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Three Key Pieces - Hezbollah In Iraq =? Mob Provocateurs

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN May 2, 2003 by MW Mandeville Advertising above is not
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      May 2, 2003 by MW Mandeville
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      ITEMS: Three Key Pieces - Hezbollah In Iraq =? Mob Provocateurs

      Two key pieces of information seem to fall into place to reveal what is going
      to be the main dynamic through to the Summer of 2004.

      As you will no doubt recall if you have been reading the Earth Changes Bulletin
      the past couple of weeks, I have concluded that no further Imperial advances
      can be made this year and next. Simply put, between Afghanistan and Iraq the
      U.S. Military has more than enough to chew on, more than it can competently
      handle from the point of view of crowd control and the restructuring of Iraqi
      society. Using historical "Stalin" era standards, the Soviet Union would easily
      have committed a half million Russians to occupy a country like Iraq. Saddam,
      who is a direct carbon copy of Stalin, kept over a million men occupied in
      controlling Iraq. American troops are not coming home until Iraqi militia are
      in place and it is going to take at least a couple of years to get enough Iraqi
      command, control, and resource together in a system that the U.S. trusts enough
      to disengage from.

      Rumors in the media suggest that about $ 2 billion per month will be spent in
      Iraq for the next two years.

      In Afghanistan the Pentagon has recently concluded that its effort was totally
      inadequate. U.S. troops are being beefed up there and U.S. dollars are finally
      being allocated for Afghanistan in much larger numbers.

      At the same time meanwhile, the U.S. State Department is totally engaging to
      create a Palestine Peace proposal. At the moment Powell is putting the U.S.
      totally on the line at the moment to push the process to a real solution.

      I have no doubt whatsoever that this is as much as the U.S. government can deal
      with. Comments in one of the articles below from Billy Kristol (one of the key
      public representatives of the Imperial Faction) suggests that they are thinking
      that they now have to prove some of their claims about what the invasion in
      Iraq would accomplish. They are content at the moment to watch and see if the
      bully boy assault will intimidate enough Arab leaders to cause enough change in
      behavior to settle the region down into following the U.S. "line".

      Since both Syria and Iran ARE WITHOUT DOUBT FORMIDABLE STATES, well armed and
      commanding considerable real support from their populations, any military moves
      against either of these would be extremely COSTLY, in all ways.

      So I doubt much will change here with either of these states and both of them
      will be working very hard to strengthen connections and support and sympathy
      with Eurasian states. Iran is building relationships with China as fast and as
      hard as it can, and Syria is working its French connections. Both are working
      hard to bring Russia on their sides.

      So the next initiating moves probably will come from the international
      terrorist movements. I think they have begun through the shift of Hezbollah.
      The first article below claims that at least 700 Hezbollah infiltrated into
      Iraq from Syria during the last month. Hezbollah, I am sure you know, is the
      main group outside of Palestine which is funneling bombs and people and money
      into Palestine and Israel to conduct the war of terror against Israel. They
      have waged a bitter, desperate, losing campaign of suicide the last three years
      without success, except possibly for creating increasing hostility towards the
      Israeli state. Israel's responses have been uncompromisingly tough and there
      are abundant examples now to substantiate that some of the response has been
      recklessly brutal "revenge", not professional military control measures. The
      increasing image of Israel as a violently brutal army may or may not be
      justified, but it is definitely an image which has grown on the world stage and
      it is reshaping how people respond to Israel.

      Israel is small and it is hard to get away with things three. As well, the new
      Palestine Prime Minister and Cabinet is completely polarized against
      Hezbollah. Perhaps Hezbollah is shifting its attention to wage the same war of
      "liberation" against the U.S. directly in Iraq. That would certainly suit the
      interests of both Syria and Iran and a lot of fundamentalists in Iraq. Behind
      Hezbollah is oil money, from both Saudi Arabia and Iran. Most likley, Alqaeda
      is now in the middle of that somehow.

      This hypothesis would explain quite well what is happening in Northern Iraq
      right now. It is apparent that some one or some group is "agent provocateuring"
      the Iraqi mob. The angry confrontation with U.S. soldiers, who are primarily
      19 and 20 year olds scared shitless by the sea of mob confusion around them,
      are easily manipulated by hidden provocateurs to fire indiscriminately,
      inevitably killing people in the mob, who most likely believe that they are
      God's obedient servants seeking justice for their fellows. A few thrown rocks,
      a few hidden rifle shots, blam blam blam, a mas scare.

