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  • commish@enhl-hockey.net
    Sep 22, 2010
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       POT Jump Sim Complete
       by LeafsdudeOn 9/22/2010 8:11:22 PM  
      New post in Announcements:

      File's posted.

      Next up is the Team Options sim.  As always, please send a list of players whose options you want to reject.  Any players with options that aren't rejected will be used.  Also, label your e-mail clearly, with only the players you wish to reject options.  Do NOT send the list at the bottom of a general e-mail, or it will most likely be missed.  Since a couple days is not enough time to allow everyone to get their options in, the sim will be run on Saturday, October 2nd.

      The UFA period will then start on Tuesday, October 5, with the 5 rounds closing on Oct 7 (Round 1), 9 (Round 2), 11 (Round 3), 13 (Round 4) and 15 (Round 5).  I will sim 2 in-game days on the 9th and 13th, and then enter the final results and sim to Sept 4 on the 16th.  With this schedule, the preaseason will start on Sunday, Oct 17.  We will run our regular season sched of Sunday/Wednesday sims at this point, so the current projected start of the regular season is Oct 31.

      That's about it for now.

      Talk to everyone a week Saturday.

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