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Geisler's SUMMER TIME OFFER to recorder players

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  • Linda Rising
    From Richard Geisler, one of my favorite arrangers for recorders :-)! Here s my SUMMER OFFER, once more & finally. It s good all the way to Sept. 21! - Scroll
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2011
      From Richard Geisler, one of my favorite arrangers for recorders :-)!

      Here's my SUMMER OFFER, once more & finally. It's good all the way to
      Sept. 21! - Scroll down to see listing of titles. Richard Geisler:

      I celebrated July 4 by playing in our local town band...my clarinet, not
      a recorder! It's traditional for the band to play for the Independence
      Day parade. At mid point during the parade, an announcement is broadcast
      to the people lining the curbs, all motion stops, spectators stand,
      hands go to hearts...and then we are all treated to a pop version of
      "The Star Spangled Banner" as sung acappella by a solo female vocalist
      who bends pitches, slides from note to note as she croons away at her
      swoony, night-club version of, "Oh say, can you see.....bombs bursting
      in air", etc. I'm convinced the national anthem will never make the pop

      Treat yourself to some goody oldies. America has a wonderful history
      stored in old songs...pop songs from another, almost forgotten time.
      These are my "Summer Offer" to you. I love a good summertime tune, and I
      think it would be the same for you.

      Since I first made my SUMMER OFFER to you in July, I've worked on a
      very bouncy arr't of THE SALTY DOG RAG, recorded by Red Foley in 1952.
      I learned it first as a popular folk dance, and my folkband learned to
      play it. Then I thought the tune could be arranged to be played by an
      ensemble of recorders. It can be! I did it! And it's challenging &
      fun to play. If you are up for a challenge and a good time, order
      it....You can ask to hear it as a midi first if you wonder it recorders
      should dare to play a jazzy ragtime tune.

      THE SALTY DOG RAG, $4.95: 7p.Score+SATTB+opt'l Cb/Vc+lyrics w/ melody.
      See my other offerings below.

      I try to interest recorder players younger & older to play the very
      enjoyable and sometime challenging arrangements I make. This time,
      however, James Oppenheimer, who lives in Poughkeepsie, NY sent me his
      arrangement of Grainger's "In an English Country Garden", and he's given
      me the go-ahead to offer it to other recorder players gratis. So I will!

      You need buy nothing, but I hope you will, and to sweeten my hot-time
      offer, order some of the pieces you see listed below. I'll include
      James's arr't. Email me, include your postal address. I'll mail you
      pieces you picked with invoice. Send me a check as payment once received.

      ~ Richard Geisler

      Take a look at what's cookin' on the grill. If you're curious but not
      convinced email me and ask to hear midis of pieces you are
      considering...before you order them.

      Selected from the AMERICANA EDITION (now updated to 33 titles) Email me
      if you would like to receive a Word File of the entire catalogue

      __$4.95 - Medley of Old Love Songs from 19th c America: "Annie Laurie",
      "Aura Lee" & "Clementine". These old favorites are arranged oh so
      cleverly to titillate players who are called upon switch recorders and
      play in different musical styles: 5p Sc + 4pts: SATB
      __$8.95 - American Medley: God Bless America, America the Beautiful,
      Battle Hymn, My Country 'Tis of Thee. In this quintet arr't. of
      patriotic songs 3 of the players change from C to F recorders as they
      play these beautiful songs. 6p Sc +5 pts: S, S&A, A&T, T&B, B
      __$8.95 - Americana ex Machina: a delightfully fun, challenging medley
      of songs that moved America: "Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine",
      "In My Merry Oldsmobile" & "The Gospel Train": 11p Sc+6 pts: SAATB+opt'l
      __$4.95 - Ashokan Farewell, J. Ungar, a supremely satisfying arr't of
      the beautiful waltz used for Ken Burn's series on the Civil War. 3p
      Sc+5pts: AATTB
      __$3.95 - Dandy Yankee Doodle. Original Revolutionary War marching song
      found on the body of a dead fifer is transformed into Yankee Doodle: SATB
      __$3.95 - Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis (1904), A. Sterling & K. Mills:
      the forever popular love song inspired by the 1903 World Fair in
      St.Louis: SATB
      __$6.95 - Mockingbird Hill (1950)+ Listen to the Mocking Bird (1856) Two
      great old tunes that let recorders toot up their name.. to record..to
      imitate..birds. Spiced with bird-like ornaments - 6p Sc + 4 pts: SATB +
      __$3.95 - Polly Wolly Doodle (All the Day) Golly! This arr't holds
      lots of doodling fun for everyone as the melody is played in a variety
      of ways. SATB
      __$4.95 - Over the Rainbow, H.Arlen & E.Y. Harburg. 3p Sc+5 pts:
      SATB+melody & lyrics+opt'l A2 & T2. Easy listening, exquisitely fun to
      play, this is a luscious soft jazz arr't of the iconic popular song
      originally sung by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz.
      __$5.95 - The Sea: maggie, milly, molly & may (musical arr't of
      Cumming's poem)+ Dieu, qu'il la fait bon regarder, Debussy: a
      child-like, arr't of Cummings' poem about 4 girls who go to the sea to
      play + Debussy's profound chanson about the beauty of the sea: 7p Sc + 5
      pts: Voc+SATB
      __$4.95 - Yankee Doodle Boy (1904), George Cohan: SATB or optional
      SAATTBB. Americana all the way! a whooping favorite, played at political
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