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  • Michael Mandeville
    Regarding this week s Earth Changes Bulletin update, there will not be a formal complete one as in weeks past. One of the problems is that I am in transit and
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2004
      Regarding this week's Earth Changes Bulletin update, there will not be a
      formal complete one as in weeks past.

      One of the problems is that I am in transit and not able to get through my
      normal routines. I am currently near Sacramento California in Pollack Pines
      at 4000 feet elevation in wonderful weather and breathing in as well the
      reality of the California political situation.

      But the main problem is that EVERYTHING seems to have entered into a zone
      of massive transformation and instability of existing conditions, factors,
      etc. I simply cannot get a sense of an overview. I guess the overview
      strategic summary is

      everything is in rapid change, nothing is as it seems, expect the
      unexpected, expect radical shifts.

      The flood of information from our network of fellow Questers is extraordinary.

      I will send an update with more information tomorrow. (Friday Oct. 3)

      Suffice it to say for the moment:

      Job situation is even worse than anyone predicted.

      The financial markets are in unstable "hunt" mode up and down tending
      towards a general breakdown of confidence.

      Grey Davis in California is probably doomed to lose in the
      recall. Everyone widely agrees that Davis is a soulless CENTRIST CAREERIST
      (like so many in the U.S. Senate wearing Democratic labels) who in his own
      way is as visionless and artless as Bush. People, big numbers of them, want
      to do the recall because they WANT TO KILL CENTRIST DEMOCRATIC POLITICS
      and open the situation to the emergence of INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP. It is a
      way of sending a huge raspberry to the existing political order.

      Arnold provides a possible catalyst for change and seems to hint of a
      return to visionary politics of positive leadership. NONE of the others in
      the race provides that sort of charisma. BUT the stiletto knives of
      politics are flashing in all media as of today. It is being widely
      communicated now in California that Arnold has a long professional career
      of fondling women by grabbing tits and ass and making comments. Apparently
      he has done up too many to shut the stories up.

      Where this is going I do not know nor do I care. I have no vote in the
      state. As I general rule I think recalls are a waste of time and money.

      But this news is petty ante in the larger scheme.

      The Earth is clearly still in an accelerated "shape shifting" event. More
      details tomorrow.

      We have had three months of it and there is no reason to suppose, from the
      numbers, whether it will get more or less pronounced in the months ahead.
      We are on the edge here watching what may be the beginning of the movement
      of the Phoenix unto the tarmac positioning for its "fifth major flight"
      since the advent of Atlantis 120,000 AGO.

      Certain locations in the Earth are being repeatedly hit by large quakes
      - still even New Zealand, Hokkaido, Central Asia - and quakes around the
      Antarctica, in the Great Rift in the Arctic, France and the Pyrenees, these
      accounted for almost all of the major quake activity in the Earth this past
      week. All in all, this New Moon Syzygy Window was amazingly high in quake
      magnitude and comparatively high in quake frequency.

      The activity has been high enough and dramatic enough that the databases
      are running generally 24 to 48 hours behind time, so from a moment to
      moment basis it is impossible to really know what is going on.

      I will relay some of this information on Friday nite on Alex Merklinger's
      Millennium Radio Show.

      Many are making much of 2003 being a year of disastrous changes yet. I
      personally feel more conservative about it. I think that we are a little
      early and the patterns are not clear enough yet to suggest any timelines.

      Geopolitically speaking the disasters are exploding all around. American
      credibility is in the toilet. The world is walking away from all American
      connections as quickly as it can without riling up the native "rednecks" on
      North America. The virtual withdrawal of the U.N. mission in Baghdad is an
      act of contempt for the Bush Administration. It is another attempt to
      communicate to the American people that no one wants to be involved in
      anything the incompetent idiots in the U.S. government are currently doing.

      The situation is so bad it is impossible to keep up with the details.

      The mantra "we broke it and now we must fix it" does not serve Americans
      and need not be heeded. We dared not withdraw from Vietnam, they told
      us, and that was total rubbish. The correct response to deal with that
      miserable tragedy was to have immediately withdrawn even before the
      elections of 1968. The simple problem, America is in the hands of managers
      so incompetent, it may be best to advocate at this time that France and
      Germany undertake the immediate creation of a provisional Iraqi government
      to whom sovereignty can be quickly transferred and patrolling American
      troops replaced by hiring 1 million Iraqis to patrol every city block and
      mile of pipeline in the country. Another 1 million Iraqis should be hired
      to fill all health, education, oil production, construction, and national
      coordination needs. The oil in Iraq is fully capable of financing such a
      massive undertaking. But American "privateers" cannot bring themselves to
      think and act appropriately such a general systems level.

    • Michael Mandeville
      ... Yes I know this Peggy. But Davis, as were all Democrats, was virtually asleep at the switch on the Enron scam. With all the powers of government and
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 4, 2004
        At 07:15 AM 10/3/2003, you wrote:
        >Grey Davis may be a career centrist, but he is the only one who has
        >had the guts to stand up to deregulation which has strangled this power
        >grid of this country; that's why the Republicans want him out.
        >You MUST read "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock - it will
        >give you better perspective about what the earth changes are and why
        >and when they are happening.

        Yes I know this Peggy. But Davis, as were all Democrats, was virtually
        asleep at the switch on the Enron scam. With all the powers of government
        and experts, his cliques could not smell the obvious. This lonely old
        desert rat in the hills of Arizona could smell the stench even as it was
        about them is that they are "faux" democrats, meaning that they are there
        for the cushy jobs and will hobnob with whatever money action roles into
        town. We need vision and principles which will lead to a real world with
        people able to lead real lives free of the intense predator culture which
        now surrounds us and has corrupted and eroded nearly everything beyond
        belief. Look where the dominant active political culture of men on this
        continent indulge in civic worship and connection: the mega sports
        stadiums. That is the most important clue for seeing this culture for what
        it has really devolved down into.

        I am intimately familiar with Hancock's work. It is excellent. I followed
        his work up years ago by investigating Cayce's predictions and statements
        about Egypt and the ancient precursor civilization. I wish you could get
        him to read my "Return of the Phoenix" Trilogy for it shows how to tie the
        many findings of the past few hundred years together into a broader
        scenario than he has yet found on this own devices.
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