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Earth Changes 2001 and The Camp-out At La Querencia

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  • Michael Mandeville
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2001
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      September 13, 2001 by MW Mandeville

      ITEM(S): Earth Changes 2001 and The Camp-out At La Querencia


      I apologize for the horrible delay in shipping the Earth Changes 2001 Report
      I regret to tell you that we got mauled in some kind of weird corporate
      break-down over the summer at Lightning Source. It was a truly bizarre scene
      of put-offs and mystification and shell games. After a lot of complaining, I
      finally got notice yesterday, a month and a half late, that the booklet will be
      shipped no later than five days from today. (They are supposed to ship 48
      hours after approval of the copy, which I gave them so long ago I can't
      remember when I did it).

      (I think there is a good probability that religious bigotry was also working in
      the background, as it was at A.R.E.)

      Allowing UPS its week or so to get to here, it is not likely to get in the mail
      until nearly the last couple of days in September.

      In the meantime I will leave tomorrow, the 14th, en route to playing Hooky at
      our Camp-Out in the mountains of New Mexico to escape from my enraged fans and
      World War III on CNN (not humor, that is what it will be called). I will be
      back here about the 24th to await for the bulletins to arrive so I can paste on
      addresses and cart em to the post office.

      If you live within 100 miles or so of Lindrith, New Mexico, you might want to
      visit with us. Only a handful of people will be there, so it will be very
      relaxed and informal in a beautiful setting. We will have email capability
      through Cornplanter's computer so send a message of any questions about finding
      us to:

      Here is Cornplanter's cheery note about the Camp-Out

      From: cornplanter@...
      Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 03:20:35 -0000
      Subject: [phoenix-quest] What's happening with me....

      Hello, again!

      I haven't been heard from for a few weeks until recently, but
      obviously I'm not gone! I am back in Texas after a bit of time in New
      Mexico getting ready for the Labyrinth Walk and Concert for the Earth
      at our Elk Mountain Campout on September 22nd. The event is FREE,
      and might be a very good place to be during the present (hopefully)
      recuperation of the USA and world after the demise of the World Trade

      I also spent more than a week weeding pots of native plants down in
      Las Cruces at a friend's nursery, to gather in a small amount of
      spending money for this event. This managed to stiffened up my
      fingers, and I had to rest them for two weeks, as an affliction known
      as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome threatened to become part of my life. (I
      am a child of God, and dis-ease cannot exist within my holiness.) (An
      affirmation for healing.)

      I will also be returning to my healing work on the piano tomorrow,
      when I get the piano out of the apartment (where neighbors do not
      appreciate the noise) into my van, and I expect to continue daily
      healing music meditations indefinitely. I will be in New Mexdico at
      La Querencia friday night!

      God is Great! We now have an opportunity to heal our world; to
      replace hatred with Love.
      (That should keep us busy for a while.)

      Love to All,



      Best Wishes,
      Michael Wells Mandeville, The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@...

      Author of "Return of the Phoenix" at

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      Or better yet, go get your personal copy of Earth Changes 2001 No. 1 which
      summarizes prophecy, predictions, and geophysics for the remainder of 2001.

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      Earth's Axis, go to:
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