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Happy New Year!

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    Below is some news and commentary to help you get 2002 off to a good start. Kenny 65 ... about ... decree ... can ... cachaça ... (Comment: If you have any
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      Below is some news and commentary to help you get 2002 off to a good start.

      Kenny '65

      From the Philadelphia Inquirer of December 27:

      > Brazil claims to officially claim a liquor
      > Cachaça, the sugar cane liquor used in the popular caipirinha cocktail, is
      > as Brazilian as apple pie is American. Now, a newly issued presidential
      > seeks to make it official, saying that only producers established in Brazil
      > label a drink as "cachaça" or "Brazilian cachaça." The decree grants
      > a status similar to tequila, which must be produced in Mexico, or champagne,
      > which must be produced in the region of the same name in France.

      (Comment: If you have any cachaça that is not made in Brazil, you must now
      call it by its generic name: "paint thinner.")

      From the Dallas newspaper, courtesy of Betty-Anne (Hughes) Tyler '65:

      > Check out Milkoo
      > Produced in Houston, Milkoo dairy spreads are made using Brazilian recipes
      > and technology. The "doçe de leite" is a traditional sweet milk caramel
      > with milk and sugar, cooked until it caramelizes. The result is a mild
      > spread that is great with toast, crackers, or bread. "Requeijão," a creamy
      > cheese spread, is good alone on bread or in sandwiches and with vegetables.
      > Both are available in the cheese section of Central Market (Interstate 30 at
      > Hulen, Fort Worth).

      (Comment: Rumor has it that the Houston-based Milkoo company was also
      considering development of a cachaça product, but had to cancel their plans
      when Central Market refused to put "paint thinner" in the cheese section.)
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