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Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of January 2, 2012

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN January 2, 2012 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City,
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      January 2, 2012 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)
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      BULLETIN ITEM: Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of January 2, 2012


      Celebrate & Support The Rise Of A Truthful Media For The Earth: If you meet a TV screen in a darkened room, vacate immediately before getting mugged by a Cabellero gang. The continuing level of lying and distortion is gross. Use your broadband iway connection or go to a wiifii at Starbucks or some such and fire up your laptop or other digital tool and check out the real stuff from multiple views on the Iway.

      Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of January 2, 2012

      If you are new to the Bulletins, read the Transitions section and Mad Bad Monkeys In The Barrel as of
      This is a good summary statement of current situations which will be good for awhile.


      For the rapidly escalating threats to the free Iway, now focused around the SOPA measures, go here:

      The reporter comes through a bit obnoxiously, but sure does know the details of the companies who are generating the problems. Those who now understand how the Cabal creates the problems which it wants to “solve” by grabbing authoritarian powers, will immediately recognize that this entire issue is a classic NWO Orwellian maneuver.

      Incidentally, there has never been a legal basis to claim that freely sharing cultural artifacts is an issue of infringing on someone’s rights. It only becomes an infringement if the copyist is “selling” copies of someone’s work to make money. All things considered, copyright is best left that way.

      In fact, many creative people encourage the copying of their material for non-commercial sharing because that will make them better known. The more well known the artiste becomes, the more certain it is that they will make greater incomes. Most know that.

      For the Earth Changes this Winter and Year, go here:

      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ruth_ryden_newsletter/message/60>NEWSLETTER #112 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT

      Ruth communicates detail which I cannot generate from my empirical approach. But from my approach which uses the phasing of the three primary cycles in the lunar orbit, I can add that I believe that the peak activity during 2012 will occur around the April and May Full Moons, as discussed last week. The last two New Moons will also generate some higher levels of activity.

      Ruth also adds that after this year the Earth will be less active for “ten to 20 years”. I disagree with this assessment. I do believe that the activity level may subside for a number of years, but I suspect that the activity level will begin to climb again in 2016-2018 and reach another crescendo in the mid 2020’s. It is during this period during the 2020’s that I believe that the remainder of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies will be largely fulfilled.

      Nonetheless, Ruth’s point should be well considered. It hints that “Earth Changes” are not nearly as significant for our well being as “Human Changes” during this next decade. I definitely agree with such an assessment, if that is what lies behind Ruth’s thought.

      All in all, the Perihelion surge is not yet evident. Quake activity is below average of the past few years even for a non-syzygy period. Both frequency and magnitudes are down.

      AS STATED LAST WEEK: This is likely to change very soon, next week is Earth’s Perihelion Moment (closest approach of the Earth to the Sun in its annual orbit, by well over a million miles). At the end of Perihelion week, the Moon will be Full, though closer to Apogee than Perigee. Accordingly, the tension between the Sun and Moon will be at a relative High, greatly assisting tectonic rifting activity and shape-shifting, but this tension will by no means be as extreme as the Sun-Moon obits create occasionally.

      Collect your new Lunar Scroll Chart Ephemeris in the LINK below under MOON and read the first brief forecasts for 2012. Copy this page from your browser into a file linked on your Desktop Screen. Check it when you check the weather, it will tune you into the cosmic frame big picture. Your mind will begin to correlate with it automatically.

      The Sunspot Count did surge briefly during the past few days but it did not climb greatly and is sagging down in the 80’s as of today. But Venus is aligning Uranus during the next week so expect some minor surge up and for the next week, but nothing particularly memorable. More memorable events will be coming from the Sun a few weeks into January as Venus begins to align with several planets one after another in fairly quick succession, including the Earth. This last one will probably produce a spectacular surge in Solar Activity.

      Intuitively, all in all, Solar Activity is definitely down or depressed somewhat in this Solar Cycle 24. It seems doubtful that we will see nearly as much fireworks as during the 2000 peak and it is likely that solar stimulation of the human emotional circuits, which seems to directly bypass the cerebral cortex in ways which leave the personality oblivious, will be lower than during the peak Bush War Years.

