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1118Announcements : UFA Period Open

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  • commish@enhl-hockey.net
    Oct 24, 2010
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       UFA Period Open
       by LeafsdudeOn 10/24/2010 5:58:59 PM  
      New post in Announcements:

      Sorry once again for the delay.

      A few issues along with the above information that has caused it this time.

      A) We've received only 2 e-mails for UFA offers.  Once again, all UFA offers must be sent to faoffers@... for them to be received.

      B) With all the teams over the cap and open teams, I will be looking into what we can do with that.

      Since I will not be closing any offers send in for the first round, I will not be posting anything for round 1.  Round 2 will close at 9 PM on Tuesday.  At that point in time, I will decide what we'll be doing, depending on what's sent.

      Talk to everyone on Tuesday.

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