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The Medicine Wheel, Crystal Realities, The Matrix, Jon Rappoport, Sandy Hook, The Firestone...

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  • Michael Mandeville
    PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN January 22, 2013 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona) BULLETIN ITEM: The Medicine Wheel, Crystal Realities, The
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      January 22, 2013 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

      BULLETIN ITEM: The Medicine Wheel, Crystal Realities, The Matrix, Jon Rappoport, Sandy Hook, The Firestone...

      mwm: FABULOUS SCORE TINA (re below). Okay, here is the thing, we are going all the way down the rabbit hole into Cayce's Wonderland of Atlantean Firestones and the ancient of days civilization which perished some 12,500 years ago....because as Cayce said, that ancient land its Great Temple of World Control (The Firestone Grid) is rising, it will rise again. But it is going to take us a while to get there.....many posts. We began this new book, this new chapter in our life on this circuit channel, with the story of the Purloined Medicine Wheel Crystals. Recovery was activated with the generation of an intense field of focused energy calling for a healing on all levels of the Medicine Wheel and all those in its field of influence. The High Power of the HIgh Energy from the Higher Plane created a matrix of involvment which compressed all actions into perfect synchronicity of events and actions and timing to bring the healing solutions. Twere awesome. And it was only the beginning of the story which will now unfold. We have only just fallen into the Rabbit Hole and as you might remember, Alice had to fall quite a long time down the hole before reaching bottom.

      I awoke very slowly this morning with many thought threds, discussions but not dreams. I now know what these threds are, this is how I channel, this is how a lot of people channel. But that is a side tangent.

      After juicing up, lightly snacking, and reconnecting the medicine wheel, I checked the email and found this piece straight away as I always check PQ and EC mail boxes first. They are major points in my personal matrix. In floats Tina with Jon Rappoport, copy below, with an absolutely masterful essay which does a better job of explaiining the cartoon nature of TV land than I have ever read. (I guess I will have to buy his book). He deconstructs the problem of trying to understand Sandy Hook controversies and come to finalization. He points out that the net result of the TV matrix thought forms is to create a highly contrived focus of energy of attention and behavioral expectations which yields a certain result, namely acceptance of whatever the elite wants to populate into the mind/emotional matrix of humanity. He points out that the many different lines of investigation (and theory) will also generate their own intense fields of thought forms, dot connection, evidence, and a growing body of a different story altogether. (Rappoport seems to think that the official story is too compromised by lies and bizarre elements as it stands). Sandy Hook as the story is not the point of what I want to follow here, the story line we are following is the projection of the matrix, the projection of fields of human emotional thought forms, all of which can be made coherent and amplified by specific technical means. This is where we are going.... And suffice it to say, I am going straight away (and you too if you continue to read the next several posts from me over the next several days).

      The Medicine Wheel story line of the past several days articluated the basis of spiritual healing energy and personal reconnection with High Principle, as well as the use of the Earth powers, the crystals, to amplify and affectuate powerful results quickly. Rappoport is dealing with the same phenomenon with the MASS MEDIA (which for years I have referred to as the Warcast Media) as the primary technology of human "psycho-history". Any outcome is possible, he points out, but it is controlled by crooks. Alex Jones in his way is doing that right now with Gun Control issues and generating an immensely powerful field to block the New World Empire. The problem is - get that - ANY OUTCOME IS POSSIBLE (when employing the technology). I conclude that is a good way of stating it. What matters is the INTENT --- which comes from the PLANE of focus, high or low...that is the problem. Our ultimate problem is to engage the HIGH LEVEL at maxiumum feasible power to dampen the lower levels and blow off the crookery into oblivion. FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET. The issue is that most people are dealing with the matrix power on the semantic level. I am dealing with it beyond semantics, at the root origin of elemental energy and field resonance. To find our how, we are going to go all the way to the bottom of the Rabbit Hole. Don't worry, pack your lunch, I have already been there and Cayce will be our host.....it is quite a journey. It will take a few weeks to build coherency.

      Some of you already can guess where this goes, or know, feel free to comment on this line of direction.

