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Re: [EF!] HIV Vaccine Shows Promise

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  • Noel M
    More pathetic crap from the lets kill animals lobby. Its interesting to note on experiments with apes that a number of years ago a new epilepsy drug was
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      More pathetic crap from the "lets kill animals" lobby.

      Its interesting to note on experiments with apes that a number of years ago
      a new epilepsy drug was created which cured epilepsy in baboons (sorry I
      can't remember the name of the drug but if anyone is really interested
      e-mail me privately and I'll try and dig out the details for you).

      Now okay I know baboons don't actually suffer from epilepsy and the
      condition had to be artificially created in the baboons in the first place
      to cure, but hey, once the drug was formed it was great. It cured the
      baboons artificially created epilepsy no end.

      The only problem was the drug had no effect on humans.

      Well okay when I say "no effect" I lie. In most humans in had no effect.
      In a small number of humans it had some positive results. And in a small
      number of humans it made the epilepsy worse!

      Now what was really interesting was that prior to the creation of this
      baboon epilepsy drug there were already TWO drugs in existence that were
      used to treat epilepsy in humans. However these humans drugs had no effect
      what so ever on the baboons.

      The moral of the story being that animal tests tell us about animals. Not
      humans. Its only when the fraudulent science of animal experiments in
      abolished that we will see real advancement in medical knowledge.

      Noel M.

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      > HIV Vaccine Shows Promise
      > http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,42753,00.html?tw=wn20010331
      > A new gene therapy for HIV is yielding positive results in monkeys.
      > But investigators say more research on animals is necessary before they
      > can test the treatment on humans.
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