to mark the one year anniversary
      of the Palestinian Intifada (many protests and teach-ins planned)

      September 25 - National Day of Action against Taco Bell (mass march in LA)

      September 26 - Jose Bove, the French farmer ran his tractor through a Paris
      McDonald's will speak (maybe plan a protest too?)

      September 27 and 28, HERE Local 2 will lay seige to the SF Marriott for two
      days of mass pickets.

      September 30 - Bay Area wide protest and action in solidarity with the DC
      protests and highlighting our local struggles for justice. Hopefully, this
      day can bring together people from all our different struggles and be the
      culmination of a great week of actions.

      Also in the planning stages for this week are events and actions around:

      Ongoing campaign to take over PG&E in San Francisco and win public power
      (MUD campaign) Fight to restore affirmative action at UC Berkeley Campaign
      to Free the Charleston 5 dockworkers Defense of Amy Goodman and Democracy
      Now! from corporate Pacifica board's censorship Protesting death's at US
      Mexicoan border Upset the Setup Conference in Oakland, youth organizers
      plan the struggle against the criminal injustice system Conference on
      Environonmental Justice sponsored by Berkeley Unitarians Picket of Oakland
      DA (he has put more people on death row than any other acting DA in
      California) Labor Immigrant Organizing Network training for activists

      If you've got something else that's already planned, or would like to plan
      something, then we all need to get together! We have the chance to make
      the week leading up to the September 30th protest really exciting and we
      should take it.

      Organizations or campaigns that are already planning an action are
      especially encouraged to send a person or two to this organizing meeting to
      discuss potential coordination. If you or your organization cannot attend,
      please let us know so we can bring your ideas or plans to the meeting, or
      list your event in the Action Week calendar.

      In Solidarity,

      Todd Chretien Bay Area Coalition to Stop the FTAA ISO


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