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Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of February 2 2009

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN February 2, 2008 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City,
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      February 2, 2008 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)
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      BULLETIN ITEM: Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Update As Of February 2 2009


      No formal update this week.

      Sun is boringly ZIP, about as vanilla as it can get. Seismic activity is about average for a non-syzygy period. But volcanoes waking up and then there is the weather...and how!

      Here is how boring the Sun is:

      "PRESTO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM Mon Feb 2 2009, 1320 UT
      There are no sunspots on the Sun and the solar wind speed is continuing its decline. We thus expect very low solar activity and quiet geomagnetic conditions"

      Fluxgate shows no disturbances. For Bobbie Baker, who phoned in about the interreruption of her wireless temperature gauges for two hours this morring. I checked some data files, including there in the URL below. Real hard to pin your interrupt on Solar Activity. No disturbances show up except possibly for some high GHZ disturbances on some Euro sites, but none in Penticton, which would be appropos to you. I would look to another cause.


      Atmospherics - The Jet Stream Is Schizoid!!! It's flowing back on itself over Canada.

      Check this out, huge gyres in the North Pacific and North Atlantic are BOTH racing inland and will collide over the Great Lakes and send a huge amount of snow and cold down the Mississippi Valley. Pacific Northwest - Yukon will be broadsided by two different cloud air masses within days of each other, probably the second one will inundate the Pacific Southwest as well. The Newfoundland Punch is going to deliver same amazing weather to all points East.


      NASA REPORTS: "COMET LULIN BRIGHTENS: Veteran sky watcher Mariano Ribas of Argentina has been monitoring Comet Lulin in the skies of Buenos Aires. "In the past ten days, the comet has brightened by almost 60% (half a magnitude) to magnitude +6.5," he reports. "Even with our heavy urban light pollution, the comet is an easy target for small telescopes and binoculars. Soon, I believe, it will become a naked-eye object for people in the country."

      Volcanic activity appears to be increasing slightly. Most activity is still low level, continuation of last year's "slow cooking" but ten new eruptions were listed for January. The Active list at INTLVRC is now at 30, the restless list is at 6. the alert list is at 65.

      The newly erupting Japanese volcano, Asama, is about the most notable eruption this week, sending ashfall some 145 km to Tokyo. This kind of non-explosive ash emission is typical of the Western Pacific volcanoes. Naturally, enough ash from any of Japan's many volcanoes could be extremely disruptive to Japan and inevitably a major incident will come to pass some year or another, though the "when" is beyond predictability at this time.

      Volcanoes - two reports from John Seach

      Monday 2nd February 2009
      Asama Volcano, Japan
      Asama volcano in Japan erupted today at 1:51 am, local time, sending ash to a height of 1.6 km, and ejecting rocks 1 km from the crater. Ashfall was reported in Tokyo, 145 km SE of the volcano.
      <http://www.volcanolive.com/asama.html>More on Asama Volcano...
      <http://www.volcanolive.com/japan.html>Volcanoes of Japan...

      Sunday 1st February 2009
      Redoubt Volcano, Alaska
      Unrest continues at Redoubt volcano in Alaska. Seismic tremor has reappeared at the summit, along with melting of the glacier which has exposed steaming rock. Steam is being emitted from the area of the 1989-90 lava dome. There has been a large increase in earthquakes at the volcano over the past week.
      <http://www.volcanolive.com/redoubt.html>More on Redoubt Volcano...
      <http://www.volcanolive.com/alaska.html>Volcanoes of Alaska...


      Ruth Ryden's forecast from spiritual sources for February 09 was extraordinarily detailed in the weather and volcano department. I am broadcasting it out here so we can use it as an advisory and also to watch it unfold. Your job is to watch, compare, and tell me on February 28 how well it worked for you. As you should immediately deduce, the Jet Stream is already in the beginning stages of delivering what Ruth predicted on January 30. It snowed eight inches last night in the central valley region of British Columbia, a little bunny reported to me this morning.

      Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 08:43:38 -0800 (PST)
      Subject: [ruth_ryden_newsletter] NEWSLETTER #77 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT

      Masters, would you give us some insight as to atmospheric conditions, storms, earthquakes, etc. coming our way in February?