      Here is Tina, who sometimes seems like an Iway Tinkerbell:

      Here's Jon Rappoports summation of the controversy of Sandy Hook, I think he's right on.
      On his latest blog, no one could have stated it more clearly.I agree that there is a lot more that will come to light and there is so much that we are not seeing or hearing.Haven't had tv for sev yrs and don't intend to.Even listening to NPR news is a joke. A bad one, on us. Showing the state of the matrix control to one's who are awake, the only obvious counter remedy is consciousness.Just had a thought re: gratitude and the Buddhist concept of changing poison into medicine. One by one, the waking up, standing up, uniting, questioning and searching that more and more are actively spending their precious hours of their lives on, is a game changer. Slavery and imprisonment are not just what was ended by Lincoln against blacks or ordered by judges and legislationThank goodness for all the indep journalists and shows like c2c, infowars, clyde lewis, jeff rense and steve quayle.And of course for the other brave, dedicated, brilliant visionaries who
      succeeded in keeping our internet as accessible as it still is.Helping to free our fellow humans from the illusion of helplessness and paralysis is the greatest cause we can make.I believe that we chose these soul contracts, don't you agree?We are each pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of who and what we are.Take careLove & LightTina


      Here is Rappoort:

      Jon Rappoport <mailto:info%40nomorefakenews.com>info@... via auth.ccsend.com 11:57 AM (6 hours ago)
      Sandy Hook actors, robots, androids, television creations
      by Jon Rappoport
      January 21, 2013
      First, I need to comment on a rumor that George Soros has been a key player in buyingup gun manufacturers, with the intent of exercising "corporate gun control."
      Cerberus Capital Management, based in New York, owns a company called The FreedomGroup. Freedom Group bought up Bushmaster Firearms, Remington Arms, and several other gun manufacturers.
      So far, attempts to connect Soros to Cerberus or Freedom Group have fallen short. The NRA and factcheck.org state that Soros isn't connected. If I find out otherwise,I will report it.
      Right now, though, Freedom Group states it is getting out of the gun business.It is putting its stake up for sale.
      That is highly significant. We are seeing disinvestment as an emerging strategy in the effort to reduce gun ownership. The plan is to convince more and more shareholdersto walk away from their stake in gun and ammunition manufacturers, with the goal of starving these companies, destroying their stock-trading price on exchanges,and turning them into pariahs.
      Disinvestment is a powerful approach. It applied huge pressure, for example, againstapartheid, as private investors and funds disengaged themselves from any corporationsdoing business with South Africa.
      Okay. On to the main subject of this article.
      Online investigations of what really happened at Sandy Hook easily number in the thousands by now. Among other reporters, I have listed and described many contradictionsand lies in the official scenario, and I've offered alternative explanations.
      People have concluded:
      no one was really killed in Sandy Hook, it was all faked;
      the killings were real, but Adam Lanza wasn't the shooter, he was the patsy;
      Lanza was the killer, compelled by psychiatric drugs;
      a Satanic group was behind the killings;
      the federal government secretly contracted the killings in order to take guns away.
      No matter what the conclusion, many of the investigations and analyses have turnedup startling and useful information.
      On YouTube, clips of Sandy Hook parents and teachers being interviewed reveal astonishingreactions and non-reactions that are light years away from what you would expect to see in the immediate wake of such a tragedy.
      You can hear an important conversation between Jay Weidner and Jeff Rense on thissubject. Some of the key interviews are referred to.
      You can also look for YouTube interview clips featuring "the people of Sandy Hook":Robbie Parker, the Sotos family, Sally Cox, H Wayne Carver, Gene Rosen, KaitlinRoig, etc.
      These are all people who were intimately involved and affected. Their reactions,non-reactions, strange behavior, inexplicable attitudes are stunning.
      This is what I want to comment on.
      First of all, you have to realize that only certain people get on television. That'sfact #1, and it's a major key. Only certain people are interviewed.
      Television is the filter through which we see.
      Parents who are completely grief-stricken, who have fallen apart and are incoherent(which is what you would expect): not interviewed.
      Parents who are very angry and outraged: not interviewed.
      Parents who demand answers from a full investigation, who aren't satisfied withthe emerging media-controlled story line: not interviewed.
      Then we have parents who are in a close-to catatonic state, or parents who refuseto be engaged by any media person, who feel any media contact is insane and invasiveand massively insensitive: obviously not approached for an interview.
      The same exclusionary "rules for appearing on television" can be applied to neighbors,teachers, other school personnel, and friends of families who had children at theSandy Hook School.
      We don't see these people, because they aren't on television. So making some vastgeneralization about all of Sandy Hook is sketchy at best.
      Then, on top of that, television news people are creating a story line about whathappened at the school and in the town, and they are finding people who will corroboratethat plot line, or can be convinced by news producers to corroborate it. This furthernarrows the field of acceptable interviews.
