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    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2010
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       Sim Schedule
       by LeafsdudeOn 1/2/2010 3:16:01 PM  
      New post in Announcements:

      File's posted. PBPs up as well.

      Sorry for the delay.  Had to work through some stuff with Win7, plus a lot of personal things to do.  Think I've figured all the problems out, so the next sim should run smoothly.

      Next sim is the deadline sim.  Since the file was posted today, there will be no sim on Sunday.  Wednesday will be the unofficial deadline chat.  Anyone present will get activity points.  The chat will start whenever I get into the room, which will probably be somewhere around 6-6:30pm ET.  The official chat will take place Saturday, starting at 12pm ET.  The deadline will be at 9pm ET, and the sim will take place on Sunday starting at 4pm ET.

      Get those trade talks going!

      Talk to everyone Wednesday.

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