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Earth Changes Summary Update For The Week Ending April 3 2002

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  • Michael Mandeville
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002

      April 3, 2002 by MW Mandeville

      ITEM(S): Earth Changes Summary Update For The Week Ending April 3 2002

      P.S. Email traffic *seemed* way too light today. Is there another disruption
      on the iway?

      Earth Changes Summary Update For The Week Ending April 3 2002

      The spiral of Polar Motion inside Chandler�s Wobble is showing normal shape
      and duration at the moment. Nothing anomalous is visible. Very normal. Very

      More interesting is Earth�s Magnetic Field. The U. of Alaska Magnetometer
      recorded substantial magnetic disturbances in the Earth�s magnetic shields very
      early this morning.

      And it ought to. The Solar Flux has shot suddenly up to 255 from the 165 level
      a week ago. This is most likely from the coronal hole in the Sun�s atmosphere
      which NASA predicted last week. We are seeing a major increase in the solar
      wind out of this hole and it is flowing into the Earth�s magnetosphere and
      atmosphere, which disturbs our atmosphere, magnetosphere, and of course it adds
      a lot more energy into the weather systems. This solar wind is paradoxically
      extending a 100 year extreme in winter drought in Arizona even while adding to
      the creation of a late breaking snowstorm in parts of the Great Lakes region
      this past weekend. NASA predicts that we are now leaving the region of the
      increased solar wind and they predict that the solar flux will abate. My hunch
      is that this is wrong, and that the solar flux will increase even a bit more
      yet and it will be another week before abating. I believe that it will abate
      only when the coronal hole migrates to the eastern side of the Sun, as it faces
      the Earth.

      Even more interesting, the number of solar sunspots shot way up to 262 today,
      which is way beyond normalcy. Without doubt some new solar storms are headed
      our way and the extremes in the freakish nature of the weather will continue
      well into April. Despite the rise in Sunspots, NASA is predicting that the
      likelihood of new explosive flares is very small.

      For the Spring Season, activity should gradually settle down until about the
      middle of May. On May 25, Mercury will align once again between the Sun and
      the Earth and pull once again whatever stormy activity is left in Sunspot Cycle
      23 directly into the Earth. April�s weather should go out like a lamb but
      May�s weather should go out like a Lion as the Mercury solar storm fronts
      batter the Earth from about May 20th through to about June 10th.


      We have settled now into the low period between syzygy windows, the time
      between the Full and the New Moon when much less seismic activity occurs..
      During the past two days, there were only about half a dozen quakes a day of
      size 3.0 and above. April First was still pretty active, part of the Full Moon
      syzygy, and it gave us a 4.5 mag quake once again off the coast of Coos Bay,
      Oregon. This was followed by a 3.6 quake about 55 miles out to sea from Eureka
      Cal, which is right on the California/Oregon border, maybe a 100 miles of so
      South of Coos Bay. So, I continue to watch this area for any fulfillment of
      the Costra Nostra Damus prophecy. The odds are pretty good that a sizable
      quake will be felt during any syzygy window in Coos Bay, Oregon.

      The USGS count of quakes in California/Nevada is at 297 today for the past
      seven days. Almost all of these were below magnitude 3.0 and could not be
      felt. The number of quakes is substantially higher than average and most likely
      reflects the large increase during the Full Moon Syzygy. Even so, a lot of new
      quakes showed up yesterday on the Charts but there is no seeming correlation
      which will explain this.

      Naturally these West Coast quakes got no news, the news was swamped by the 7.3
      killer in Taiwan and the 6.4 yesterday in Chile. Both quakes injured only a
      few people, surprisingly, but minor damage was widespread in both areas. There
      were many sizable aftershocks in the range of 4 to 5 magnitude in both areas.

      The Quake pattern for the past few days is pretty simple and clear. On Monday
      there were two quakes in the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the range of 4-5 magnitude
      and the most active zone was the South Pacific with a few in the range of
      magnitude 4-5. Yesterday and today the most active areas are clearly Taiwan
      and along the coasts of the Andes mountains, from Peru through to Chile.�

      The USG charts for the Pacific Northwest show quite a large number of
      microtremors in the Puget Sound Basin during the past two weeks. I do not know
      what this means.


