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Another Potential WWOOFer They are very dedicated to Permaculture

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  • Glowing Feather Maji
    Hello Rosanne, My name is Ray, am 19 years old, and interested in working on your farm this November through
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8 3:39 PM
      Hello Rosanne,
                           My name is Ray, am 19 years old, and interested in working on your farm this November through Janurary, or maybe longer. To tell a little bit about my self I can start by saying that i grew up around small scale agriculture at my 2 acre home in Madera, CA. The garden's actual goal is to support a family on a small piece of land by growing food and selling flowers at the local farmers market, in which it has succeeded. Ever since I was 7 I worked alongside my father and brothers and sister doing everything from planting seeds, preparing raised beds, transplanting, picking flowers and arranging boquettes, attending farmers markets, raising chickens, etc. We have a web site that my father made. If you want to see it its www.wholesystemsag.org. I am very much interested in sustainable living and am self motivated with a willingness to learn. During this summer i have been working in Washington DC at a youth hostle and this has opened my eyes to traveling, I actually heard of this program through a guest and decided to buy the Costa Rica membership. Sometime at the end of October my time here is up and I would like to continue my adventure with you folks.  I am friendly and can get along with anyone, have an interest in the arts, and desire to learn Spanish. I know very little spanish but pick up on things quickly. Although I have no formal knowledge and training in permaculture, my brother who works on the farm at home has completes a full 9 week course and has also attended a teacher training program, so an interest is in the family. I am also an aspiring musician and will be bringing a guitar to your farm if you welcome me. I have always dreamed, ever since I was a young boy, to live surrounded by nature and grow food and learn from her. I was just wondering how many people are living on your farm because I like to have a good amount of people around me to talk and work with, but I do fine by myself too.
                                                                                                                 Ray Sage Warner
      Dear Ray,
      You sound like a perfect fit for the farm with your family background & your interest to travel to the farm.
      I am the husband of Rosie & want to welcome you to our farm site in Yahoo groups  check out the pic's & postings  http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/earth_rose_farm/  to get an overview of the farm and its location. We are 3 hours south of San Jose. in a nice farming comunity near a popular surfing beach of dominical. I just wanted to say Hi & would like to share some ideas with you. Rozi will also email you with her thoughts & ideas. We bought this farm from a Costa Rican family that had farmed the land for over 50 years. It has lots of fruit trees & since our ownership we have made a lot of improvements adding greenhouse, papaya orchard & vegie gardens. Lots of land for new creations. we plan to plant a tree forest of 27,000 hardwoods in the 9 pastures starting this winter. 
      Right now there is a nice young family of 4 living on the farm since May (rainy season).    Rozi will come from December thru April & I will be there from Janurary thru June. Your experience would be an addition. We have lots of knowledge to share. We have an extensive library of permaculture there on the farm.
      I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you have a passport? Do you have some personal funds?  We suggest at least $100 a month you can make some trips to the beach. We will provide the staples & housing as WWOOF'ers. Bus transportation is cheap.
      We are very open to the focus you would like to work on. We love music and every april 1, (The farms birthday) we have festival.
      I will be willing to fly down there in November if you really want to do this. We have a home here in southwest florida Venice near Sarasota. We invite you to come after your work is done in DC & check us out. We have a small organic garden here, as well as a hydroponic set up  & you can learn our ways & we can talk more on what your focus will be  on the farm. If you are ready to go I may fly with you and introduce you to the folks on the farm. I would ask that you to stay at least a month. I will stay only week rosie gets there Dec 10th.
      November is the end of the rainy season its warm but sometimes wet. The living contitions are fine but when the electric is out which has just happened it can be primative. We are trying to get some helpers to get it back up that is why I may make the journey in November.  We have a nice community of folks here in florida that drum circles 3 times a week on the beach.  If you never been out of the country it would be better the first time that I guide you to our farm and give you the inside on costa rican customs.
      our phone number is 941-497-6144
      thanks for your interest Mario Maji aka Glowing Feather

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