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Bingo! - Calling All Physicists

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN March 1, 2004 by MW Mandeville Advertising above is
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      March 1, 2004 by MW Mandeville
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      ITEMS: Bingo! - Calling All Physicists

      VOLCANISM = GLOBAL WARMING: BINGO BINGO BINGO - The following article describes
      findings about the warming of the Pacific deep ocean water across a large

      The oceanographers in the article are still trying half-heartedly to make the
      case that the oceans are a heat sink for solar energy to substantiate that the
      "climate" approach to global warming is the road to understanding. I continue
      to think that this is all circular reasoning. The problem of course is that as
      surface water warms

      Heat rises in the form of increased rate of evaporation, to produce moisture in
      the atmosphere, cool off the water surface temperature, and which in the form
      of clouds reflects more of the heat back into space and also of course to send
      more water to the high elevations and high latitudes to produce snow packs and
      polar ice caps, which must reflect a prodigious amount of light back into

      It seems to me that the only way to warm the depths is to provide heat direclty
      in the depths - through the Great Rift which snakes through all the oceans.

      It seems to me that the more the climate theorists try to make global warming
      an atmospheric/solar thing, the more impossible the proposition, pretty much
      the equiv of trying to claim that "ice ages" happen when in fact the evidence
      is overwhelming that small to large "shifts" in the axis displace the polar ice
      caps creating the illusion of an "advancing or retreating ice sheet".

      Time for physcists to step up to the table. There are several subscribed to the
      Earth Changes Bulletins. Ahem.

      I continue to maintain that the wobble in the axis, the acceleration of its
      drift, obvious shape-shifting episodes of increased quaking at gtimes, the
      radically changed performance of the drift of the magnetic poles, increased
      volcanism, and global warming are all related and are all consequences of
      essentially tectonic motions in the "vortex" of primarily the Sun-Moon-Earth
      system. Some of what we have observed this past three years is definitely
      supportive to this proposition. Very little contradicts it, if at all. Sure,
      the events are slippery and sloppy, hard often to neatly tie together without
      the rigor of supercomputers and a humungous database, but still....

      Is the data now coming, such as in the article below, or as now might be
      found, to tie ocean warming to heat release directly from the Earth and hence
      to the tectonic vortex?

      What do your own presumptions of the Earth's heat dynamics tell you what is
      more likely, given these leads below?


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