      Etna is giving out occasional ash emissions but overall volcanic activity here
      and worldwide is quite muted at the moment. El Popo is doing about what it was
      last week and the prediction of a low level explosive round of eruptions is
      still the same for sometime during the next few weeks.

      El Nino/Global Warming Front

      The temperature of the surface of the Pacific water along the Equator is
      looking pretty much like it did last year this time. If anything, overall
      Pacific ocean water temperature on the surface for the Northern Hemisphere is
      slightly cooler than last year.

      Now here is a correlation and a major vortex prediction for the year. I am
      going out on the limb here with what I can see in the pattern of the dynamics
      of the Earth Moon Sun system. The slightly cooler Pacific ocean water
      temperature overall, compared to this time last year, correlates exactly with
      the overall diminishment of volcanic activity which can be monitored. I predict
      that underwater volcanism is also down and that that there will be NO El Nino
      this year. I predict that overall the weather will be similar to last year�s
      quixotic and chaotic, tending to extremes, but I fail to see how any more
      records can be broken after the extremes of the past few years.

      For the month ahead, no major surprises are likely in the Earth Systems accept
      for the continuation of chaotic weather caused by this nearly record-breaking
      sunspot cycle.

      Geo-Political Earth Changes

      The REAL major storm fronts during the next three months are on the
      Geo-Political Front. U.S. policy and leadership against terrorism is now in
      the docket and is being judged worldwide in regard to the Palestinian Issue.
      While U.S. pundits telegraphed loudly ( and most stupidly in my estimation)
      American maneuvering to begin a campaign against Sodamned Insane, all the
      targets, namely Iraq, Iran, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, have rediscovered the
      time-honored arts of �the enemy of my enemy is my ally�. It is clear from
      many sources and hints that a consolidation of covert cooperation has begun
      between what should be bitter enemies This obviously is an major foreign
      policy strategic blunder on the part of the U.S. establishment.

      American mass media and political pundit commentary in public in front of the
      entire world about going after Sodamned Insane is impeccably juvenile. Hell
      will be paid for it.

      Obviously, it is in the Extremely Vital Self-Interests of Sodamned Insane to
      do anything within his power to use the Palestinians and Al Qaeda plots as �red
      flags� to preoccupy the American Texas Bull. I believe he understands this very
      well and is in fact using all of his power to support as much extreme activity
      as possible. Unfortunately, he has a lot of assets. As with Sodamned Insane,
      so also the Mullahs of Iran.

      Israel has done what it can only do, which is implement the �Bush Doctrine� on
      terrorism. In this Doctrine, Organizations and people who harbor terrorists,
      or maintain a studied blind eye to them, are terrorists. Consequently, Israel
      is radically destroying nearly the entire Palestinian Authority, brick by
      brick, building by building, official by official, gun by gun. It is,
      literally, war, and the American Media as of this moment still does not get
      it. The media reveal their lack of comprehension by continuing to ask the
      wrong questions of the wrong people. Given the questions they ask, it is
      difficult to believe that anyone believes that U.S. New anchors and network
      star reporters are somehow worth salaries of hundreds of thousands to millions
      of dollars a year. What a bizarre strange reality.

      Meanwhile the U.S. Government is making completely inappropriate remarks
      related to completely moot points in their attempts to pretend that American
      foreign policy vis a vis the Palestinian issue has totally failed. The
      American positions are entirely mooted by both the Jews and the terrorist
      cliques who have stalemated everything. Poor Colin Powell, who deserves
      better, has been left out hanging in the breeze mouthing completely inane
      thoughts. He has enough of a track record and distinguished career that he
      will recoup but I suspect that the star of Condaleza Rice will begin to wane.
      It cannot happen fast enough. She is an academic too full of ideological head
      trips which do not relate to the real world. She needs to go somewhere else in
      the minor leagues to do her learning. She is not by any means ready to advise
      on real policy leadership. The decisive consolidation of Arab enemies against
      Israel and U.S. efforts is the first self-evident proof of her inability to
      connect to the real world. .

      Best Wishes,
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