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Fw: USE it or LOSE it!!!

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    earthchange bulletin: Items: Use it or Lose it. Says SC Justice Monday Feb. 2,2004 Subject: USE it or LOSE it!!! ... SC Justice Warns that if People Don t
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      earthchange bulletin:
      Items: Use it or Lose it.
      Says SC Justice
      Monday Feb. 2,2004
      Subject: USE it or LOSE it!!!

      > > Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 09:04:14 EST

      SC Justice Warns that if People Don't Speak Out,
      We'll Lose IT !

      Justice Warns Against Civil Rights Apathy


      Supreme Court - AP
      Justice Warns Against Civil Rights Apathy
      Thu Jan 29, 9:18 PM ET

      By GINA HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer

      NEW YORK - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said
      Thursday that people concerned about losing freedom to
      government anti-terrorism efforts should speak out.

      The Supreme Court is taking up several terror-related cases
      this spring, including challenges to the government detention
      of terror suspects without legal rights. Ginsburg, speaking to
      a group of women's rights lawyers, was asked if people's
      rights were in danger.

      "On important issues, like the balance between liberty and
      security, if the public doesn't care, then the security side
      is going to overweigh the other," she said. That would change,
      Ginsburg said, "if people come forward and say we are proud to
      live in the USA, a land that has been more free, and we want
      to keep it that way."

      Ginsburg, who argued women's rights cases at the Supreme
      Court several decades before former President Clinton named
      her to the court in 1993, said "an active public" made the
      difference in the victories of feminism.

      Ginsburg, now 70 and one of the more liberal justices, won
      five of the six Supreme Court cases she argued. She was
      reunited Thursday with some of the clients she represented
      during an event held in her honor at the Association of the
      Bar of the City of New York.

      "She was calling to our attention that work in women's
      rights, civil rights is under threat," said Lisalyn Jacobs,
      who handles government relations for the National Organization
      for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund, which co-sponsored
      the event.

      The Bush administration has been criticized by civil
      libertarians for some of its terror-fighting strategy,
      including the detentions of hundreds of foreigners at a
      military prison in Cuba and some U.S. citizens in America.

      They are being held without charges or access to attorneys,
      something the government maintains is necessary for national
      security. In April the Supreme Court will consider cases
      involving detainees in Cuba and America.

      The court has refused to take up other cases stemming from
      the government's response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist
      attacks, including the handling of immigrants swept up in the

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      Supreme Court: http://www.supremecourtus.gov/

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