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Re: BREAKING NEWS: (Part I) Something Is Happening With Earth's Core from cj

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  • Michael Mandeville
    MWM: Thanks CJ. This is an interesting set of speculations but poorly conveyed in this article. Regardless, I shy away from these specs like the plague.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2012
      MWM: Thanks CJ. This is an interesting set of speculations but poorly conveyed in this article. Regardless, I shy away from these specs like the plague. Nobody really knows what they are talking about. There is a breed of hustling geophysicists who like to talk as if they are knowledgeable about what's down under (hustling as in seeking grant money from agencies and corporations) but all of their expertise is about stringing together a chain of indirect *possibly valid* but un-established inferences into speculation upon speculation to derive a mealy-mouthed result. They build houses of cards. Some of the walls they use are vapor ware. All the models they use are 50 year old antiquarian. (INCLUDING THE CONVECTION PLUMES AND HOT SPOT FANTASIES) Their house ain't got no stability.

      Fundamental issue: which is simply ignored by the speculators, matter under the compression which builds through the pressure of gravity after you get down a few dozen miles behaves differently. By the time you get down a few hundred miles, the thickness of the crystallized crust, we have very little idea about what is really happening. Go down 500 miles, we have no idea at all.

      NONE ZIP NADA about the actual "state of matter" and its behavioral characteristics. It is a part of what i think of as the "fifth state of matter". There is good reason to suppose that the matter forms into vast semi-crystallized highly polarized but fluid superconductors w hich serve as raceways for vast flows of electrons.....producing the magnetic fields as a side product of the gravitational gradient.

      This simple idea fits the facts so far as they are known. Empiricists have taken olivine (which forms in the outer upper portion of the mantle at the place where the crust begins to crystallize) and literally put the screws to it (intense mega pressure) to mimic pressure in the near mantle. They have found that at a certain point the atomic structure of the atoms changes into a cuboidal form (a fifth state of matter), the molecular structures become lenticular (sheeting) and for an instance the matrix acts as a fluid or as a hyper plasma. This probably produces extremely high voltages and a surge of flow of electrons.

      If this were a steady state operation at about 500 miles down, the immediate implication is that the crust of the Earth revolves on "gimbals", a fluid layer. Think of a layer of ball bearings.

      This concept also correlates with real facts. Geophysicists using "sonic" signatures of the deep layers of the Earth have been able to calculate that the Earth's outer crust is rotating at a speed a little slower than the inner crust...a days worth every few hundred years. Essentially this means that the crust is free wheeling and can respond to external and internal force vectors independently of the crust. This also corresponds to the known facts. Based on a lot of empirical work, as well as real physics, we know that ice ages never existed but that in fact the Earth's crust shifts its orientation relative to Polaris, quite frequently relative to the age of the Earth. The EC B is primarily focused on that issue.

      Interestingly enough, the finding (if they are valid which I am not yet convinced about) that the overall magnetic field (the external one on the surface which we can observe) is really decreasing.....it may mean that the magnetic fields generated in the mantle are shifting orientation and are becoming STRONGER, thus producing magnetic field lines which reduce the upper strata magnetism. And this may mean that these shifts will shift the plate dynamics enough to cause a "push" of the crystallized crust into a new orientation - the Hapgood - Cayce (overflowing of the land), shifting of the poles. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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