      The third important fact about how television shapes the event is provided by theinterviewees who have never been on television before, but have watched thousandsof television interviews. These people have a strong tendency to "act like peopleare supposed to act" when they are put on camera---which is to say, artificial.
      That is generally what television does to the whole society. It presents artificialsequences of emotions and responses, phony from the ground up. It presents them on the news, in sitcoms, in dramas, in magazine shows, in cartoons, in ads, insports programming.
      Television creates a model of behavior that is androidal: flattened and cooked andbent and short-circuited and averaged out. This is what television gives us, andthis is what many viewers accept. Not only accept, but IMITATE in their lives:
      They speak like television, they act like television, they think like television,they admire what television admires. They learn how to behave from television. They learn what is appropriate from television.
      In this sense, television is the Stepford Village. It invades a town during a tragedy,it sets up, it rolls out a story line that is independent from reality, and it cuesselected people to be the robots who confirm that story line, no matter how grotesquethe distortion.
      Television invents its shoddy, mindless, false, lying, reduced, "normalized," hypedversion of life, and then people who watch television accept and imitate it.
      "I know you've just lost your daughter, and I can't imagine how you feel at this moment, but you see, when we interview you, we want to honor her life. This is your chance to let people all over the world know what and who she was. Her spirit,her interests, her hobbies, what her friends felt about her. You can show the worldhow alive she was and how happy she was, and you can remember that and you can evensmile..."
      And the mother of that daughter hesitates, pauses, thinks about what she reallyfeels, and then decides the television producer is right and she'll go along withit.
      Nevertheless, in the interviews with those people (and others) whom I've mentionedabove, something else is also happening. Something beyond the pale. Something thatincludes the power and force and influence of television, but something that goespast that.
      Disconnection from reality? Denial of reality? Yes. Something more? Yes.
      Something inhuman. Something mechanical. As if, on some interior level, thesepeople are programmed.
      Programmed to do what?
      To respond not as an individual, but as a "type of person."
      It's as if these people have been manufactured, and the roles they've been outfittedwith are grotesque cartoons.
      As if they are machine-made cartoons. Something leaps out of them when they appearon television. They laugh, they smile, they act casual, they act "efficient" andstone-faced, they act placid and calm, they act polite, they act happy, they act as if they've been cast for a stage play that has nothing to do with the horrificevents of the past hours and days in Sandy Hook.
      They act as if they have no resource or experience that allows them to contact whatthey actually are. As if a wall has been built between what they are and how theyare behaving.
      In my opinion, this is a lot worse than if they had been (badly) trained at an actor'sschool to intentionally provide material for an all-out hoax.
      It's a lot worse, because the manufactured front is their only reference point. They're functioning robots. As such, it takes only minimal direction to move themto any chosen square on the media-controlled checkerboard.
      "How do I need to behave to fit myself into the situation as an acceptable person?" This is the guiding question they ask themselves. The answer plugs in immediately. It is always going to be wrong, because every situation is, to some degree, alive,and the answer dictates dead behavior. Machine behavior.
      We need to understand that these extraordinary and stunning and bizarre interviewsfrom Sandy Hook are mirrored in other places. For example, what are we to say aboutthousands of soldiers who are duped into a war that had no sane reason to existin the first place?
      But there the soldiers are, on the battlefield. They are living and breathing andmouthing sentiments that have absolutely nothing to do with the situation in whichthey have been placed.
      The war has nothing to do with defense of the nation. It is cast in that falselight. It is promoted as necessary. It is heralded as an opportunity to do service,to protect freedom, but those are gross lies.
      Is a typical soldier in such a war going to look any less grotesque than one ofthose parents interviewed at Sandy Hook?
      Here's another situation. A news anchor is covering a major tragedy, like the murderof JFK or 9/11, and it dawns on him that there are gaping holes in the story, contradictions,lies. As the hours and the reports pile up, he becomes more sure that what actuallytook place was a conspiracy.
      But he continues to sit at the news table and impart the official line. He keepson going. In his case, he's able to affect what everyone accepts as the "authoritativenews voice," but does that make his broadcasts any less grotesque, for those who can see, than the interviews at Sandy Hook?
      I'm not saying that all the factors I've described in this article explain the actionsof every person interviewed on television at Sandy Hook. In particular, two ofthe most egregious interviews, with Robbie Parker, father of a six-year-old girl who was killed in the school, and with H Wayne Carver, the Connecticut medicalexaminer, are mind-boggling.
      First of all, you can confirm that Parker is a real person with a real backgroundby searching Utah newspapers; e.g., The Deseret News. Parker is seen, in his now-famousinterview, smiling broadly and chuckling and having a good time just prior to steppingin front of the microphone to make a public statement, at which point he huffs andpuffs and tries to get into the character of a grieving father.
