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June 2001 Typo Correction

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  • Michael Mandeville
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2001
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      January 2, 2001 by MW Mandeville

      ITEM(S):June 2001 Typo Correction


      At 01:55 AM 1/3/01 +0000, you wrote:
      >Dear MWM,
      >It was only on Dec 28 2000 that I found your site and the Earth
      >Change material. I eargerly absorbed all that I could for the next
      >few days. As I was reading about the Hall Of Records the first of a
      >series of earth quakes struck here in Davao, Mindanao. Philippines.
      >There have been several smaller quakes since the Jan 1 2001.
      >Though we live close to the node we are planning to move up to higher
      >ground and away from the volcano ( Mt. Apo). We are planning our move
      >to Dinagat Is. just north of Mindanao. It will mean I must close my
      >Chiropractic practice, and my wife will interupt her college
      >We read of the conjunctions during April 2001 in Bulletin 198.
      >All of this is to ask if in the final paragraph of the bulletin
      >(198)was there a mistake in the date June 2000 and should it not be
      >June 2001? Please let me know at chirondoc@....
      >We are in your debt and thank you for your work on the Quest.
      >Health and Happiness for 2001,
      >Charles Olson,D.C.

      OOPS (blush) yep, I goofed. That is June 2001 for the alignments. In a
      two days or so I will make a very important post about the alighnments
      coming down the pike.

      As far as moving, well, the spirit is moving more and more people. I hear
      a lot of rustling in the winds of time. As far as moving re the pole
      shift, do it when the signs are more certain. We cannot say for certain at
      the moment that polar motion is going out of bounds. It continues to be
      weird - anomalous and unpredictable. That is all we can say at the moment
      out of sane mentality.

      We will know when it goes out past the bounds. We are watching. That is
      when it is definitely time to move. You will hear of it here on this
      network. It will be authoritative, not paranoia. Facts.

      As far as Mindanao goes, those huge quakes on the island during the past
      72 hours are very disturbing (three over 7.0). You are probably going to
      see some major new round of volcanism as well. The plate margin there is
      obviously grinding fiercely. I suspect your choice of moving makes good
      sense whether there is a major avalanche of the crust or not If there is a
      crustal avalanche, I believe that you are in for a pretty rough ride in the
      Philliphines. Good luck and may God ride with you..

      Best Wishes,
      Michael Wells Mandeville, The Hills of Arizona USA
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