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Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of December 28 2009

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN December 28, 2009 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon
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      December 28, 2009 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)
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      BULLETIN ITEM: Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of December 28 2009


      Solar Activity

      Sunspot Count declined briefly to 0 on Christmas but began climbing the next day to stand at 17 on December 27 on a rising flux of 77 in a group region which dramatically increased in size to 100. Expect a higher count today.

      And expect greater momentum in the Earth's atmosphere to continue a high rate of chaotic churn in the weather.

      At the moment, however, Fluxgate Monitor is a flat line, no coronal holes, no magnetic storms to speak of, no CME's and solar storms. These are likely to increase substantially during the next several days.

      Planetary Alignments

      So what's the deal with the rising spike in Activity?. The planets are widely dispersed though there is an alignment between Pluto and Venus which is now forming up. I hate to even mention it because it is hard to consider Pluto as significant, it is not a planet and seems way too far out to add any causality to the em gradient in the solar system. The daily shifts in the relationships of the other planets should far outweigh any effect from Pluto.

      FAR MORE LIKELY is the fast approaching alignments of Mercury first with Earth, then with Mars, and then Earth with Mars. The current Sunspot Group is aligned very well with Mercury's position over the surface of the Sun, it obviously is being pulled out by its passage. It will likely follow Mercury into the coming alignments. Here is how they will form (plus or minus up to 2 days margin of software/display/timedate error):

      Mercury | Earth - January 4

      Mercury | Venus - January 6

      Mercury | Saturn - January 18

      Earth | Mars - January 22 (this is a relatively close encounter between both planet's Perihelion moments)

      In the current confab between Mercury | Earth, the Sunspot climb began on December 26, NINE days in advance, which is within the range we have noted often before. The weather in the PSW (N.A. desert zone) began to shift last night with a steadily rising flow of air mass, becoming increasingly gusty. Rain is now imminent. So we can see that the energy patterns are now becoming tightly linked and all ships, including the hurricanes, will rise with this rising tide of Solar Cycle 24.

      From this it is easy to project that from now through to the end of January N.A. as well as much of Eurasia will bow under at least three major winter storm fronts, leaving huge snowpacks in the mountains, record-breaking blizzards in the plains, and a stage well set for huge floods in the Spring.

      El Nino

      The Pacific Equator between the dateline and South America in aggregate cooled a little during the days just prior to Christmas. What was a solid expanse of warming water is now mottled into zones which are changing differentially. El Nino may be breaking up already. But I doubt it. I think it will run for several months, though it may be a relatively mild El Nino effect.

      Far more interesting is the exceptionally warm patch of ocean water (a few degrees above average) which is hugging the northern edge of Antarctica (on the Pacific side). This is sure to help accelerate breakup in the ice shelf as well as send a much larger volume of snow onto Antarctica to help push and accelerate the flow of ice off its edges. These phenomena environmentalists habitually see as evidence of global warming but in fact they are normal, repeating consequences of forces which rise from the cosmic frame and from the shifting heat currents in the southern oceans.

      Quakes & Moon

      A surge has begun, primarily in the Western Pacific after two shape-shifter quakes in the Atlantic (north and south) and one near the triple junction between Antarctic/Australia below New Zealand.

      The Moon is approaching Extreme Northern Declination for December 30 and achieves Full Moon Phase on December 31/January 1 with Perigee (Moon's closest approach to the Earth) January 2, all this followed shortly by Earth's Perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) sharply on January 6. All this tight coupling of cycles is about the tightest and most powerful Syzygy of 2010, with only the exception of the January 30 Full Moon, which will have the closest Perigee possible dead on the exact moment of the Full Moon. This Jan 30 Full Moon will be offset from an Extreme Northern Declination which precedes it by a few days, to make a longer syzygy.

      The New Moon at the middle of January will be nearly in Apogee four days after an Extreme Southern Declination. This probably will be a fairly weak syzygy influence, the main earth-changing periods will follow the Full Moons.

      The remainder of 2010 will see a weakening period of lunar influence, the cycles simply do not synchronize very well for maximum effect. The New Moon influence will wax briefly during the middle part of the year, but all in all 2010 moons should not be very eventful, not as in the past few years past.

      So, the strongest surge in tectonic activity for the next 12 months is likely, NOW AND THROUGH JANUARY until approximately mid February 2010.

      The next season of powerful syzergies will come in February - May, 2011. Following that season, the Moon's syzergies will be even more synchronized April - August, 2012. Major surges in tectonic activity will be more probable during these periods.

      The next nine years of declinations will become progressively less extreme. The declination angle has been slowly closing for the past 24 months and it will now accelerate. The tilt in the Moon's orbit relative the Earth is becoming less angular all the time and this will continue until about 2019. During the waxing phase of this cycle after 2020 we can expect another round of tectonic activity which could be as devastating as the 2004 quakes in Indonesia.

      Polar Motion - Looking Like An Early Y Min.

