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468 - EU-Africa-Mideast Tree News

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  • Deane Rimerman
    How does this news service help you? Please email or post a comment about how Earth Tree News has helped you over the past 43 months? ... Today for you 33
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2009
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      How does this news service help you?

      Please email or post a comment about how Earth Tree News has helped you over
      the past 43 months?


      Today for you 33 posts about earth's trees! (468th edition)


      Links to each article below texted to your cell phone / browser every hour
      on the hour: http://twitter.com/forestpolicy

      Or subscribe to these email messages by sending a blank email to


      1) EU: New forest economics data-base released http://bit.ly/74z6

      2) EU: Detailed maps of invasive species impacts on European landscapes

      3) UK: Park to lose streamside poplars, unneeded thinning planned too

      4) UK: Update on Wattling Wood forest defense http://bit.ly/4Cl6

      5) UK: Vandalism in the Urban forest http://bit.ly/J4WT

      6) UK: Video on how much forests contribute to mitigation of climate change?

      7) UK: Government & Forest advocates unite to write a five-year action plan

      8) UK: Corrupt Country care cuts Oak forest heart out of Norton Heath
      Preserve http://bit.ly/GTp

      9) UK: Move to privatize woodland makes many march to keep it free

      10) UK: Forests Defenders protest embassy on behalf of Tasmanian Forests

      11) UK: Destroyed lands need to be 'restored' to the original state of
      destroyedness? http://bit.ly/onsz

      12) UK: A Greenbelt forest much loved by Gypsies is destroyed without a
      permit http://bit.ly/xkdr

      13) Scotland: Privatization of public forest wins by one vote

      14) France: Timber industry in south gets recognized for a mono-crop
      windfall http://bit.ly/wfWH

      15) France: Beech tree planted for Marie Antoinette has fallen

      16) Finland: Petition against Biofuels http://bit.ly/DrrQ

      17) Germany: History of their fascination and love of forests and trees

      18) Turkey: 100 trees cut down for 2011 winter games http://bit.ly/494XeO

      19) Greece: Bulldozing of park leads to even more riots http://bit.ly/cP6E

      20) Cameroon: British High Commission and Department for International
      Development visit http://bit.ly/Pwz

      21) Congo: World Bank sponsored review of the logging industry

      22) Tanzania: Illegal logging and gov's effort to 'rescue' logs?

      23) Gabon: harvest ban on four species of hardwood http://bit.ly/dyhw

      24) Uganda: Forest protection president suspends gov worker for stopping
      illegal logging http://bit.ly/UjlG

      25) Kenya: Charcoal is consumed by all, yet sourcing & manufacture is
      illicit http://bit.ly/smw8

      26) Nigeria: Desert encroaches on nation at 600 meters per annum

      27) Burundi: Culture cannot be separated from forestry or vegetation cover

      28) Chad: Charcoal Ban takes it's toll http://bit.ly/QIyo

      29) Malawi: Minister of Finance wants a tree planting culture

      30) Madagascar: Giant $4 billion mine project is causing Lemur extinction

      31) Palestine: Remembering forests lost to the Israeli occupation

      32) Pakistan: Details of Land grabbers selling 7,000 Kanals of land and
      getting caught http://bit.ly/16hGiu

      33) Pakistan: Gov blames 'influential mafias' for rapid deforestation

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