      If this is indeed happening, it doubtless will flare up again and again in
      countless ways. Troops simply will not be able to leave. This will create a
      tense occupation for some time. Economic revival quick, is the best cure, but
      that is not something which Republicans are gifted in. There is no one there
      at the moment seemingly upfront in public with the ideas, programs, and the
      heart to instill a sense that people are going to be taken care of and that
      things will become truly better. We can only hope that revival emerges quickly
      through the workings of gifted but unknown people.

      Take a look for this pattern through this news report.


      A second key piece of information, actually a major briefing on what is
      happening inside Saudi Arabia, can be found in the May 2003 Atlantic Monthly

      Dubious Ally

      This iway version is fractured and not as tidily put together as in the May
      print edition. If you want to know what is happening in Saudi Arabia in a
      summary brief, get this off the newsstand.

      It is extremely revealing and seems to fit with everything which has been
      happening and with everything "seedy and underhanded" which has been attributed
      to Saudi society. The article shows pretty well why Osama Bin Laden's most
      important target is and always has been leading an Islamic revolution to take
      over Saudi Arabia, just like he said in the beginning of his Jihad. The author
      plausibly suggests that Osama Bin Laden might handily win a free and fair
      election inside Saudi Arabia against the corrupt absurdities of the Saudi Royal

      How he will strike again, it is impossible to conjecture, but he may find it
      highly convenient to assist Hezbollah for awhile in Iraq.

      A third key piece of information comes from this next UPI article. If this
      were AP, I would be hesitant to buy into this article of unsubstantiated
      reports, since AP is known to be a willing dupe tor channeling U.S.
      disinformation. But UPI has a reputation for being cleaner and far more
      diffident about governmental sources. I consider it to be slightly more
      reliable. From this article, and the behavior of Bush the last few days, I
      gain pretty powerful clues that my thesis above is right on, that the Imperial
      Faction is pausing to watch and consolidate its gains for the next 18 months
      while Bush switches to focus mainly on getting re-elected.

      That means Rummy will be the effective Proconsul over Iraq, Powell will be
      almost exclusively on Palestine, and Bush will be working to insure that the
      economy begins to expand. He will be focusing on talking with major
      corporation heads, etc.

      This is a rather unnerving scenario, we have observed several times that Rummy
      is a rather reactive fellow. Decisive, he would say. He is probably capable
      of digging us ever deeper into the jungle of v, er, the sands of the Middle