      The track of the North Spin Axis appears more strongly than ever to be at or very close to Y Min (the point in its 14 month spiral wobble track where the Earth's northern axis pole is closest to Siberia).

      This is a significant fact, if true. It is coming too soon, showing a compression of the spiral track towards the Atlantic Quadrant of the Earth (Longitude 0 to West 90). If so, this could mean that there has been significant displacement in the average location of the Spin Axis, accordingly a major acceleration of the average drift of the Spin Axis, or in other words, a geometric expansion of the acceleration. If this is true, we will experience a major round of record-breaking Earth Changes during the ensuing Seven Year Cycle in the Wobble. My graphs reveal clearly that there is a direct correlation between the acceleration of quake and volcanic activity with the ramp of accumulated change in the averaged location of the Spin Axis, which collectively are producing the warming of the world's oceans and the accumulating effects which have been described as "global warming" but which are more accurately described as shifting latitudinal-oriented climate regimes.

      High stakes here, so most accordingly, we will be watching this phenomenon very closely during the next several weeks.

      Laptop Heaven

      I am greatly distracted this week with a new addition to my tools, an HP dv7 video-oriented 17 inch laptop. It was acquired to be able to host my Canon HD camcorder and handle heavy video editing, recording, and DVD production work, as well as Youtube style Iway broadcasting. It will take me a bit of time to get this up and well oiled in my skill set, but fairly soon you will get the weekly update as a video. Remarkable discovery so far. My old 30 year IBM heavy iron keyboard is far superior for my fingers and learned motor skills at operating a computer. I will have to get an adapter to allow it to plug into the usb port. Second remarkable discovery so far - Windows 7 Home Premium is decent. I actually like it. Many differences in access, but they display well and they are logical alterations of XP, thus allowing fast learning curve. Third pleasant discovery, the HP Intel dual-core 2.2 ghz machines with the high level ATI graphics ( 1 ghz video ram) are quite good. The dv7 is also well ported. You can connect anything to it except a floppy disk and the old PS2 style keyboards and mice. But with USB adapters, even these are readily accommodated. Fourth remarkable discovery, my 30 year old (at least) Samsonite style briefcase, which has been standing in a corner neglected for years though still in good shape, will precisely hold this laptop and its accoutrements. I have been saving up for this stuff for two years and it is now into my hands. I bought the computer through Costco, mainly because I have two layers of support, a special division at Costco and HP direct, which two years of fail-safe warranty. Both groups provide American technical geeks and not much hassle and phone tag. The HP propaganda I dislike, but the HP technical people have consistently been very very good at doing what it takes to answer my questions, which have ranged quite broadly. Beats the crap out of Canned Bombay or A La Carte Philippino, which is what most of them will give you. I might have bought a Sony....but I cannot figure out how to talk with those people..in the U.S.. Without that, you got only half a loaf.

      The Mad Bad Monkeys In The Barrel

      Laughing through the Lunatics,

      Laughing all the way,

      Oh what fun it is too laugh,

      In The Iway Slay Tonite....

      In The Iway Slay Tooooooo OOOOOOOH NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.........


      The Ziobama rapidly descends into sheer lunacy I ONCE THOUGHT was simply beyond belief. Janet Napolitano's goonsquads have now been instructed to escort people in airplanes to the bathrooms and to force passengers to sit like sardines without anything on their laps. For what? Because one deranged luney-bin in over 60 years of commercial air travel tried to start a fire?

      Janet Napolitano and all her goons are as lunatic as the lunatic. And so are the Democrats who coward their way along with this.

      Oh Michael, but how can you compare the actions? The one is crazy, the others are sincere.

      Oh, Dude, BUT I CAN, I MUST, AND I WILL!!!!!!!! They are ALL SINCERE. Both responses are equally inappropriate by people who are acting irrationally to solve equally illusionary problems. Lunatics all, they are. There is a difference, it is true. The one was desperate, a trapped rat in a final fit of self-destructive insanity. Very dangerous to have around, no doubt. But, c'mon, don't bother telling me lies about how you can avoid them. WE ALL KNOW BETTER. Random acts of violence can and will occur anywhere, especially when operatives are there to midwife the violence along.

      The others are posers, El Napolitano & Co. and related, holding positions, and fully capable of subjecting people en masse to anything. And if you want to think not, try going to the bathroom on your own.

      Note to Ed, who wonders why I sound so bitter and emotional (lacking objectivity) and the Cayce Fan who continues to send me quotes from Cayce readings which cautioned his client to avoid criticizing people: sorry, YOU are not thinking appropriately to the situation. You are over-generalizing pleasantness and cooperation, reifying these into universals, WHICH THEY ARE NOT. There are limits to all things and a time and a season for all things, even the scourging of money-changers.

      This is not about a rational debate to determine the truth of a matter. Not even the academics will let you do that anymore, they simply will not listen.

      Meditate on that.


      Unless of course, you believe in the Boogieman. You, ahhh, don't believe in the Boogieman, do you?

