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Re: [EF!] Press Conf. City Hall Tues. 7/23 3 pm re: Release of Gasses in NYC Subways, Streets

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  • Alan Haber
    i sent this out as widely as i could, to some mds and many bcd s. very interested in what happened. is there a report you can share. thanks Alan Haber
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      i sent this out as widely as i could, to some mds and many bcd's. very interested in what happened. is there a report you can share. thanks

      Alan Haber

      On Jul 23, 2013, at 8:44 AM, Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > Would you please help send this out widely .... and also show up, if you can!
      > CONTACT: Mitchel Cohen/Cathryn Swan -- No Spray Coalition <info@...>
      > Phone # 646.713.7281
      > ***The No Spray Coalition will be holding a press conference on the
      > steps of NY City Hall, Tuesday, July 23rd, 3 p.m. ***
      > The No Spray Coalition objects to the release of unnamed, potentially
      > harmful perflurocarbon gasses in New York City subways, buses and
      > streets. Brookhaven National Laboratory is releasing these gases
      > under a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security
      > and in conjunction with the New York City Police Department and U.S.
      > Department of Energy (DOE).
      > Without consent, New Yorkers are being experimented on via the
      > subways and streets of the five boroughs of New York City over a
      > three day period during the month of July 2013.
      > This first release of perflurocarbons in the subways and streets
      > under the program deemed "S-SAFE" -- Subway-Surface Air Flow Exchange
      > -- began July 9, with less than the stated 24-hour notice; the the
      > second was Friday, July 19th -- there is one more day of gas releases
      > which will be taking place sometime before the end of the month.
      > While the stated goal of these experiments -- tracking airflow
      > patterns in the subways and on the streets to best predict what might
      > happen if a terrorist released deadly chemical, biological or
      > radiological agents in the city -- may have some merit, this does not
      > justify the potential health and environmental risks of the
      > perfluorocarbon gases that will be used in these experiments, the
      > meager information to and review by the public, nor the lack of
      > proper oversight and approval by local and national health agencies.
      > There are already enough studies and models of air dispersions; this
      > study is not needed.
      > Scientific studies have linked Perfluorocarbons to infertility in
      > women, menopause, birth defects, liver damage and thyroid damage
      > among other conditions. We do not consent to New Yorkers being
      > exposed to gases that can potentially cause such harms. The city and
      > state have many other options such as using computer models, studying
      > the gas attack that took place in Japan, installing air monitors in
      > every subway station, etc.
      > While NYPD officials have declared the unspecified gasses to be
      > "safe", David Carpenter, Institute for Health and Environment, Univ.
      > at Albany, says otherwise:
      > "Perfluorocarbons are dangerous substances. PFOS and PFOA have been
      > best studied, as they are the major components in Telfon and
      > Scotchgard, but it is likely that the whole family of fluorocarbons
      > have similar adverse health effects. They are being shown to
      > interfere with cognitive function in children, and in promoting
      > ADHD-type behavioral changes. They have been known to increase risk
      > of cancer for a long time, starting with study of 3M workers, and now
      > are being found to increase risk of the metabolic syndrome and
      > diabetes even in adolescents as well as adults. They interfere with
      > thyroid function. These all is addition to being potent greenhouse
      > gases and depleters of the ozone layer. They are soluble in water,
      > unlike many of the other persistent chemicals like PCBs and DDT. So I
      > see no justification for their use in looking at patterns of air flow
      > in subways!"
      > Toxicology specialist Dr. Robert Simon has issued statements
      > concurring with Dr. Carpenter here.
      > The No Spray Coalition objects to the fact that there have been no
      > public hearings on the health and environmental risks for this study
      > of the release and dispersal of perfluorocarbons, which are also
      > greenhouse gases. There has been no environmental impact statement.
      > The NYPD will not make the names of the specific 7 perfluorocarbons
      > to be used available to the public. We object to the cloak of secrecy
      > over how these gases will be released and at which subway stations
      > and street locations.
      > United States Code (USC) 1520a under the heading: Restrictions on use
      > of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents,
      > states the following:
      > "The Secretary of Defense may conduct a test or experiment described
      > in subsection (b) of this section only if informed consent to the
      > testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the
      > testing on that subject."
      > This law makes it clear that informed consent is required before any
      > experiments can be conducted on American citizens. This has not been
      > done with respect to the tests planned for New York City subways and
      > streets. The public has not even been told which perfluorocarbons
      > will be used which makes informed consent impossible.
      > Brookhaven National Laboratory has said that there will be one
      > non-perfluorocarbon chemical used as well, but will not say what it
      > is! Similar studies have used Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a
      > non-perfluorocarbon, which displaces oxygen in the lungs, thus
      > carrying the risk of asphyxia if too much is inhaled. This could be
      > fatal for those with pulmonary disease, heart disease, etc.
      > The No Spray Coalition demands that these experiments on the people
      > of New York City cease immediately and public hearings be held
      > regarding the safety of these gases, as part of a proper
      > environmental and health review. We do not give consent to being
      > experimented upon.
      > The No Spray Coalition was founded in 1999 in opposition to the City
      > of New York's mass spraying of Malathion, Piperonyl Butoxide,
      > Pyrethroids and other dangerous pesticides to kill mosquitoes said to
      > be carrying West Nile Virus. The Coalition filed a lawsuit against
      > the NYC government at the time, and proposed safer alternative ways
      > of repelling mosquitoes. We were successful in achieving a favorable
      > settlement with the New York City government 7 years later, under the
      > Clean Water Act.
      > * * *
      > More information and "I Do Not Consent" form can be found here:
      > <http://nogasexperiments.blogspot.com/>http://nogasexperiments.blogspot.com/
      > http://dontgasnycsubways.wordpress.com/i-do-not-consent/
      > No Spray Coalition web site: <http://nospray.org/>http://nospray.org
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