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Cornplanter: The Crime of "Resisting The Vaccine"

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  • Michael Mandeville
    MWM: I am relaying this succint piece from Cornplanter to the EC Bulletin Everywhere you look (in the United States) the news headlines speak of an influenza
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2013
      MWM: I am relaying this succint piece from Cornplanter to the EC Bulletin

      Everywhere you look (in the United States) the news headlines speak of an influenza epidemic in which hospitals are turning away patients for lack of room, people are dying in the tens, and Boston's Mayor is declaring an emergency.

      Nobody is mentioning: 1) What percentage of people dead from influenza had received this year's flu shot? 2) How many people normally die this time of year from influenza-like symptoms? ...And their "Ace in the Hole," 3) Do all the dead people test positive for actual influenza, rather than other "flu-like" viruses?

      There is, you see, a double standard in reporting the flu. If a person receives a flu shot and gets what the public calls "the flu," doctors are often likely to call it a "non-flu" or a "flu-like" disease. Then, if a person dies of flu-like symptoms without having had the flu shot, he is said to have died of "flu." (Influenza.) The statistics we get are both incomplete with important information intentionally left out as in a political argument rather than science, and then skewered a little more to scare the public into buying (or having government buy) more flu vaccines.

      That vaccines have been proven to cause more influenza than they prevent is documented in several studies. The vaccines typically cover a handful of recent strains (up to last year's) of influenza, and usually prevent those strains from infecting the vaccinated patient. However, study after study has shown that those people vaccinated have a significantly higher risk of "catching" other strains of both influenza and "flu-like" diseases. In fact, the studies show that vaccinated person is seriously more likely to "catch" a flu or flu-like disease than the unvaccinated person, and the vaccinated person often endures a longer or more serious infection.

      It is true, by the way, that the vaccines significantly lower the risk of "catching" the vaccinated strains of flu to near zero. However, the flip side is that you will be more likely to have more of other flu strains and flu-like problems after taking the vaccination than you would have of all flu strains and flu-like diseases if you do not take the vaccination.

      Now the School Nurse and the TV Anchor have one thing in common: They recite the pablum they are told to recite, and then embellish it when necessary to get the official terror motivation going in order for you and everyone else to get the flu shots whether you have medical contraindications or not. The big fear presently presented in the media is not that you might die, but that many, many children (do it for the children) might die if you become infected. Mothers/fathers and educators and journalists become hysterical, and then your "Politicians-Know-Best" elected officials pledge to do something about "the problem".

      Not content with merely making vaccine manufacturers immune from lawsuits resulting from your adverse reactions to vaccines, their intent is to make it illegal to be un-vaccinated, and your crime would be "resisting the vaccine," which can get you fired without trial, or have the goon squad come and forcibly vaccinate you against your will. Interestingly, they do not need to pass laws; they already do this as "emergency measures" to protect "the children" and their toddler-brained hysterical adult relatives.

      And yes, there are many serious and "not reported to the media" side effects of the current varieties of flu vaccines.

      So, if you are taking the flu shot to be protected against a handful of last year's strains, it will most likely work. But if you want to be flu-free for the flu season, don't take the vaccine. (And protect your immune system.)


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