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Interested in helping at earth rose farm

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  • Glowing Feather
    Another great inquiry about our farm. I do spend a lot of effort in answering the questions and post these requests other for folks that are interested in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2012

      Another great inquiry about our farm. I do spend a lot of effort in answering the questions and post these requests other  for folks that are interested in comming. to understand more about ERFarm. 

      Dear Brenna,
      I would like to answer all your questions below in bold and share a little more about us.
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      Subject: Interested in helping at earth rose farm

      My name is Brenna and I have spoken with you before years ago.
      Yes Brenda I remember that we did not have Internet at the time.
      I used to live in Key West where I first heard of your farm and joined the mailing list.
      Did you know Rich in Spirit hes a good long time friend and has been here a few years ago. I was one of the begining peformers on Mallory square back in the early 70's when I was in my twenties
      I have been reading your emails and I am sorry to hear of your troubles as of lately. I have been apart of many projects and find working with people and their individual trips to be a challenge. Especially when you are running a business, farm, ect.
      Thank you for your support, yes we have had very hard times mostly when we are not here. For the most part the volunteers have done good things on the farm when we are there to guide them and make sure the tools get put away, housekeeping kept up along with the farm gardens, lots of weed pulling. Having a veggie is More than planting a seed and harvesting it. The watering especially in the dry times and in the greenhouse every day. It seems that all the caretakers felt in the end that we should pay them to live on our farm to eat the food not to replant and to leave all their trash than to boot badmouth us to family, friends & on Internet. Self sustaining is about being self sufficient.
      Presently my partner and I have been looking into Costa Rica very seriously.
      We searched 3 years for this farm. Much of the land here is mono culture all coffee, all cattle, all about making money of producing and along with lots of pesticides and fertilizers. We found an old mans farm that has lived here for over 60 years all his life until we bought the farm. They where subsistence farming, we are trying to make it self sustaining. As you know its quite difficult and we being 62 & 67 along with raising our grand girl we have entrusted it in paying local labor to keep the farm from overgrowing. We do have many gardens over the years some still producing but others will need some effort. We searched many countries but Costa Rica is the best for us over the past 6 years its more expensive than other countries but its very strong in farming the land and respect to farmers.
      We are dedicated to sustainable food and living.
      So you know its not just the romantic thought of it but the hard work that comes with self sustaining. The constant care needed. Not to be able to go away for a week at a time like the Sumner crew of 2010
       when we where getting 8 to 10 eggs daily form 11 hens and a rooster. The 5 girls here said they lived on farms and wanted to self sustain but a few weeks living with rain every day they went to the beach instead and we loss all the hens. To be dedicated and not about the fantasy of living off the land it takes many hands to till the soil, plant the seeds, water and nourish them, to pull the weeds and watch for things that can destroy them. We have had months of work go to get eaten by cows because someone left the fence open. There is so much one can learn if they become dedicated and willing to put the time and effort into it rather than just good intentions to do it than since they are not invested rather go to town and pay for it along with lots of beer and store bought stuff. Rosie and I have been here 6 months a year for the past 6 years that is 36 months and we have learned that a little effort goes a long way and a lot of effort makes it easier for the next time you do it the foundation is there. That is self sustaining. We are now gathering seeds form things we planted last year.
      We have many skills such as building sustainable structures including a sandbag house this year in Florida.
      Sounds great love to see the pictures of it. These are great skills for sure.
      We are avid gardeners and I lived in many different communities in Hawaii that promoted farming.
      We are familiar with some of them on the big island, we where looking there but we got way more value here and the land here speaks for itself as well as being connected to two continents and not isolated by thousands of miles of ocean. we get animals, birds & insects both from both North and South America.
      One such farm was called hedonisia a hostel and eco farm.
      WoW I checked it out on Internet that sounds wonderful. We would love to make that here on our 44 acre-as but Rosie and I are 62 & 67 along with some physical disabilities and responsibilities now to care take our 11 year old granddaughter. We would love to have some dedicated folks help put this together for us we believe that Eco Tourism and Eco Hosteling would work in our area but it would take good management that would utilize our resources and share their skills and share in the outcome by creating an income that is more than the expenses. We have had this at times with up to 16 people here but it always feel apart when we entrusted our dream to others which has made us very cautious especially Rosie. I on the other hand are all about community and collective consciousness. We are all responsible for what we bring to ERFarm. If we where younger with lots of vitality it would be easier as well as if we lived here all year long but our life especially around Rayanna our 11 year old we need to be in USA for at least half the year for the next several years. Having a version of eco farm hostel would be great here. We have a 3 year old screen house that can house up to 8 and lots of camping areas on the farm.
      My partner Russ is an editor/writer for the Earth First! Journal (and runs the business end of the non-profit publication) and an English teacher.
      We have lots of USA & World travelers along with lots of green minded self sustain communities near by here ion southern Costa Rica near Dominical and Uvita. Russ could get a lot of material living in this area
      He has also helped establish community gardens in Florida, raising fruit trees, chickens and bees.
      We live in Venice area Florida near Sarasota on the west coast 6 months a year. Would of loved to met you before we left. On ERFarm we would love to have bees but the ones here are African hybrid and very dangerous unless you know what you are doing and needs to be away from non experienced volunteers.
      I am a massage therapist and would like to do a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in July.
      Great skills to have and seen folks down on the beach with tables making money which is hard to do in this country. We do have a large "gringo population" that is into the healing arts
      We have a 8 year old daughter who is a ray of sunlight.
      Our G-Girl loves the Girl energy. She is being home schooled but will be out of here in the beginning of April. She loves the farm and very into all the animals.