      We are in a vast struggle, Ed, against the blind forces of totalitarianism inventing an endless number of boogiemen who hide under the illusions in the corners of our brains. We are not okay, they are not okay. In the final analysis, looking at the last several millennia of human media, it is the satirists, lampoonists, and comedians who have accomplished about 90% of the task of liberating the human mind and emotions from the deadening hands of the authoritarians, sociopaths, and psychopaths who are constantly chain-jerking our fears. First most come that freeing within to express, and then the honest expression of contempt and derision, and then the endless chain of laughter which arises to dissolve the pretenses and faux-credibility.

      The one thing that Kings, Queens, Presidents, Tinpots, Sherifs, Kops, Preachers, soldiers and other pretenders to greatness and glory CANNOT STAND,

      is to be laughed at.

      Oh look, look, look at the Queen in such a pretense in that funny old fashioned dumpy friz, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAH

      It totally destroys their game.

      Oh look, look, look El Napolitano has saved the day by ordering people to ask for permission to urinate.

      Ohhhhhh, ooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


      Totally destroy their game.

      Can you imagine laughing at the crazy remarks of a preacher? Better yet, try it. Oh you can applaud, support DAS ORDER. But you DARE NOT LAUGH. His minons are as fully cabable of beating you up as the Blackshirts. In fact, the Christians are often even worse in their violence. After all, you have insulted God himself.

      Can you imagine laughing at Obama when he gives a fast two-shoe on terrorism? What do you think will happen? Try applauding. Even better, keep applauding and applauding in a grandiose lampoon of applauding. You know how it works, YOU BETTER GIVE RESPECT BUT THEY WILL NOT ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT RESPECT YOUR PERSON IN ANY WAY, in their sincere stupidity they will even tase you into a massive coronary.

      Or, do you suppose those who oppose war have a reasonable opportunity to sit down and have a rational discussion with Obama about changing how the Empire does business? If in case you haven't looked, no visible anti-war person has had a conversation with Obama during the past year. That ought to suggest that real discussion is not a reasonable expectation.

      You could say, well you should mind your own business. Let sincere stupid alone. That's true, most of the time we should pass on our way and let the luney-bins be luney-bins. I would love to, have been trying hard all my life to let sincere stupid alone. BUT THESE LUNEY-BINS are creating (1) mayhem, (2) murder, (3) destruction, and (4) an every-widening range of egregious interference in all human activity which increases, not decreases, the killing fields. Tackle this last item (4), SERIOUSLY.

      They are now sending robot plains to destroy small villages, flown by Jackboot Clowns in surburban cinder block buildings playing the latest computer video game version 4.3 of "Stinkeyshit Shoots Em Up Real Bad" while pretending he knew what he wasn't doing.....but thank god there are Asians telling us what the facts are on the ground in terms of endless casual murders of just plain folks.

      This is as about as crazy as the crap gets, Ed. The only thing crazier is so-called but deadly depleted uraniam disbursed randomly through the killing fields.

      It's not going away. It's getting worse. We have to stop it. I am not kidding. I am not just saying this. This is not an emotional response. This is not bitterness. This iis entirely objective and rational. We have to stop it. We must do this. I am doing this.

      Here is the emotional part. I refuse as a human being, AND AS A VETERAN, to be degraded by this crazy shit from the Ziobama smartfarts or privilege.

      Since voting, letters, petitioning, nominating, and otherwise being responsible democratic citizens has proven ineffective during the entire history of the rise of the National Security State, this leaves us only the frankest of person to person expressions:

      Laughter for the lunatics. Sorta like "Springtime For Hitler" (google it up and laugh your patootie off).

      First we laugh like hell and point and deride for a season. We already nearly have "Springtime For Zioboma" so we are making good progress. Then we beat on the pots and pans in the streets while marching around chaotically as bozo clowns. Enough laughter, enough pots and pans, and enough chaos will act as enough solvent to dissolve the imperial delusions.

      Is this objective enough for you?

      White magic spell against blackshirt magic spell. Comprehendez?

      Ye canna change directly with reason a mind's determined programs, ego holds the firewalls quite well, but emotions end-run the mind and reduce ego to pudding. Ye can definitely alter emotions (magic) with symbolisms and actions and events and in fact ye can transfer emotions to an opposite effect (wizard level magic) and thus trump all the programming in the mind. Ye take the inconsistencies of perceptions and experiences and ye work the hell out of them to bring the absurdity of failure into predominance. Then the programs freeze and the soul is forced to painfully reboot the ego into a new framework of perception. Get's messy...it's not linear, it's very organic, but that's the way.

      Oh, I know, professional academics and engineers and consultants get very squeamish about all this. Calling Bullshit is always dicey. What on earth will people think? But there it is, and to the tune of Jingle Bells, even.....

      Laughing through the Lunatics,

      Laughing all the way,

      Oh what fun it is too laugh,

      In The Iway Slay Tonite....

      In The Iwaaaay Slay Tooooooo OOOOOOOH NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

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