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Sierra Club - Why Vote?

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  • Bigraccoon
    Sierra Club Why vote? Because it s all on the line: Sacred places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Sequoia National Monument, as well as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
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      Sierra Club

      Why vote?

      Because it's all on the line: Sacred places like the Arctic
      National Wildlife Refuge and the Sequoia National
      Monument, as well as smaller, local lands that no one
      thought they would ever come after -- places like Padre
      Island, Texas, home to endangered sea turtles, and the
      Dark Divide, Oregon, a cathedral forest of trees more than
      1,000 years old.

      Today, whole geographies -- mountaintops, coastlines, deep
      woods -- are at stake.

      Can we really stand four more years of progress undone and
      protections dismantled, and witness the ransacking of our
      lands and forests and the starving of the programs that kept
      our air and water healthy and polluters in check?

      Why vote?

      Because we have the chance to elect a champion.

      John Kerry helped organize the first Earth Day in
      Massachusetts. He has fought to protect the Arctic. He is
      prepared to take action on the worldwide threat of global
      warming, to raise miles-per-gallon automobile fuel-efficiency
      standards to reduce our overdependence on foreign oil, and
      to make polluters pay for cleaning up their own messes.

      Why vote?

      Because too many of us didn't four years ago.

      If just 600 more Sierra Club members in Florida had voted for
      Al Gore in 2000 instead of staying home on Election Day,
      George W. Bush would be ranching in Crawford today.

      We have the numbers to make up the margin of victory in
      many, many states. It's that close again this year. We have
      the power to decide the outcome of an election and the
      course of our country.

      Why vote?

      Because we are Sierra Club members.

      We have joined an organization of optimists -- people who
      know how long it takes and how hard it is to save every
      acre, but who keep at it. Because we believe we have a
      responsibility, to each other and to our children, to protect
      what's been placed in our care.

      Because our whole history has been about one person
      making a difference.

      Do it one more time.

      Vote November 2 for John Kerry

      And drag five friends with you.

      Want to know more about Sierra Club endorsements?

      2004 Sierra Club Endorsements

      Our presidential and congressional endorsements
      and visit your local chapter's website:

      Sierra Club
      85 Second St.
      San Francisco, CA 94105

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