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The Gifts of the Maji's...Earth Rose Farm

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    When I was in the hospital, having heart operation in December, 2003 I had a dream of Earth Rose Farm. My wife at the same time had the same dream, a beautiful
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2011
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      When I was in the hospital, having heart operation in December, 2003 I had a dream of Earth Rose Farm. My wife at the same time had the same dream, a beautiful hilly land with a rainbow shape river at the bottom. We know it was the same time because my heart did stop for 14 seconds while in the dream. 3 years latter we founded Earth Rose Farm and from day one we wanted to have an intentional collective of individuals that want to live in a self sustaining lifestyle. We have had over 130 Volunteers over the past 6. We had many gifts from them the Good, Bad, Happy, Sad, Ugly, Beautiful, Evil & Divine. The good gifts is the land, the neighbors, our local workers, the good hard working volunteers. The bad gifts is that we live only 1/2 time and have to entrust our dream into the hands of strangers with great intentions to do good but bad things resulted abandonment of the farm. The Happy gifts is that every time we return its like starting over some years better than others but a few that broke our hearts. The Happy gifts is our circles for community meals, our play shops on personal growth, our library, the faces of most of the volunteers when they come and when they leave. The sad gifts is when we hear stories that are not true about us by folks that had different opinions & point of views it is sad that we could not make everyone happy and content as ERFarm made us over the years. The real ugly comes with promises broken, rooms broken into, disrespect to the land and the house, trash, dirty sheets, making us on our return pick up their trash, empty cupboards and instead of a thank you a nasty letter . But than there is the Beautiful Gift its the Farm. It does sustain us. Although we have put in the majority of our savings over $140,000 plus $500 a month for 2 workers The farm has 3 homes, several gardens & greenhouses, over 12,000 trees Planted the past few years, a nice rocked road that survives the rain season. The most beautiful day is when we will return this year with our 11 year old granddaughter that we have guardianship for. We feel blessed that Earth Rose Farm will help our little angel to grow on this land along with our two dogs maddy & Laila. The Evil gifts is a few years ago Evil Ella & Sol intended to come and care take the land for 5 months in our absence but after only one month illegally sold all our animals (11) to slaughter & all our tools. Last year when these beautiful sisters that where to make the summer of 201o All our hens died because of their carelessness. The evil gifts are the hardest for us to take, we do get disheartened and ask ourselves why bother? Than there is the Divine Gifts of Earth Rose Farm. KISS KeepIt Simple Stupid, Work Hard Easy Plan Do no less than you can for the more you give the more you receive form ERFarm. Everyone who has come here has had experiences its always in all ways up to the individuality & personality in their giving and receiving . So now we are to start 2012 we have a divine plan to focus on homesteaders, personal growth workshops, virtual school for our 5Th grader granddaughter & our beloved 6 year old volunteer program we will offer 3 day guests packages, 3 weeks volunteer program, 3 month Intern program & investors that want to have home sites on Earth Rose Farm. We have over 500 folks on our Yahoo Group web site Thank you for being you. We are always open to any ideas on self sustaining lifestyle, your insights are valuable to us also if you want to come to our farm or send us any seeds, tools or contributions we will all be gifted as Earth Rose Farm turns 7 on April 1, 2012 and early plans if you want to be here in December 2012, there are limited spaces available. SOul if you feel Earth Rose. Farm is part of you come and receive her gifts


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