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Our government NEVER lies! NEVER deceives us!

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  • Michael Mandeville
    MWM: This reaction below from Dick Fojut in Tucson pretty much summarizes my reaction. As we follow this story we will notice how the Warcasters boldly write
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      MWM: This reaction below from Dick Fojut in Tucson pretty much summarizes my reaction. As we follow this story we will notice how the Warcasters boldly write a new script for Obama as a gutsy successful President and likely he will have to do the same thing to Qaddafi, man you can smell that rotten fish already from accorss the bay, and we will also notitce that all the evidence and witnesses to this deed will disappear, if they haven't already. Nobody will be able to corroborate anything. The jackboots land, have a firefight, kill a fake Bin Laden (or bring in his long-frozen body) and others in the firefight, take the bodies and leave a helicopter which they then torch which causes the entire compound to ignite, leaving nothing. And according to Muslim sensitivities Osama must be buried wthin a day or so, which means they will fly the body to Saudi Arabia where the remains will be interred in an unmarked place nobody will ever know about. Yeah right, if you believe this one, you believe their lies about 911. Keep in mind that Pakistan is an ally, was involved in the action, and that Pakistan was fully capable of securing the helicopter and the entire compound until mechanics could fix whatever was wrong with the helicopter. For that matter, so were the jackboots. My belief is that this story will become undone as quickly as the latest "fake birth certificate" in which the forgers forgot to "merge" all compositional elements into a new file, instead they mistakenly saved the entire original composite edit (with all levels of changes and additions retained for possible future editing) and gave that the world, this committing Obama publicly to a fraud.. For those who have never used a graphics or photo software to make changes in the composition may not understand this, but I do and I am quite certain that the Obummerites have committed a massive faux pas.

      that's my two cents, now Dick

      P.S. Dick get your email posting list updated for my new email addy of mwman@...

      Fellow Americans,

      When our government and major "news" media inform us Bin Laden has just been killed and DNA has proven it to be him, remember this:
      Our government ALWAYS speaks truthfully! Our government has NEVER deceived us! Our government NEVER, EVER, lies to us!
      Just keep repeating the above until you swallow it deep!

      PAC newspapers interviewed Bin Laden just after 9/11. He DENIED that he, or his group, had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks. He blamed 9/11 on the U.S. government itself and Israel. Our "news" media never reported that - because it just couldn't be true.

      In December 2001, PAC newspapers reported Bin Laden had died of kidney failure. Again, our 'news" meda didn't report that - because it just couldn't be true.

      Just after 9/11, British newspapers found SEVEN of the supposed "19 hijackers" alive and well - some very angry their photos and names had been given to the world's media by our FBI, calling them dead hijackers. Our "news" media again didn't repeat that British news to Americans - because it just couldn't be true. (Brit papers must have lied.)

      We should be grateful to our major American "news" media for disbelieving the above - while believing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING stated by OUR government. Our also trustworthy "news" media people have assured us OUR government NEVER, EVER lies - especially about DNA.
      Swallow and rest peacefully.

      - Dick Fojut in Tucson, Arizona

      Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
      The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@...
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