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Two Congressional anti-GMO bills introduced on anniversary of Caffrey's GMO test site sabota ge–CO2 hits 400 ppm

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2013
      Andy Caffrey for Congress 2014

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      Climate Crisis News alert! This week atmospheric carbon dioxide hit 400 parts per million. That is 120 ppm more than at any time during the last two million years, prior to the industrial revolution. It has never been this high during the entire history of our species! Before the industrial revolution, atmospheric CO2 was at 280 ppm. When I was born in 1957, industrialism had increased that by 35 ppm to 315 ppm. But now, in just the 55 years of my life to date, it has jumped another 85 ppm to 400 ppm! There is no safe level above 280 ppm! We need a national emergency effort declared by President Obama to get us off fossil fuels and nuclear power as fast as humanly possible, to get it back down to 280 ppm NOW!! Coming soon, our new project 280 NOW!

      April 25, 2013

      From: Andy Caffrey

      Dear friends,

      How could I have possibly forgotten? Yesterday April 24 was the 26th anniversary of a day of infamy! A day that would result in my being declared in 2002 a BBC World Historic Figure as the World's First Anti-GMO Test Saboteur. God bless the Strawberry Liberation Front! God bless the Mindless Thugs Against Genetic Engineering!

      These are San Francisco and Oakland TV news clips from the time:


      A year after these news segments aired (April and then December 1987-hence the sudden appearance of my beard!), our campaign drove Advanced Genetic Sciences into bankruptcy and stopped the GMO atmospheric bacteria industry cold in it's tracks. No bacterial releases anywhere on earth since 1987! Direct action gets the goods!

      During the period covered by the April clips, I was the manager of a Berkeley New Age/Earth First!/Green politics bookstore called Sound Choices and event center called Shared Visions and doing a weekly Earth First!/Ecotopian radio show called Continuum with Will Noffke on a Christian AM radio station! We bought the time for a half hour at noon to broadcast over the San Francisco Bay Area.

      And now, ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE FROSTBAN SABOTAGE!!!�almost as a commemoration�we have two anti-GMO bills introduced Wednesday into Congress! Amazing! I'm dumbfounded! Gobsmacked!

      First the Boxer/DeFazio "Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act," and second, Alaska Congressman Don "Wetback" Young's "Prevention of Escapement of Genetically Altered Salmon in the United States (PEGASUS) Act," which has only two co-sponsors: Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman! Another coincidence! The only two co-sponsors of Don Young's anti-GE Salmon bill were both my Congressmen here in Humboldt County! Both of my two main opponents! I ran against Thompson in 2010 and Huffman in 2012!

      Thanks for the tribute to my ecotage, guys!

      I didn't even know there was a word "escapement!"

      "Boxer, DeFazio Introduce Bill to Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods" at

      "Bipartisan GE Salmon Bill to Protect American Consumers and Fisheries" at

      For a New Green America,

      Andy Caffrey

      Our concern is no longer can we power our civilization entirely with renewable energy sources. It is that we must do so as fast as humanly possible.

      You can help elect the first Green to Congress! In 2014! Help today!

      Andy Caffrey for Congress 2014
      CA-2nd District


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