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Earth Changes Bulletin Update as of July 31 2002

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN July 31, 2002 by MW Mandeville Resent for technical
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      July 31, 2002 by MW Mandeville

      Resent for technical reasons

      ITEM(S): Earth Changes Bulletin Update as of July 31 2002

      All conditions worsen as Sunspot Numbers inextricably shoot up into higher

      The mass media this week discusses a theoretical war in Iraq this weak and its
      pros and cons and possible costs. And they have no idea, no perspective at all
      on the depth of the environmental holocaust which is descending over us all.

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      Earth Changes Bulletin Update as of July 31 2002

      POLAR MOTION: The Anomaly Deepens, this cycle of Chandler�s Wobble is
      definitely wobblier than normal. Is it the Sun?

      The �flattening� of the Wobble is clearly continuing and the Wobble is behaving
      as if the �X� dimension has peaked on this spiral leg substantially short of
      where it should be. Is the Wobble as a whole rapidly being displaced into new
      territory, or is the wobble cycle being fairly well beat up and even dented by
      the ionic energies in the peak of Sunspot Cycle 23, or are both things
      happening? Good question Dr. Watson, I believe we need to examine the
      evidence further, possibly for another 14 months. At the moment the distortion
      in the track of the constantly moving spin axis appears appears be most easily
      explainable as the effect of the increased pounding and stress on the Earth by
      the solar wind, storm bursts, and magnetic lines of force which have been
      exceptionally strong since 1999.

      SUNSPOTS: Daily Count Sizzling At ~300 and Solar Flux is at 230, now dipping
      slightly down.

      From 89 to 320 and now at about 300, the Sun continues to keep everyone
      guessing. There do not seem to be any particularly useful correlations to
      explain this wide performance during July. Two new coronal holes are coming
      into alignment with the Earth and NASA predicts a lot of new energy and even
      auroras by August 2 from a fairly stormy solar wind which will flow from these
      new holes. Not that the seas are not already pretty choppy, the U of Alaska
      Fluxgate showed a major fluctuation today, like a good 50 foot deep ocean swell
      to rock all boats.

      DROUGHT WATCH: Conditions worsen with the increase in solar sunspot activity

      As predicted, the monsoon action brought a little relief in early July but not
      much so far. Now the monsoon has virtually dried up even as the Caribbean
      continues to spoil the Midwest with moisture for thunderstorms. A huge high
      pressure ridge has built up over western North America. I cannot prove it but
      I suspect that it is essentially electromagnetic in nature as a by-product of
      the peak activity which is underway in Sunspot Cycle 23. Ranging from
      Saskatchewan down to Mexico, the Rocky Mountain spine on the East holds the
      Caribbean and Canadian air at bay. On the West, very little marine air is
      moving in from the Pacific Ocean. The air masses are stacked up and frozen in
      place, just like they were during May when the sunspots were high. As then,
      the current result is deadlock and drought in western North America. If this
      pattern persists through August, I believe that large numbers of Pinon Pines
      will succumb and some strands of Ponderosa will die as well. The Oak are
      already widely damaged but I am now seeing the death in many of these other
      trees as I drive through areas of the Mogollon Rim. There are now entire
      hillsides of Pine which are beginning to look like the beginning of Fall in
      the New England area or up in the Rockies among the aspen and other deciduous
      trees. Once browned out, Pine does not recover to grow again.

      ECONOMY WATCH: Watch the bueaucrats, politicians, and media all scurry for
      cover this weak as they revise all the numbers and admit that the recovery is
      WEAK, much weaker than hyped. What these urban people don�t know, because they
      are too disconnected from the Earth, just like the shamans say, is that there
      is a major contraction under way in the ag industry worldwide and a major
      recessionary wave will swamp all boats by the end of the year.

      EL POPO WATCH - El Popo falling back to sleep

      From Mexican geologists: In the last 24 hours, the Popocatepetl volcano
      activity remained in a steady level. There were 22 small exhalations
      accompanied by steam and gas. Two volcanotectonic microearthquakes were
      detected, with magnitudes 2.5 and 2.4, both with depths between 4 and 5 km,
      located 7 km southeast of the crater.

      EL NINO: None. Pacific water temperature along the equator is still cooling
      relative to the time of year. Assuming a normal spiral in Chandler�s Wobble,
      the earliest possible year for an El Nino will be 2004.

      VOLCANIC ACTIVITY: Falling off slightly even as Kilauea wows the tourists.

      Southwest Volcano Laboratory Watch: 20 in active list, 14 with continuing daily
      updates, 4 in restless category, and 31 in alert status. (The alert status is
      the sum total of all volcanoes which are restless enough to command the
      attention of geologists or are active with some sort of eruptive and emissive
      activity which can be described and recorded).

      EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY: Since the 26th of July we have had ten good-sized quakes,
      with seven of these in the last 36 hours or so, along the Southwestern edge of
      the world�s most dynamic tectonic plate, the Caribbean Plate, ranging in size
      between 4.4 and 6.5 in magnitude. These, plus two quakes in the Mid Atlantic
      Rift, and another off the coast of Newfoundland out to sea from the St.
      Lawrence, suggest that North America will see increased tectonic activity
      during the next lunar syzygy window, more so than during the last boring New

      The USGS charts for California/Nevada confirms this suspicion. There were
      several 3.0 size quakes today in California and several more during the past
      seven days. The seven day running total of all quakes of all sizes for the area
      was 284 but you can probably expect this to increase rapidly during the next
      few days. A large number of small quakes have swarmed during the past 36
      hours. There was also a quake above 4.0 along the Baja Plate Edge south of
      California. So far there has not been much response in the Pacific Northwest.
      USGS charts show only 34 quakes for the past two weeks, all of them below 3.0,
      most of them in the range of 1.0

      Many quakes scattered around the Pacific Rim of Fire in all the usual places.
      Japan activity is up and of course the Fiji-Papua Arc is highly active as


      Here is the future for watching volcanoes: InSAR satellite surveys. This is a
      great science article, easy for laymen to read yet conveying real information.


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