      We have a few questions such as where exactly are you located?
      Perez Zeledon aka San Isidro Del General which is 3 hours south of San Jose. We are 12 miles form town 6 on a dirt dusty road but easy to travel and has a bus stop 2 kilometers from the farm but the last 1/2 mile need a 4X4.
      Is this farm very remote?
      No more like rural farming community you can see light in the distance but there are no houses within a mile of us. We do have electricity and a year around road but both of them can get damaged during the rain season which last from May though October.
      A safe space for children?
      We have our 11 year old there but an 8 year old will definitely need supervision. Like anyplace in the tropics there are ants, scorpions, snakes, hornets, spiders, ticks (no deer ,so no deer tics) chiggers, very hot sun and Sharp tools, barbed wire, very big farm animals etc. . We have had one family here to care take 2008 but the mom had a new born bay and the 6 year old did a lot of destructive things on the farm because of lack of supervision like machetting several of our Hawaiian Papaya trees.
      What are you looking for with help on your farm?
      What you said in the beginning very committed self sustaining folks that want to live in balance with the earth and maintain the farm. Because of our past experience we will be requiring folks to have great farm references and have skills that will help our local workers whom we hire to maintain our greatest investment which is the Tree reforestation and our 5 acres of coffee.
      We are looking to come to Costa Rica in May.
      We would need to have someone here by April and spend at least three weeks with us before we leave otherwise we will close the farm down & just have our local worker Christian and his family watch the farm till our return in December . We have lost so much faith and hope in others in the past 6 years and we cant do it anymore on just good intentions. We have had other inquires and will review all with seriousness and openness not judge you for the past failures.
      We would like to stay through the winter solstice 2012 and would be interested in managing your farm while you are away.
      We will listen to all offers of assistance and be open to have some income generated which we will share with those who make it on our farm but we will need a returnable deposit for sure of at least $1,000 and a contract that will be specific. We have a 50 year old farm house that we hope to get refreshed and repaired form years of termite damage by April, a 3 year old screened dorm and a brand new home just built this year. So we will have a lot of options depending on your needs and your budget. If you are just volunteers and are working daily it will come to a few dollars a day to pay all the expenses for what the farm can not provide but the more you plant and work it the less it will cost. We do not have the money to pay for folks electricity, phone, Internet & supplies all must be self sufficient when we are not here. If you just want to rent with the only work obligation is keeping the house the way it was found $400 a month and could eat of the farm if you work the gardens. Now if you are very experienced as you say and was able to run ERFarm for Eco tourism or some other income generating Idea we would be very open to discussing it with you.

      Brenna b. and Russ
      I hope that answered a lot of your questions. Please respond for I took a lot of effort over an hour writing this and would like your response. If you re still interested we can send you an application and keep in communication and work out a contract we both can agree too. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you. I will also be posting this on our Yahoo Group page minus your personal info check it out for we have over 6 years of postings to sift through gives the history of our farm. Some old pictures we are not to tech savory but our Rayanna will be posting new pictures soon.
      Always in all ways glowing in the knowing of the seeds we are sowing, Maji, Rosie & Rayanna
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