      MASTERS: “Besides a new political atmosphere coming into being, we are seeing a very active weather pattern forming for the month of February. The frigid temperatures, ice storms, deep snows, are not at an end yet, we are sorry to say. The northern hemisphere around the world will continue to experience extremely low temperaturers and violent atmospheric movements that will transpire from high cosmic energies forcing their way through the higher layers of atmosphere that have been forced open by the solar winds. The East Coast of the U.S. and Canada will be very, very cold the first two weeks of this month, but with less amounts of snowfall. Some ice storms will appear at unexpected times. Drivers of any vehicle in these areas must be willing to stay home when this occurs – even chains cannot control any vehicle on this kind of ice. The Midwest and West will experience high winds the first two weeks, piling up snowdrifts very quickly. Snowfall will be less of a problem, as low temperatures will make present snow into little ice particles. Those who ski for fun may find real danger in the mountains. The southern reaches of the continent will also shiver from cold winds, even down to Florida, the first two weeks. Now, we do see a drastic change in all of these conditions starting about the middle of the month as the Earth makes a turn toward the Sun that is a little faster than what has been considered normal. This will not be noticeable to the average person at all, but those who are most sensitive to frequencies will feel a heightened sense of sudden energy for a short time. Nothing to worry about. There will probably be a short Spring-like feel to the air for a few days, then normal Feb. temperatures will return. All of these comments also refer to Europe and Asia.
      At this time (1/30), we feel the large volcano in Alaska will erupt during the first week in February, causing tons of material to fall onto the Alaskan cities. This has been successfully predicted already, so there should be no injuries.
      Magma flowing through the subterranean chain that links many of these northern volcanoes will cause many small eruptions during the next few months.
      Quakes now being felt on the North American West Coasts will continue as the plates vie for position against the continent. These movements send vibrations through the underlying rock formations that activate quake faults inland to some extent. Current activity in the Yellowstone area is a result of this, and magma is heating up. We do not see a gigantic eruption here in the foreseeable future, but visitors should be very careful of where they go and step when they visit this famous volcanic wonder. Falling rocks will announce some quake movements in the Grand Canyon.
      The Southern hemisphere around the world is enjoying their summer now, but higher than normal temperatures are becoming a problem. Fires are a real danger now, even in tropical forests that have been cut too much. Small, hurricane-type winds will whip up the oceans and cause danger for the shipping lanes. Frequent volcanic eruptions on the ocean islands are very liable to occur this month and quakes will be almost considered normal. Australia will have a heat problem and fires will again cause ranchers to flee to the coasts.
      Be aware of these conditions and be ready for them. Keep your thoughts positive and alert for all of the help and direction your spiritual helpers give when needed. We are there.
      Regardless of all of these scary predictions, Mother Earth is near the end of the stretching and repositioning that has been in force, and the last week or so of February will see an easing of all of these conditions, leading into a very early Spring. Heed the weather warnings; by all means check on the elderly and those who are ill or who cannot call out for help when their heat goes off. This is a time to practice brotherly love in its best sense! Be aware of people you see outside during the frigid times; help whenever you can. We see heating costs rising again, but not like last year. Look ahead even now toward setting out garden space; growing your own food will make a huge difference in your own pantry in the year ahead. .....

      more from Ruth at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ruth_ryden_newsletter/message/16

      WAR AND PEACE: Looks like the major issues will come to a head about mid March around the massive Anti-War demo planned for the Pentagon.

      PUTIN''S SPEECH AT DAVOS: Catch it if you have not yet read it. It is an historical watershed speech. It is for our current moment as important as Gorbachov's speech in the mid 1980's declaring that the Russians would no longer play the Cold War game and begin the transformation of the Soviet Union. In this speech Putin is declaring the perfectly obvious, the U.S. must face up to the failures of its uni-polar economic hegamony, eat its own World Bankster medicine which it has shoved down the throats of the Third World, drop its useless militarism, and re-position itself to deal peacefully with the newly emergent Eurasian economies. Consider as well Putin's announcement that the Russians intend to make a huge investment is drawing into Russia the involvment of leading scientists and intellectuals to teach and help re-engineer the basis of civilization in the rather vast area of Russia.

      For last week's still relevent Earth Change background info, go to


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