      It's hideous.
      Carver, in response to press questions, not only gives absurd and completely inappropriateanswers, he guffaws once or twice, as if he's out of control.
      In Carver's case, I would say he's covering up some gigantic medical lies aboutthe case. He's trying to dissemble and, underneath his shaky exterior, he's verynervous and scared that something is going to jump out of the hopper and bite himhard. He's at sea. He doesn't know what to do. At moments, it looks as if he'sgoing to come apart at the seams.
      In Robbie Parker's case, the man is certainly acting when he tries to pass off hisgrief as real. But why and on what level? I can only guess and speculate and askquestions. Was he a plant? For reasons unknown, was he inserted into the situation? Or was he programmed from an early age to believe implicitly in the religious notionthat he and his family would always and forever be united, here and in the afterlife? Was that programming so deep that his attitude could never accept and countenancegrief, even when his own child is killed?
      But then I have to ask this. If by some miracle, we had been able to see interviewswith ALL the parents who lost children at Sandy Hook, and with all the brothersand sisters; if we could see all the very human feelings and emotions that televisiontakes away from us and hides, because their story line is geared to condition thepublic to the inhuman; if we could see, unvarnished and uncensored, everything thepeople of Sandy Hook felt and experienced; would we still think the whole town wasdemented and phony and nothing but a twisted act?
      I don't think so.
      Whatever the truth is about the actual crimes and murders committed in that town,whatever the cover-ups, whatever the true operation that was mounted and carried out there, the role of television is central.
      It is the prime programmer. It tells the false story. It obscures the truth.It hijacks the truth.
      Television reduces the potential of life. It is the calculated average on displayfor the average viewer. It is the hyper-normal maniac at loose in society.
      The people who own and run television for the masses are bringers of emotional disaster. They make a wasteland out of the hypnotic screen of reality.
      Why are they successful?
      They plug into a deep cynicism that underlies the robotic behavior and thought ofmillions of people.
      This inner cynicism comes about because people already feel cut off from their ownwide emotional range.
      Television magnifies and exacerbates that disconnectedness.
      People feel cut off from their own deeper currents because they are living lives and feeling emotions that go around and around in circles.
      They see nowhere else to go. This sets the stage for dehumanization.
      What's missing in all this is the human faculty that can vault life up on to anotherlevel of brilliant success.
      I'm talking about the creative faculty and force, the soul of imagination, fromwhich people can invent realities that make television look like a discarded tissuein an old railroad station.
      Because it comes down to this. If you don't have the wherewithal to invent therealities you most deeply desire, someone else will do it for you. On their terms.
      They will do it for you every time.
      Some high priest, some dictator, generalissimo, president, elite news anchor, somenumbers cruncher who sees this modern world as a playground in which to forwardmarket research, will find the golden average, the emotional sweet spot on which the gobbling maggots can prey.
      And when the individual creative force is tamped down, dampened, squeezed, and saton, people will take what they can get.
      I have no ax to grind here. The people who honestly conclude that Sandy Hook wasone great hoax from the beginning and no one died; the people who conclude thatLanza was the patsy for professionals who did the killing at Sandy Hook ElementarySchool; the people who believe Lanza was the killer driven over the edge by psychiatricdrugs: the people who believe the Sandy Hook killings were a secret-society operationor a black-ops horror designed to grab the guns of Americans; all these people willcontinue to explore their paths and they will unearth important information.
      What I'm offering here is a perspective on how much of what we see is deliveredto us through the twisted dehumanized lens of television, presented as if it isthe whole picture and the whole story.
      In Sandy Hook, what still remains off-camera, never seen, never mentioned, never named, never broadcast, never permitted to find the light of day? The answer is:whatever is spontaneously alive, whatever exceeds a simple series of machined reflexes.
      The great goal of media and its controllers is mechanical reduction, so populationswill accept whatever seems "more efficient," more ordered, more systematic, more bureaucratic, more automatic, more predictable, more repetitive.
      With that as the merciless foundation, the population will accept whatever comes down from the top as a command. The actual content of the command is unimportant.
      The machine accepts instructions.
      Jon Rappoport
      The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidatefor a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writingarticles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, SpinMagazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon hasdelivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creativepower to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails atwww.nomorefakenews.com

      Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
      The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@...

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