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Re: Heitz 3 piece flute?

Listed in Young separate from the recorders - under FLUTES, and as 3 pieces with one key.  --Kelly On Thursday, July 2, 2015 2:15 PM, "Michael Lynn
Kelly Roudabush
11:19 AM

Re: Heitz 3 piece flute?

are you sure that isn’t a recorder??? That is a common description of a Heitz recorder. Michael ... ___________ Michael Lynn 37 W. College Street Oberlin, OH
Michael Lynn
11:14 AM

Heitz 3 piece flute?

I have come across a listing in Young of a 3 piece flute attributed to Heitz (fl 1702-1737), Berlin, in boxwood, tortoise, and ivory, and cannot find any info
10:04 AM

Re: Holding a traverso while playing c#

During the 19th century, they used a three-point hold which left the left thumb and R4 perfectly free to operate their keys. I use the 19th century hold on my
Terry McGee
Jun 25

Re: Holding a traverso while playing c#

Hi Jonathan, Check out the other fingering for C#, which doesn't leave all the holes uncovered. I generally reserve the completely open fingering for fast
Jun 25

Holding a traverso while playing c#

I'm newbie to the group, a Boehm player making the transition to traverso, and while the embouchure and range are coming along, I'm having more of a challenge
Jun 25

Re: devienne's quartets op.16

I don’t think so This is recorded as opus 1, 1783, not opus 16, 1788, and there is no b minor quartett; I am searching. If anybody on this list will be on
Philippe Allain-Dupré
Jun 25

Re: devienne's quartets op.16

Is this the set you're looking for: 6 Flute Quartets (Devienne, François) - IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music
Jun 25

devienne's quartets op.16

hi all,I would like to have the music of the quartets op.16 by F. Devienne. Bart Kuijken in his fantastic cd plays one of them, in b minor, but says in the
manuel morales
Jun 24

Re: For sale

This is a flute made by Cathy before Ardal joined in the endeavors :) This is a beautiful flute too. -- Kelly Roudabush  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Kelly Roudabush
Jun 20

Re: For sale

No Powell. It is specifically a Folkers flute, made years before F&P were even formed. A retired friend who used to make notable recorders once looked at it
James R. Harris
Jun 19

Re: For sale

No Powell? David Lasocki, PhD Head of Music Reference Emeritus Cook Music Library Indiana University Jacobs School of Music On Jun 19, 2015, at 8:31 PM, 'James
Lasocki, David
Jun 19

For sale

Greetings, A superb boxwood A415 Schuchart flute by the great Catherine E. Folkers is for sale. It has been finely restored by an expert. Photo is available.
James R. Harris
Jun 19

Plans Bressan flute.

Hello, I'm looking for the plans with drawings and measurements of the original Bressan flute with silver rings (Victoria & Albert Museum). Someone could tell
Jun 12

Re: Sorry about my poor English..

I'm very sorry, Mary! Be well and enjoy studying Japanese in this life! (English is really very difficult for me! very sorry!) ... Hello Mary, Thank you for
Jun 7
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