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RE: [earthchange-bulletins] Earth Changes Bulletin - Pak was always the real target.

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  • Michael Mandeville
    ... MWM: It is true that there is an ambivalence in my assessment of the Caballeros. On the one hand, it is clear to me that they are far from infallible,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2011
      At 05:30 AM 6/28/2011 +0200, you wrote:
      >And I do not believe they can stop the economic collapse without changing their philosophy: the deficit reduction people are in charge and the media is beating that drum and credit is over extended to so many - economic decline at least, if not collapse, is inevitable. At this stage, decline can lead to panic which will make it a full blown collapse. Forget not, that they never anticipate total war that hurts them. The powers that be in Europe did not expect the collapse of GB during WWII nor how strong Russia would become because of it. They are not so infallible as you seem to have painted them.
      >Money is just shiny stones and fancy paper.
      >"When we say ‘our rulers’, we mean those who are engaged in the manipulation of symbols (bankers, priests, lawyers, politicians, [media]). We [are] a symbolic class of life… those who control the symbols rule us…" - Korzybski

      MWM: It is true that there is an ambivalence in my assessment of the Caballeros. On the one hand, it is clear to me that they are far from infallible, in fact they are often clearly incompetent in some of their policies and how they go about doing what they do. They do not really know how to govern human dynamics in either the individual or the group, thus the emphasis I give to them as "pretenders", much like the Great and Terrible Oz. They rule with a great show of dominance designed to invoke awe and/or bullied fear when awe wears thin.

      On the other hand, this mob has standard scams or programs they have been running for many generations. The brightest in this class of ultra regal rich have developed around these scams an entirely self-contained reality system which they keep as hidden from us as possible.
      They are now an octopus with tentacles in all the major nations, through them they can manipulate the various financial decisions which shapes the so-called market forces and prices. Like Nathan Rothschild turned bond prices around in one day and busted the English financiers and stole much of their capital at the very moment of the triumph of the British imperial policy to keep any power consolidating control in Europe (the defeat of Napoleon), the same house, now an enormously fat octopus, can do at will the same with any currency and any instrument in any country at any time which is dependent on their Swiss International Settlements Bank. Their reps still meet twice each day in the City of London and fix the price of Gold. In Switzerland they do much the same for the value of the paper currencies and securities.

      They have been slowly trimming the dollar and they will continue to do so, I have no doubt. But they won't simply drop it. They have too many large tigers by the tail. Drop one tail and they are in huge distress. For instance, have you noted how truly unstable China has become. Riots and huge demonstrations have broken out at various times in many places there during the past two years. This of course is all kept under the rug. The only thing which appears to keep
      China entrained is the growing economic productions which soak up labor and capital and resources. If the demand sector from N.A. collapses due to a collapsed dollar, the China growth pattern will implode upon itself in short order and suddenly China will be a sea of border to border sedition. The Cabal will not gain by this, Russia and any of the oil rich nations will. Oil producers will be desperate to maintain an international demand for oil and thus oil swaps for Chinese (and Indian) made goods will become the post new world order.

      None of these people need the Cabal to make this work.

      The only way that the Caballeros can continue to drive the world in its directions is to maintain the dollar economy and convert it into some sort of formal petro-dollar which ties the euro, the pound, and the dollar together. They will have to spend the next couple of years bobbing around to make this work. Their transition is proving to be a bitch.

      Everybody keeps projecting all the shorts will impose a collapse next month or the one after that. They have been doing this now for a year at least. Ain't gonna happen that way because the maestros simply don't give a crap about markets. The name of the game is POWER. Thus I do believe that they will continue to play out their game, an inescapable part to which is to maintain the N.A. economy limping and gimping along as it is now.

      Not that I am arguing that this saves us or that this is a preferable outcome. Of course the game is not even legitimate. It's all fantasy, it's all madder than the Hatter's Tea Party, none of us need them or their twisted logic. It is the logic in their shell game which makes us insane, which you as a student of Korbzybski must surely understand.

      And I think it does come to a point of collapse. That point is not what the numbers rackets run by the Caballeros are doing. It is when the imperial military expeditions in Asia grind to a half. When the forward MO disappears due to too much combined oppositions, the military industrial complex and the Jewish Power Structure will disintegrate and fall into pieces of many mutual animosities.

      It is here especially where their incompetency will defeat them. The vast apparatus they have constructed to do psy-ops, false-flag manipulations, entirely worthless security measures, academic shilling, media warcasting, bribery, murder, and so on, are drunk on the wine of their own arrogant fantasies. It just gets worse day by day. They have become a laughing stock and they are clueless. Like the Zionazis in Israhell have managed to alienate much of the civilized portion of humanity, the same alienation is now developing against the U.S. and the Caballero circus which rules it.

      We seem to be teetertottering into this condition now. I suppose it will take a few years to run its course. It will get desperate, probably, for large numbers....

      But I don't think it is now.

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