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  • Bruce Stirling
    ... Subject: Moore-McCormack Lines Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 18:23:43 -0500 From: William Vinson To: Aleksi Lindstrom
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      Subject:Moore-McCormack Lines
      Date:Sun, 25 Jan 2004 18:23:43 -0500
      From:William Vinson <namerican@...>
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      Ahoy Mooremackbuffs:


      We know this is a long e-mail and we apologize, but we have some very important news to spread:


      Ships have gone through their refurbishments and structural changes throughout the years and presently so is the web site.  We started to restructure the site just before loads of information came our way.  We were visiting antique stores and picked up old ocean liner books.  We bought a couple of items on EBay (which we haven't received yet), ceramic coasters and a Revell model.  (These are our first purchases on EBay so we're kind of nervously waiting and wondering where the items are.)  The following individuals sent us information and photos:


      Dick Kraus was an Assistant's Ship Photographer on the S.S. Brazil in 1951 and sent us a great story along with three photos.  Mr. Kraus has since become quite a photographer.  You can read his journals on the internet at: http://www.digitalstoryteller.com/BTV99/kraus/1101.shtml


      Robert Castano's father, Peter Castano, worked on the cargo liners and Robert is helping and sending us information on those ships.


      Virginia Statile was so nice to send us a large amount of menus, a Fare and Sailing Schedule, and a couple of photos of her sister, Emily Timoney, who was a nurse on the old S.S. Argentina.


      John-Paul DeRosa, whose great-aunt, Eleanor Britton, was Director of Entertainment and Cruise Staff for Moore-McCormack Lines, sent us gads of information on MML.  Throughout Ms. Britton's career with MML (which was the entire time the cruise ships were owned by MML), she saved all kinds of information which included "The Mooremack News," radio interviews, letters, diaries, etc., etc., etc.  John-Paul has been kind enough to furnish us with information and he is also researching a great deal about MML and his great-aunt.  He sent us a mountain of materials and we thank him for thinking of us and all of you so we could share the information.  


      We know attics can get dusty and smelly up there.  We are definitely going to read everything from cover to cover.  Bill and I have only scratched the surface on the materials we have in our possession.  


      As soon as the dust clears (which should be very shortly), we will add interesting facts.  We will fill you in information that you just can't live without, for example, do you know who attended the entertainment auditions and made the final decisions on hiring the entertainers?   Do you know what a particular apartment house in Ft. Lauderdale did to honor the Mooremack ships as they came into port and what the Mooremack ships in turn did to honor the residents every time they sailed past the apartment house?  With regards to the 1958 ships, did you ever wonder what those observation decks in front of the funnels were for?  Or maybe we should ask -- did you know there were observation decks attached to the front of the funnels?  These are just a few of examples of interesting tidbits that will be uploaded.




      1.    ARTICLE WRITTEN ON THE ENCHANTED ISLE, f/k/a S.S. ARGENTINA:  The Enchanted Isle lives on!!!  Journalist, Arline J. Bleecker, informed us this past week that she wrote an article on the Enchanted Isle and our web site.  It will appear in the Sunday Travel section of the "Orlando Sentinel," but we're not sure if this article will appear anywhere else.  The Enchanted Isle article is scheduled to be published in early February which means it could be published next Sunday.    


      2.    CRUISE WITH US ON THE UNIVERSE EXPLORER, f/k/a ENCHANTED ISLE, f/k/a S.S. ARGENTINA:  The Semester at Sea is breaking out of their routine to sponsor a pleasure cruise for regular cruisers, NOT STUDENTS, on the Universe Explorer from December 27, 2004 to January 12, 2005.  This is a 17-day New Year's Eve cruise through the Panama Canal.   The cruise will include Central America and the Panama Canal.  John-Paul, his two sons, and Bill and I have already decided we are going.  A singer/guitarist Mooremackbuff from Scotland is thinking about going even though he booked another cruise in November out of New Orleans.  You may never get another chance to sail on this beautiful lady, so mark your calendars and let's meet and socialize with other Mooremackbuffs! 


      The Semester at Sea will send us more details shortly about group accommodations, pricing, etc.  But for right now we made a flyer and have attached it to this mailing.  


      We realize it may be too long of a cruise for some of you but it is an open cruise; you don't have to go for the full 17 days.  Think about going and if you have any suggestions or wish to help organize activities, etc., please let us know.  The information on the flyer informs you as to how to contact Semester at Sea so you can be placed on a list to receive information. 


      If you want to take a tour of the ship, check out the Semester at Sea web site.  Among many things you can view, is a video streamer of the ship, photos of the staterooms, and you can find out where the ship is today!


      So don't hesitate -- Book the voyage of a lifetime!  And don't forget -- when you contact the Semester at Sea, please let us know so we can keep a count.  Only 11 months left to go.  It's right around the corner.


      Hope to see you on the seas soon,


      Bill Vinson and Ginger Q. Casey



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