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FOR THE RECORD: Revised Description/Purpose of the Bulletins

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  • Michael Mandeville
    _____________________________________________________________________ PHOENIX FIVE EARTH CHANGES BULLETIN March 1, 2003 by MW Mandeville Advertising above is
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      March 1, 2003 by MW Mandeville
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      ITEMS: FOR THE RECORD: Revised Description/Purpose of the Bulletins

      Being tired of people reminding me that the focus of the Earth Changes
      Bulletin is a predicted pole shift, I have revised the mission statement to
      encompass the larger spectrum of Cayce's predictions and prophecies, which
      were very much about RADICAL change in the spiritual, political, and
      economic environment of Earth. With the commencement of the War On
      Terrrorism, I felt that the focus should broaden to encompass the mass
      socio-historical change which is now sweeping the Earth. I felt that we
      would profit immensely by beginning to deal with the full spectrum of what
      Cayce called "The Change In The Earth Which Must Come Again". This change,
      for those of you who have not yet read my Trilogy, Cayce predicted would be
      very much like the Last Change which engulfed the Global Superpower of
      Atlantis some 12,500 years ago. The Empire was destroyed and only small
      bands of refugees whom "The Gods In The HIgh Heavens" had pre-warned were
      left to carry on. Some of the Atlantean refugees, known in most of the
      major ancient literary traditions as the "Seven Sages", where so disgusted
      with the arrogance and brutality which the Global Superpower Empire of
      Atlantis had made common place, that they did everything possible to
      eradicate the remnents of its technology and existance, which is one of the
      primary reasons why it is so hard "to prove" the existence of Altantis with
      merely the surviving stories, legends, and symbols of its exitstence.

      More and more as events unfold, it is beginning to seem that Cayce's
      metaphor about this "Change Which Must Come Again" rings on more levels
      than we would prefer.

      For the record then, here is the revised mission statement:

      Announcements and news flashes related to the political, economic,
      spiritual, and geological Changes In The Earth predicted by Edgar Cayce,
      including the predicted shift in the location of the pole (pole shift)
      which began in 1998. One of the major purposes of this channel is the
      distribution of information related to the avalanche of the crust predicted
      by Edgar Cayce to begin after the period 2000 to 2001. This channel
      provides advance warning of the impending pole shift (which can be shown to
      have already begun)from tectonic and spiritual/psychic clues in a
      scientific manner as exemplified in the monumental work of the "Return of
      the Phoenix". The orientation of this channel is based on the concepts,
      principles, and correlations made with Cayce's spiritual percepts and earth
      change predictions and also with the principles of vortex tectonics which
      are presented in the trilogy of the "Return of the Phoenix" by Michael W.
      Mandeville. The group is open to all but is moderated with a low volumne
      of posts.
      The Earth Changes Bulletin Updates are usually published in a brief form
      and distributed free on a weekly basis. Occasionally Earth Changes Special
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