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January 2010 ERFarmers

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  • Eath Rose Farm
    Our January Program Has a great crew. They are very mixed in ages and experience. I Am very excited. I will Join the ERFarm in February and will be there for
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       Our January Program Has a great crew. They are very mixed in ages and experience. I Am very excited. I will Join the ERFarm in February and will be there for my 61ST birthday on Feb. 12Th. We are looking forward to preparing for the February folks Kevin, Natasha, Siri & Me, Maji

      Rosie Age:66 Venice, Florida Co Founder,  Co-Owner, Co-Operator

      English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate/conversational

      EXPERIENCE: Micro-Biologist Hospital Laboratory over 20 years of experience. 5 Years operating earth rose farm from January through April knowing all operations of the farm. She is the heart & Soul of our farm, a good organizer and has lots of knowledge or organic self sustained living

      Gretchyn Nothhouse & Octavius Cresswell AGE:  25 and 32 Savannah , MO11/15- Feb ?LANGUAGES SPOKEN (include competency level):English and Broken Spanish

      EDUCATION: Gretchyn: High school Diploma 2years at northwest Missouri state university (theatre and Spanish) At home: ceramics, yoga, painting, reiki, chakra healing, fire spinning, gardening, herbs, raw food

      Octavius: Highschool Diploma, community college,   At home: ceramics, glassblowing, fire spinning, gardening

      EXPERIENCE: Gretchyn: 4 years as volunteer girl scout camp counselor1999-2003 Albany , MO Camp woodland. We both spent the past 6 months at tree of life gardens in southern Wisconsin . We can grow micro greens and mushrooms. Milk animals, weed, plant, harvest, and hoe! And much more


      Benjamin Richmond  AGE: 18   Brunswick , ME   1/1-1/23

      High School Diploma, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School , Sudbury MA

      EXPERIENCE: Field Organizer, On 1Campaign/Protect Maine Equality, Brunswick , ME

      Backpacking Counselor, Camp Billings , Fairlee , VT 


      Caroline Burke AGE: 18 Cambridge , MA   1/1-1/23

      LANGUAGES SPOKEN :English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate/conversational)

      EXPERIENCE: Environmental Club (2007-2009) – building and sustaining a greenhouse, cleaning up local beaches and parks

      Camp Billings, counselor (2007-2009)– working as sailing counselor, maintaining boats and docks, taking campers on backpacking trips in Vermont, maintaining camp grounds (includes yard work, physical labor, painting, minor construction)

      Class President (2005-2009) – charged with planning, organizing, and executing class events; much individual responsibility. Also have experience backpacking/living outdoors!


       Chelsea Rueve AGE: 26  Sebastopol , CA   1/1- ?

      I received my Associate in Art Degree in general education at the Santa Rosa Junior College . I was very passionate about biology, botany and ecology and have seriously considered them as majors and continuing on to university. As of right now, I feel the best education for me would be gained by traveling to another country.

      EXPERIENCE: Free Flying Sanctuary Project:  July 2006-January 2008.  I prepared fresh vegetables and nuts for 35 parrots. In addition, I cleaned their cages, helped with medical treatments and gave them much love and attention.

       I have experience with children (ages 9 months to 7 years old). I have been a baby-sitter off and on since I was 12. I have done a lot of gardening on my parent's acre in the country. I have experience dog-sitting/house-sitting, which included medicating pets.


      Ryan Canepa  AGE: 20 Mill Valley, California  January 24-: Early March

      English, Spanish (Able to Speak read and write but with a limited vocabulary)

      EDUCATION (list degrees and current or past programs of study including at home or online studies):

      High School Diploma from Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley , Ca

      Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo (To be completed fall of 2009

       EXPERIENCE:  Cal Poly Organic Farm- March 2009-Present. Student Enterprise Project, I helped in the operation of the farm including seed germination, transplanting, cultivation, field preparation, harvest and retail sales            




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