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The "Sandy" Megastorm Is Highly Interesting

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN November 2, 2012 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City,
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      November 2, 2012 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

      BULLETIN ITEM: The "Sandy" Megastorm Is Highly Interesting

      Weather and climate people will be studying this storm for a long time. It answers one important question which I have been asking for a decade: can the forces and vectors which build the typical hurricane combine every so often into a storm which is several times larger than the average? We now know that the energy and material vectors can do so. We did not know it before now.

      Beyond that it raises quite a large number of questions. I wish I could point to something which confirms my own theorems and speculations but nothing is forthcoming. One of course can reasonably expect the sun, but this is of no practical assistance. During the life of formation of the storm Sunspot Activity declined from a plateau of about 112 to slowly coast down to a count of 34 today. Hence the atmosphere was rapidly losing energy, not gaining from solar source. This storm is definitely not a solar inspiration.

      One would next suspect conditions on the ocean surfaces but one looks in vain. I immediately suspected the North Atlantic Oscillation, which has been in its high phase this year with temperatures a few degrees above normal in the Greenland - New Foundland area. But it has been shrinking and cooling down to near average this past month except for a small patch. The Atlantic equator is at average temperatures, not at all supportive of driving an unusually large load of warm wet marine air into the North. Again, the atmosphere was losing energy from this portion of the matrix, not gaining.

      HENCE, Why such a huge dynamic storm system in a vortex matrix of duddling averages?

      Naturally, your boring Uncle, the Global Warming Wackadoddle, is already jumping up and down claiming its global warming. The sky is falling, help help, etc.

      And naturally without a shred of evidence from a validated model. And of course with not an ounce of understanding of what a storm is.

      The ultimate evidence is profoundly simple but far too astute for the "globalized" academic class. Shit happens. This was a thousand year dump. It happens. Get over it.

      When the causes are tracked and modeled, arctic cold wet air (from the melting ice pack cover) may emerge as a major item in the super storm. But since Antarctic ice is growing on the other end of the Earth, we do not have the right to claim "global warming", only regional Arctic climate shift, which likely results from the regional warming of the Arctic Ocean under the ice pack. This in turn is unexplainable unless we suppose that the Arctic regional warming more probable than not results from volcanic activity in the Arctic Great Rift which runs accross the center of the Artic Ocean and nearly direcly across the North Pole. This Great Rift has become known as highly active during the past several years . This explanation is simple, elegant, and fully harmonizes all known facts.

      But getting back to "Sandy", let's admit it is highly interesting and exceeds all stock models and knee-jerk explanations. It deserves some serious computer modeling work which works with a whole systems matrix of vectors. The key words here are WHOLE SYSTEMS MATRIX.

      This is a profoundly important undertaking. More such megastorms may be headed our way in the coming years as climate conditions in various regions shift in response to the tectonic activity of the Earth and the energy envelope provided by the Sun.

      Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
      The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@...

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