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  • Michael Mandeville
    MWM: Profound chops on discerning truth by Cornplanter: From my last post: And yes, there are many serious and not reported to the media side effects of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2013
      MWM: Profound chops on discerning truth by Cornplanter:

      From my last post:

      "And yes, there are many serious and "not reported to the media" side effects of the current varieties of flu vaccines."

      How can you verify this? You can't just believe some old Cornplanter just because he is always right. (I am always right, of course, except when I'm wrong.) After all, the CDC and the Government and all the Schools and TV Anchors tell you that the vaccines are completely safe. All the hospital doctors and HMO bureaucrats say they are a necessary inconvenience (the pain of the shot) but they are coming out with the new nasal spray vaccine which does away with even that excuse. So, who, besides Cornplanter or some other health nut organic spiritual healer can you check with, where you can get facts?


      Our (US) legal system is set up to protect the "big boys." In hospitals, the doctors used to be the "big boys" and they still are somewhat protected by law from many of their mistakes. Typically, doctors see so many patients in a day and have their minds being used to treat all manner of conditions (when they are not at the golf course), so the courts have typically allowed them to mis-prescribe to patients. You see, if a doctor prescribes a medicine which is "contraindicated" for the conditions of the patient, he is not liable. The courts have ruled that the nurse who administers the medication is liable for the prescribing mistakes of the doctor.

      Of course most people do not know this. But ask any Registered Nurse if she can be held liable for administering "contraindicated" but prescribed medications to a patient, and you might just get an earful. Because Nurses ARE liable. (And they can be fired for doing their job.)

      Nurses are supposed to read the contraindications (situations where the medications are not "indicated" to be helpful, or are considered risky), and most medications come with several pages of contraindications and warnings.......which doctors seldom read because of their egos, or they are too busy making space to work on their golf games. Again, ask your favorite RN if I am right or wrong.

      So, if you want to know about the bad side effects (or contraindications), a "registered nurse" is the person to ask. Of course, there are many "talking head" RN's out there who are paid well to tell you not to worry and just take your shot. But there are also many RN's out there who have looked at the long list of serious (and mild) side effect of the flu vaccine, and can give you some information on when the side symptoms are more likely. That's their Job! By law.

      Occasionally, the media goes into a frenzy about stupid nurses. Example: The 8 who were fired from an Indiana Hospital recently for not taking the flu vaccine. 8 nurses! They should know that the vaccines are safe. NOT! They are indeed the ones who know the vaccines are not safe. If you read the articles about these people, you will see that they are not identified as to their positions (RN, LPN, etc). However, three of the eight are listed as senior personnel. Other hospital nurses said they went to one 22 year veteran of that hospital for all manner of help and advice. But now she's fired. For refusing to take a flu shot. (She filed for exemptions on several legal grounds.)

      One statistic that is normally hidden from the public is that one of the lowest rates of influenza vaccine inoculation is in the health care field. (Not just 8 dissident nursers Hell-bent on terrorizing the public by passing on flu viruses to our children.) This is precisely because the health-care industry knows more of the truth about the flu vaccine than your government spokesperson or the TV News Anchor.


      They get no perks for refusing the flu vaccine. It's not as if they cannot remember to get it, or don't know where to get it, or are afraid of the pain. Nope. If a nurse refuses the flu vaccine, she is acting on personal, intelligent reasoning, and determining that it is more important for her to be flu vaccine free than to be compliant with hospital protocols. It is not a decision made lightly.

      In that particular Indiana Hospital, the "Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital", according to ABC News, reprinted on Yahoo! News, a total of 1300 employees failed (read refused) to take the flu shot. Only 8 were fired. It is not a handful of nasty, evil people intent upon destroying society. Rather, it is a significant percentage of the health-care industry actually trying to save both themselves and society from flu vaccine-caused disease. (Both more flu, and some alarming side effects.)

      Everybody knows that flu vaccines are necessary. NOT! When you see a significant percentage of health care professionals across the board ducking out of the flu shot by one means or another, you might start to think they know something that the school nurse and the TV Anchor do not know. Yes, they do!

      If you don't believe me, ASK A NURSE! (Preferably one who is not paid to recite the government and CDC line.)

      Love to All,

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