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Conversations with Tim about this weekend and the farm visions

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  • Glowing Feather Maji
    G. F. Maji: hi ya Tim I hope you are doing great...manifesting and happy with life Tim: always, and you too tim: looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006

      G. F. Maji: hi ya Tim I hope you are doing great...manifesting and happy with life

      Tim: always, and you too

      tim: looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, I'm bringing a friend who wants to check it out I hope that's ok

      tim: he's a talented glass blower and guitar player

      G. F. Maji: after sunset saturday there may be that full moon and they have space for acoustic.

      G. F. Maji: When will you come here

      tim: Saturday

      G. F. Maji: are you going to dons on Friday

      tim: yes

      tim: I want you to rap over the guitar he's going to lay down live

      G. F. Maji: May be we will come down for an evening concert There is a great

      G. F. Maji: musician that s from key west that will come to the farm in the winter his name is rich in spirit

      G. F. Maji: how have you been man

      G. F. Maji: Rosy told me you think you would be a good manager and I agree but I want another idea beyond be an owner

      G. F. Maji: Make this farm as if you owned it

      tim: busy planting seeds and making raised gardens here

      G. F. Maji: Make your world part of this

      G. F. Maji: we have contacted other farms like ours

      G. F. Maji: so that we can exchange and go all over the world

      G. F. Maji: I think rozi and I want to come over to see Rick and than come down to see you in November after the weekend

      tim: that sounds like music to my ears, I'm a good leader, I have good ideas and plans, I don't want to be tied down to it forever, just get it built to last and show the caretakers how to keep it going

      G. F. Maji: we also did a raised garden and planted lettuce today in our hydro flow

      G. F. Maji: We had a few days with out balance because we had yet got the meter

      G. F. Maji: its now good we added some more salt

      G. F. Maji: yes we are all care takers

      G. F. Maji: a season at a time

      tim: I am growing plants for the new hydro gardens

      G. F. Maji: you can come and go as long as others keep the flow too

      G. F. Maji: this vision can be the beginning of a Permacuture University

      tim: I think it is a launching point, a center a base

      tim: yes

      G. F. Maji: Perm A You

      G. F. Maji: yes us too. So when do you see you & don coming

      tim: but above all a home, a family a survival outpost

      G. F. Maji: We bought a $7,000 Kia $wheel $ cylinder sportage

      tim: I'm open, Don has some commitments

      G. F. Maji: to take us to the farm around January 9th

      G. F. Maji: will you be ready by mid January?

      tim: my birthday is Jan 23rd it better be by then, what a present

      G. F. Maji: We will be at the farm from then till May possible early June

      tim: sounds like pretty good timing so far

      G. F. Maji: I really want to personal focus on getting tree seeds and create tree nurseries all across the pasture

      G. F. Maji: to tern the whole property into a forest within 15 years

      G. F. Maji: I want to also have workshop and performance space

      G. F. Maji: we can have full moon celebrations

      Tim: I suggest grafted fruit trees like avocado, star fruit, mamay, mango, ect

      G. F. Maji: and I believe we can all become abundant and a strong family

      G. F. Maji: I really want to eat the right way

      G. F. Maji: we will have about 9,000 fruit trees and 27,000 hardwoods

      G. F. Maji: I am thinking big man

      G. F. Maji: seeds are cheap and best method for hardwoods

      Tim: I like thinking big, abundance will feed many

      G. F. Maji: fruit is better grafted but we want many papaya trees they are fast growers

      G. F. Maji: We will pick up many seeds in Hawaii

      tim: yes I have saved many of my seeds for this purpose

      G. F. Maji: Soul cool

      G. F. Maji: I want a sound studio and performance space

      G. F. Maji: San Isidro we can really create earth rose farm out post

      tim: in a dome, please

      G. F. Maji: by all means

      G. F. Maji: I like dons conceptions

      G. F. Maji: John want to do bamboo

      G. F. Maji: we will have many structures

      G. F. Maji: as many as people that want to be a part of this

      tim: I want bamboo steel for mine with green create

      G. F. Maji: WoW that sounds cool

      G. F. Maji: Our corporation will be a coop er ation

      G. F. Maji: strong individuals with a collective consciousness

      G. F. Maji: You are in my life to help me eat live again and be healthy

      G. F. Maji: we can have a health farm

      G. F. Maji: I am getting so ever closer to creating a vegan veggie place and forget the animal products

      G. F. Maji: Rozi still like the idea of chickens for eggs & cows for milk but I am only into the horses

      G. F. Maji: but they are old

      tim: yes we agree on most everything,

      G. F. Maji: Even at rainbow we serve in the circle no death only life

      tim: Don and I will have no part in the animals support or help or food, if you do that it is all on you and the people who want it

      G. F. Maji: But little encampments can be multi versed

      tim: respect for all life

      G. F. Maji: I can see if folks in there own homes want to eat meat or smoke cigs or what ever they have the right

      G. F. Maji: We all have a consciousness

      G. F. Maji: and we are all responsible to see our way clear

      G. F. Maji: We are going to have a great weekend

      tim: yes, not everyone has reached the food understanding yet, wait till they have to feed a cow 7 days a week

      G. F. Maji: I feel it there will be 5 folks coming so far beside you & don friend so that is 8-10 good crew

      G. F. Maji: the cows in Costa eat grass and mow the lawn

      G. F. Maji: but when we grow trees no more cows on that pasture

      G. F. Maji: we have over 8 pens cover 30 acres

      tim: and without the minerals in that grass are kind of sickly looking

      tim: I never saw an happy animal there

      G. F. Maji: we will eventually have little or no pasture but will make community areas in the flattest parts and around the river

      G. F. Maji: that is the unexplored territory

      G. F. Maji: you are right

      G. F. Maji: they are miserable

      G. F. Maji: I really have no desire to keep them but rozi is a animal lover and will care for them

      G. F. Maji: she will bye the best food but better we feed them some of our excess

      G. F. Maji: horses like bananas and will eat peels like crazy and get fat on them

      G. F. Maji: The ants must be defeated

      G. F. Maji: they are the bad guys

      tim: If you really love animals set them free, no captivity, don't steal their food, don't rob their energy, I know Rosi feels that way, its all she has ever know, she may look into their eyes at some point and change her mind, but it must be her changing her mind not anyone else

      G. F. Maji: they will destroy the house eventually we do have a good hardwood floor but the foundation is in jeopardy and we must create either cement block or hardwood ant resistant lumber

      tim: don's cement dome will be secure from ants, we'll all run in there

      G. F. Maji: no they will not eat us

      G. F. Maji: they want to eat our veggies

      G. F. Maji: but I like the hydro flow

      G. F. Maji: Our farm is going to rock

      G. F. Maji: N Roll

      tim: we must adapt to the circumstances, I did a lot of leg work there last year

      tim: got to get some sleep, I'm up past my farmer bedtime

      tim: see ya

      G. F. Maji: as we will adapt and beyond

      G. F. Maji: good night

      tim: good night

      G. F. Maji: give us call on Friday

      tim: ok

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