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Marie Mason Remanded

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    Urgent ELP! Bulletin (1st October 2008) Dear friends ELP has just learnt that American activist, Marie Mason s bail has been revoked and she has been remanded
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008
      Urgent ELP! Bulletin (1st October 2008)

      Dear friends

      ELP has just learnt that American activist, Marie Mason's bail has been revoked and she has been remanded into custody pending sentencing. Marie recently admitted her role in an ELF arson campaign and is expected to receive a lengthy sentence.

      Please send urgent letters of support to:

      Kent County Correctional FacilityMARIE JEANETTE MASON703 Ball Avenue, NEGrand Rapids, MI 49503

      When sending letters of support, her support campaign has put out the following guidelines:
      At this time please DO NOT send Marie any radical/revolutionary literatureor discuss her case or the Green Scare in general. Letters are read byathorities and can be used against her at sentencing. Again DO NOT attemptto discuss her case, co defendants, the Green Scare or any illegal actswith her. To do so will be putting her at risk. All incoming mail will be searched for contraband prior to delivery. Theacceptable items include the following: a. Letters sent in legal size or smaller envelope. They may not containstamps, extra envelopes, blank pages, magazines or newspaper articles,jewelry, food items, lipstick onletter or envelope, crayon colored pictures, catalogs, and any itemscontaining gang insignia or references or recruitment for gangs.b. Postcards except those deemed obscene.c. Appropriate magazines or soft cover books sent directly from thepublisher, bookstore, or distribution entity. The magazines or books maynot contain �Due on Delivery� bills. They may not contain nudity oradvocate discrimination.d. Photographs 5x7 or smaller, except those deemed obscene.e. Cards no larger than 6x8 with no "glitter" or foreign substances.f. All publications and/or personal materials depicting any degree ofnudity are not allowed.

      Remember, Marie is facing a very long sentence and she needs all of our support. Therefore please do support Marie.

      Marie is a dietary vegan. At this moment in time there is no news on her two co-defendants who have admitted to not reporting a fire. If anyone has any news on her Co-D's please let ELP know as soon as possible.


      Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
      BM Box 2407
      WC1N 3XX

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