      This is an incredibly good thing. We can already sense everywhere a major increase in the fearful anxiety stupidity quotient in the reactions we are seeing sponsored (engineered) in the Mass Media. The war drums are already being beaten loudly every other week. I don’t think any of us are prepared to handle this stupidity. At the moment we are all simply flicking it off our backs, like a duck deals with water.

      I sense that it simply is not “igniting” even in the souls of the half asleep. They also are just flicking it off as they turn over to catch another z. They appear to be thinking that the bad little boy who cried “Wolf!” has sounded the alarm one time too often.

      Internationally, it is widely reported that China has declared it will not permit an invasion of Iran and will respond in ways to protect its independence. Russia has firmly planted a small Naval fleet in a Syrian port on the Mediterranean, more or less equivalent to flagging a bone to the Zionazis. And Iran has just tested two defense shield missiles, which probably integrate Chinese, Russian, and Iranian technology (possibly originally American and then sold by the Zionazis to Russia from Pollard’s spy-plunder). In enough quantities, these missiles could destroy any naval forces which are deployed against Iran.

      And so it will roll and roll around the planet, growing louder with each revolution of the revolving Earth and the reverberating heartbeat of humanity in search of an existential shift in the state of all things, ”the change which must come…the leveling which must come”…. (in the words of Edgar Cayce circa 1930’s).

      An attack on Iran will accelerate the leveling.

      The Year 2012 will be memorable politically, even if not tectonically. A fundamental clash is now forming up against the factions of the Cabal which are driving feverishly towards greater wars in central Asia. Based on various intimations and leaks by various sources which I have come to slowly appreciate, a timeline can now be prepared for 2012.

      For the next several months, chill and carefully arrange your conditions and situations. The danger period begins in August and then watch carefully as September and October play out the hand of the Cabal. Like all good fractal equations, the past repeats in an expanded new matrix to define the new progression of development, for humanity, the “October Surprise” is likely the repeating fractal with all the twists of the past…war provocations, an assassination of a widely dispised President, a Vice-Presidential Heroic Man of the Hour, the elections….then….Vietnam and the Draft…(of illegals)…

      Some would like this outcome…..but humanity may be able to shack it off. There are profoundly deep shifts in the psychic “noosphere” of the human species which are turning large masses away from the superstitious pap which the criminal cliques keep ladling out through their corps of pressitutes who inhabit the Warcast Media.

      Chaos and violence are assuredly inevitable in 2012, perhaps in greater noise and volume than during 2011, but the outcomes are completely unknowable at this time. We cannot predict where our conditions will come to rest, but more importantly, neither can the Cabal. The more they are forced into ignorance of outcome, the greater their fear must grow and the less capable of winning they become.



      For Perihelion and the first three months, Lunar influence will be unfocused for both Full and New Moons. This will be a time of a low ebb in tectonic activity generally, with a flurry of larger quakes during the first few weeks of January to greet the approaching Sun. After that subsides, expect little of memory.

      The Year 2012 will contain two periods of greater than average tectonic activity. The Lunar cycles synchronize beginning in April, with a very Perigeen Full Moon (an extreme one) in May with close parallels in June and July. New Moons will synchronize as well with the Declinations. Expect the greater memorable quake activity of 2012 to occur during this time frame.

      The last two New Moons of 2012 in November and December will be closely synchronized with Perigee. This period should produce some serious activity in the subduction zones.

      In general, 2012 is NOT likely to produce the exceptional level of seismic activity of the past few years and it is doubtful that the historical averages will be sustained during this year of “rest”.

      Sorry, no serious Changes In The Earth are portended in the cosmic frame for this year of hyper-inflated prophecy.


      The anomaly in the track of the Spin Axis persists but I am not certain just where it is going. The motion of the track of the North Spin Axis is now towards Siberia. There is no hang in the track and no apparent ending of the current seven year wobble cycle.

      I will have to recalc my charts and graphs to comparatively assay what is going on. I will do this just after Perihelion. Stay tuned, in January it should be possible to get much more declarative about this.


      QUAKES - for Class 4+


      Activity is widely dispersed. Quake magnitude is substantially way below average for Class 6+.

      SUN - Count is falling slowly


      No X flares currently.

      PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS (Heliotropic Schedule)

      Not computed this week.


      NOPE, not disintegrating as I speculated last week. La Lina retrenched this past two weeks.