      By Richard Sale
      UPI Terrorism Correspondent
      Published 5/2/2003 7:54 PM
      WASHINGTON, May 2 (UPI) -- Anna Perez, White House communications
      counselor, Friday sharply contested a United Press International report
      that national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and political adviser
      Karl Rove shut down a Pentagon plan to expand the Iraqi ground war to
      Syria in closing days of combat.
      "That never happened," she said. "It is a complete fabrication."
      Perez also said there was no meeting on this subject at the White House
      with Israeli National Security Adviser Efrian Halevy and other
      officials. UPI's report, published Friday afternoon, quoted
      unidentified administration officials as saying that a combination of
      Pentagon HAWKS and senior ISRAELI officials had been pressing the United
      States to EXPAND the ground WAR to SYRIA. The officials spoke to UPI on
      condition of anonymity.
      The U.S. strikes on Syria would have taken the FORM OF brief
      across-the-border forays under "HOT PURSUIT" rules of engagement, these
      sources said. They said contingency PLANS for such RAIDS were being
      DRAWN UP by Doug Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, after the
      approval of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
      They added that the Pentagon press for action against Damascus was
      bolstered by the visit of Halevy, who traveled to Washington April 12-14
      on the invitation of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
      According to a Haaretz report of April 13, Halevy and another senior
      aide to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Dov Weisglass, were
      visiting Washington to "suggest that the United States TAKE CARE OF IRAN
      AND SYRIA because of their support for terror and pursuit of weapons of
      mass destruction."
      During their visit, the administration sources said, they had a meeting
      in the president's conference room, under a picture of Theodore
      Roosevelt, with top NSC officials and others with Rumsfeld and Rove in
      In response to Halevy's entreaties for action, these sources said, Rice
      repeated an assertion that the White House did not want any further
      military campaigns for the rest of Bush's first term, according to the
      sources. They said RUMSFELD OBJECTED, and, at one point, turned to Rove
      and asked his opinion. Rove said the president agreed with Rice, and the
      meeting came to an end, the sources said.
      Perez asserted Friday that this meeting didn't take place. She also said
      that to her knowledge, UPI had not attempted to contact participants.
      Beginning Monday, UPI began calling White House officials to get the
      administration's position on the story. It placed a call to Sean
      McCormack, director of communications for the National Security Council,
      on several occasions and left voice messages. The calls were not
      UPI also read details of the allegations to a staff member on the NSC.
      Another source with close knowledge of the matter told UPI: "The HAWKS
      DIDN'T UNDERSTAND the emphasis had all changed: Everything was focused,
      not on the war any more, but on the president's re-election."
      This official added that Rove had handled the elections of 2002 on the
      basis that "the American public knew the economy was a disaster, but the
      president asked them to put the war on terror first, and to vote
      Republican. And the public voted Republican. We think he felt any
      movement into Syria was pushing his luck."
      The HAWKS PROPOSED PUNITIVE RAIDS because Syria and the United States
      already were bristling at each other, and the war simply took an
      unfortunate series of circumstances and brought them to a point of
      crisis, administration sources said.
      In spite of Syria's heightened cooperation in the war on terror, with
      Syria giving the United States much useful information about al-Qaida,
      it was still supporting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the war.
      In an April 13 Washington Post report, Powell issued a harsh warning to
      Syria against giving safe haven to Iraqi officials fleeing Baghdad.
      At a Pentagon press conference, Rumsfeld charged: "We are getting scraps
      of intelligence saying that Syria has been cooperating in facilitating
      the move (of senior members of Saddam Hussein's regime) from Iraq to
      He warned that arms and supplies were moving into Iraq from Syria as
      well. Syria replied strongly that such charges were "baseless." In an
      interview with The Washington Times, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul
      Wolfowitz was quoted as saying: "Syria is shipping killers into Iraq to
      kill Americans."
      There was some truth to this, say serving and former U.S. intelligence
      Former senior CIA officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told
      UPI that U.S. combat forces in Iraq detained at least 700 Lebanon-based
      Hezbollah fighters who came in buses over the Syrian border to fight
      against the U.S. coalition.
      In one incident, a bus filled with Lebanese Hezbollah militants stopped
      in Iraq included two dozen Chechen terrorists, a former senior agency
      official said.
      He added that another 100 members of Hezbollah are being detained at a
      camp at Tanaa in Iraq. After stern U.S. warnings, Syria tightened up
      scrutiny at checkpoints, but more Hezbollah and jihadis "simply went
      over the border" with weapons and explosives, he said.
      "We were seeing some very disturbing signs of plans for anti-U.S.
      activity" on the part of the Hezbollah, another administration official
      said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
      (Naim Qassem, Hezbollah's deputy secretary general, told UPI's Claude
      Salhani in an interview in Beirut last week, "We are not a threat to
      anyone." Qassem said that although now he felt Hezbollah was stronger
      politically and militarily than ever, it was not to attack anyone, "but
      only to defend ourselves.")
      The hawks also saw Syria as the only remaining military threat to
      Israel, the sources said. Former CIA Middle East expert Bob Baer told
      UPI that Syria possesses "a chemical arsenal that is much more lethal
      than anything Saddam has," and explained that "in Israeli strategic
      thought, the most dangerous threat is the geographically closest" --
      which would mean Syria.
      UPI previously reported that U.S. intelligence agencies believe that
      rogue elements of Syria's ruling elite have accepted millions of dollars
      in bribes in return for providing a safe haven for some of Iraq's
      weapons of mass destruction, according to U.S. administration officials,
      both former and serving.
      Chemical and biological weapons were taken by truck to a Syrian
      munitions compound near a military base near Khan Abu Shamet, about 50
      miles northeast of Damascus, these officials told UPI.
      The chief suspects in the operation are Bushra Assad, the sister of
      Syrian President Bashar Assad, and her husband, Gen. Assaf Chawkat, No.
      2 in Syria's military intelligence organization, the Mukhabarat.
      Copyright © 2001-2003 United Press International

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