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(NYC) HLS/Baker Demo Sunday 3-6-05

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  • Ima Vegan
    ****Cross Post Freely**** Remember: 500 Animals a Day are Killed at HLS BAKER HOME DEMOS RESUME W.A.R. Target: Huntingdon Life Sciences Sunday, March 6, 2005
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      ****Cross Post Freely****

      Remember: 500 Animals a Day are Killed at HLS

      W.A.R. Target: Huntingdon Life Sciences
      Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 2:00 PM

      Central Park West Update: On February 27, 2005,
      concerned citizens braved the bitter cold to gather at
      the home of Andrew Baker, notorious CEO of Huntingdon
      Life Sciences. Despite the New York Police
      Department's refusal to issue a sound permit, a loud
      protest was launched fueled by our passion and our
      anger. Attracted by the protest, hundreds of Central
      Park West visitors stopped by our literature table
      where they learned that a puppy killer lives at 279
      Central Park West. Again, we are pleased to report
      that the overwhelming majority of Andrew and Susan
      Baker's neighbors support our mission and/or our right
      to be there giving voice to the suffering of countless
      thousands of animals in the labs of Huntingdon Life
      Sciences. A resident of a neighboring apartment
      complex reported to us that a petition had been posted
      in her building asking for the protests to be
      suspended. Of over 100 apartments in the building
      with an estimated 300-400 residents, only 3 people
      signed the petition. Two of those signatures were
      from one apartment.....the ones that wrote the
      petition. The petition was ultimately discarded.

      Consequently, and with the support of the community,
      we are resuming our regularly scheduled
      demonstrations. Until further notice, we will be
      holding our Sunday demonstrations every Sunday! We
      have found our educational outreach program so
      effective that we are planning on continuing our
      tabling efforts in addition to our Sunday
      demonstrations. Community outreach tables will be
      staffed on Saturdays and Sundays.

      For a time, we will be operating without benefit of a
      sound permit. Central Park West is noisy and busy and
      our message must be heard over multiple lanes of heavy
      traffic. What we lack in sound amplification, we hope
      to gain in a larger number of activists shouting out
      so our message can be heard up on the 14th Floor of
      279 Central Park West. Please join us so we can send a
      clear and loud message to the Bakers and to the


      Sunday, March 6, 2005 compassionate New Yorkers will
      gather at 279 Central Park West (W. 88th St.), the
      home of Andrew Baker, CEO of HLS, to protest the
      killing of innocent animals for product testing. Bring
      a loud voice and your passion to speak out for the
      animals held prisoner in HLS labs and breeding
      facilities. Right now there are over 70,000 animals in
      HLS labs including beagles, cats and kittens, rabbits,
      hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, rats and mice, etc.

      HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) is one of the world's
      largest contract animal testing companies. Five
      undercover investigations have revealed the horrors
      hidden behind the closed doors of HLS, a company
      responsible for the torture and mutilation of hundreds
      of thousands of animals and death of 500 animals a
      day. Please join us in sending a message to one of the
      most reviled corporate executives in the USA, Andrew

      WHEN: Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 2:00 PM
      WHERE: 279 Central Park West at 88th St.

      Win Animal Rights

      For more info contact: centcom@... or call:
      or visit the Win Animal Rights/WAR website at:

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