      All in all quite an aggressively stormy and very cold Winter likely in the Northern Hemisphere. Since La Nina is well entrenched, the approaching Summer in the Southern Hemisphere is likely to also be exceptionally cool and stormy.

      After this winter, the C02 Global Warming flat earth alarmists will lie low licking their wounds.

      THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU IN N.A. AND WESTERN EUROPE. I highly recommend you download the NOAA ENSO update (link below). It lays out the LATEST INFO AS OF DECEMBER 15 for the entire anatomy of what you can expect for climate and general weather averages for the next several months, region by region. These forecasts are much better than “chance” and are superior by far to the Hurricane Season predictions, which have failed the past few years, most miserably this year.

      <http://www.cpc.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/lanina/enso_evolution-status-fcsts-web.pdf>PDF <http://www.nws.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/nwsexit.pl?url=http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html> Latest NOAA assessment. They probably are on it. Unlike its hurricane projections, which ignore the crucially important solar variable and too much of the ocean climate regimes in favor of using statistics of past years, NOAA’s predictions on La Nina El Nino appear to have improved dramatically during the past ten years. A large consortium of Universities are competitively modeling the ocean conditions for making ENSO predictions. NOAA then consolidates the predictions to indicate the “consensus pick”. The system appears to be pretty good.

      NOAA’S latest assessment has been substantially altered since mid September:
      · La Niña conditions are present across the equatorial Pacific.
      · Sea surface temperatures (SST) were at least 0.5°C below average across much of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.
      · Atmospheric circulation anomalies are consistent with La Niña.

      · La Niña is expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12.*

      I regard this projection as speculative. This could be too radical a write down of the previous prediction. NASA’S prediction should be kept in mind as well as the model space of at least a dozen other insitutions..

      Please observe that this is the third La Nina period back to back during the past three years. I believe this is a new extreme record. Don’t expect the Global Warming Chicken Little’s to discuss this.

      La Nina of course indicates a cold phase in the Pacific Ocean. This cold phase in the Pacific is broad and is likely affecting the rest of the extreme weather on the Earth. It is a cooler Earth, temps in the Northern Hemisphere will be cooler and drier this Winter. Remember last winter’s cold. Stock up, it is about to return.



      VOLCANOES – activity is at low level

      The next season usually starts in December. Go here for a current review of major eruptions during the past couple of weeks:

      The Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program


      The Standing Advisory:

      Massive criminal operations and manipulations are underway throughout the “Globalist” world – anchored in London, Tel Aviv, and the U.S. by the would-be world Aristocracy of the Bankster Class. Unparalleled assaults have been ramped up the past two years and now are being made against human rights and norms, national governments, and all industries, commerce, the environment, and traditional life-sustaining practices everywhere to force monopolization of all trade and money under the jackboots of criminal syndicates.

      Libya is merely the latest, passing victim…

      The Basic Real Problem is not political, it is not economic, it is not any of the isms. The problem is a wicked sociology which has become a wicked global tyranny. The task is to elevate our consciousness to become aware enough of the wicked sociology to enable us to dissolve it. To do this we must name the names and conduct mass communication which “nails” the deeds and the crooks to the wall. Once identified, humanity can eject them from any influence. Unfortunately, the wicked sociology, most of which is composed of bigoted racists, jingoes, or conceited people who insist on their superiority and entitlement to domination over other human beings with exceptional privileges, have control of all the est. forms of mass communication and will not allow competent, rational people to discuss the facts in a straightforward manner in any large, mass scale venue. Accordingly, people are forced to demonstrate in the streets and itemize the sins of the crooks from every possible angle. Fortunately the iway is transmitting the news and is accelerating a mass shift in human consciousness. From the point of view of the crooks, this is highly negative. From the point of view of the people in the streets, this is highly positive and is precisely the elevation of consciousness which humanity needs.

      Keep in mind, above all, that the sense of panic, fear, anxiety, uncertainty ARE EXACTLY THE CONDITIONS WHICH THE CONTROLLERS WANT YOU IN. Also keep in mind when you read through the headlines and soundbytes about grave economic problems, crashes, failures, and so on, the greater portion of the debt crisis has been engineered by hidden circles, unbeknownst to most of the world. While many await the false flag bombing attack on cities, the current wave of economic terrorism IS the false flag attack of this year, the nations are being plundered and torn apart before our very eyes but most don’t quite get it.

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