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FW: Eric McDavid Ends Hunger Strike

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
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      >From: sacprisonersupport@...
      >After a duration of two weeks, Eric McDavid ended his hunger strike on
      >Friday, March 24. This decision was concurrent with the filing of a
      >lawsuit on his behalf against the County of Sacramento and the United
      >States Marshals Service alleging violations of his constitutional and
      >federal statutory rights. These rights include food he can eat [ a vegan
      >diet ] and outdoor exercise, two things he has been denied since he was
      >first arrested. We are asking that people continue to contact the jail and
      >the sheriff to protest Eric's mistreatment at their hands and insist that
      >he be given vegan food. When calling, be sure to keep his x-reference
      >number [ X-2972521 ] handy.
      >Sacramento County Main Jail
      >651 I Street
      >Sacramento, CA 95814
      >916.874.8984 fax
      >Sheriff Lou Blanas
      >916.874.5332 fax
      >Currently Eric has all the books he needs but would still like to receive
      >letters. He would also like to receive pictures of fairies and crows.
      >Remember when writing prisoners please do not discuss their case, issues
      >related to their charges or what is being written in the news about them.
      >All communications to and from the jail are monitored by the government.
      >If you would like to send him a letter please use his current address
      >within the jail which is:
      >MCDAVID, ERIC X-2972521 7E114A
      >Sacramento County Main Jail
      >651 "I" Street
      >Sacramento, CA 95814
      >If you are a friend of Eric�s and you would like to visit him in jail
      >please write to him before visiting. He has a limited number of visits per
      >week and would like to coordinate them appropriately. For more information
      >about Eric check out his website:

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