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C H U R C H (Collective Home Under Rainbow Conscious Humans)

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  • Glowing Feather Maji
    FROM: John Spurlin Well, now Glow, this is really odd. I joined this group late in july, just a couple days before i hitched up to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006

      FROM: John Spurlin <wanderlustsince1984 >>

      Well, now Glow, this is really odd. I joined this group late in july, just a couple days before i hitched up to the vermont gathering, and met you!! it looked incredibly interesting then, just as it does now that i have a bit more time to look it over.

      I have no agricultural experience, but I would love to try and make it to your seminar coming up in florida, to perhaps gain a better understanding of what will be going on. Also if you could let me know what would be needed to make the 3 month commitment (how much $$, supplies, what paperwork, etc.) i'll try to make it down. i'm about to hitch down to southern wisconsin, there's a gathering there starting the 4th of this month. if you would like i can try to see if some individuals are interested and give them your contact information. or, of course, that work can be left to you if that's your preference. either way, if i could get directions to the workshop/seminar in florida, i would be glad to show up ….John

      FROM:Glowing Feather

      As you know Bro there are no coincidences, I appreciate your interest and that is the most important ingredient. Check out the web site and read all the postings you will get a better understanding what we are about. I am really interested in open relationship of thought rather than any absolutes. That is why I love Rainbow Gatherings. I can do without the drainbo's (A-campers and what's in for me mentality) and bumbows (Nick at night & Shakedowns). We are not into this for profit or to preach or for power and control. I am an Idealist as is my Wife Rozi (Honi Hawk) and we from the beginning want to create a permaculture community of strong individuals that want to live in C H U R C H (Collective Home Under Rainbow Conscious Humans) What we are looking for in kindred spirits that have the physical & mental ability to work the land & build a new community for a new tomorrow. Its not important in your abilities to farm we will all learn together the most important thing is the willingness to learn. The beauty of rainbow is that it all comes together with sweat and sometimes tears but we continue to build our kitchens and circles. Our farm has a lot of potential and needs those interested in making it happen a 7/24 family farm of living light. We have a whole side of a mountain from top to the rivers edge to create. Yes to pass this on to folks who have the energy to start at the grassroots and build our future together. Here is what is needed a Passport ($60) it takes 2 weeks for expedited and up to 6 weeks for regular delivery to get and you will need an original birth certificate & a picture ID like drivers license or state ID here is this site, http://travel.state.gov./  or http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html you can apply on line our home address can be used 271 Zephyr Rd Venice, Florida. There is no visa requirement.

      I would say you would need to have at least $100 a month for expenses but could live with a lot less by harvesting food off the farm. The airfare is around $380 R/T from Miami, but traveling by land is a lot cheaper. If we can find at least 3 folks to go I may be willing to drive down there with a farm vehicle which will cost around $50+ a person and take 3-5 days from Florida. There is opportunity to work around this area for a few weeks to make extra money. There are ways to make money in Costa Rica but it is hard and the pay is low it will be better to make $ here in USA. Our goal is to create a self sufficient farm within a few months that may be able to produce some excess that will be shared by those working the farm. We have an farmers market 45 minutes away from the farm. Absolutely there is no panhandling or spanging there, it is very difficult average monthly income is less than $200 a month. Every 3 months you will need to leave the country to Panama (Bus is very cheap). It is still rainy season and it will end in December but we are facing east slope and usually have morning sunshine. The house is a 4 bedroom local style house and we have electricity (sometimes problematic), Refrigerator, Gas stove & even a washing machine. The land needs a lot of caretaking as do the cows, horses & possible hens and we may be able to hire a local worker $10 a day if we have enough $hared. The expenses for electricity & phone is around $20. We expect those who live on the farm to handle expenses and figured $3 a day + 3 hours a day or 6 hours a day without $. We need a balance of giving and receiving to make this all work. We will have a plan for homesteading using a point system of suns (work) & stars ($). Combination of 1,000 for a Tent Site, 5,000 for a cabana site& 10,000 for a home site. Rozi & I have thus far invested over $70,000 cash and have more for any materials and infra structure but can not pay people or support those that can not support themselves thus we need reliable & independent folks. We are willing to assist anyone who has the desire & will to manifest but not just to hang out and depend on us. I hope this helps to explain it. We are open to any marketing ideas to make a profit on mushrooms & other farm projects and will provide the materials and share after expenses. We have several folks coming in January and are hopeful in getting a crew for early November I hope this helps to explain it. I will post this along with your email to me to help others to understand what we are about. We have several folks coming in January and are hopeful in getting a crew for early November. Always all ways Glowing Feather

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