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Bikes Not Bombs

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    The following article has been nicked from the Bristol Cyclist Newsletter (The stuff in [square brackets] is what I have added for clarity of reading).......
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      The following article has been nicked from the "Bristol Cyclist Newsletter"
      (The stuff in [square brackets] is what I have added for clarity of


      BIKES NOT BOMBS. May 11th-12th 2001. Cycle Ride to Ploughshares Peace

      On Friday 11th of May five intrepid cyclists [three women & two men] set off
      from the Bandstand on Castle Park, [Bristol, England], in a small blaze of
      local media publicity to cycle a 70 mile route to AWE Aldermaston in
      Berkshire. We used the Sustrans route [Sustainable Transport route] along
      the Kennet & Avon Canal as far as Devises [in Wiltshire], then broke our
      Journey at the Quaker Meeting Hall in Marlborough, [Wiltshire]. Next day,
      delayed only by head-winds and nice pubs, we made it to the Trident
      Ploughshares Protest Camp set up along side the perimeter fence of the site.
      Aldermaston produces the nuclear explosive which ends up on the British
      Trident submarines which have a total fire-power of 1500 Hiroshimas. Not
      only enough to wipe out most life in the northern hemisphere, but costing us
      all some £1.5 billion each year. Better spent on schools, hospitals and
      maybe even cycleways. The camp was superbly organised with an information
      tent, media caravan, catering, etc. There were various training workshops,
      even a practice session climbing over one of the gates to the site. At
      night decoy parties led the guards away from the hard-core who were snipping
      away whole lenghts of the perimeter fence, Ho Ho! Women dressed as pixies
      danced ontop of sentry posts roofs and sang protest songs at the top of
      their voices, other activists played football in a maximum security area and
      only climbed out again when the police wouldn't join in the game. All in
      all the point was made that nuclear weapons are immoral and shameful and we
      would be much better off without them. The next camp will be at Faslane in
      Scotland. Anyone for a longer cycling trip.
      Http://www.tridentploughshares.org or for FFI phone Roland on 07711-214-168
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