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1074: Volunteers for Niger

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  • sunilkzach
    Urgent need for Rotary Volunteers in Niger Dear Rotarians, ... order ... lives ... in ... the members of Hands Across The Sea and others in assisting in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2005
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      Urgent need for Rotary Volunteers in Niger

      Dear Rotarians,
      > I am the Water/Hunger/Health Task Force Chair for D9100, a district
      > that covers 14 countries in West Africa including Niger.
      > Many of you may know that Niger experienced an acute famine, and
      > thousands of children have already died. We need your help in
      > to assist in doing what we Rotarians can to save as many human
      > as possible. Just this morning, I got another report of a second
      > wave of dying, malnourished babies in the Agadez region of Niger.
      > More than anything right now, we need Rotary volunteers to come to
      > Niger to work. Niger has just been ranked as the world's poorest
      > country by UNDP. The needs are tremendous; the situation is dire.
      > We are in the process of coordinating volunteer requests and
      > solicitations with RI. Our appeal for Niger is being placed on the
      > WCS website. RI has a data base of potential volunteers that they
      > are contacting to fit immediate needs. I thought that some of may
      > know people who would be interested in immediate Rotary volunteer
      > needs.
      > Here are some of the immediate needs:
      > Surgeons and surgeons assistants, medical doctors and nurses to run
      > and staff a constructed and equipped but staff-less hospital in
      > Loga, Niger (a regional capital); nutritionists to work in UNICEF
      > sponsored feeding camps in all 12 provinces of Niger and to serve
      > advisory capacities; people with professional experience in
      > vaccination campaigns in order to assist in the management and
      > operations of the enlarged vaccination program in all provinces of
      > Niger. Additional immediate needs include youth group leaders and
      > people with experience in women's development groups for the
      > establishment and promotion of income generating projects via
      > sustainable food production.
      > All positions are in conjunction with UN agencies that have
      > solicited urgent assistance from the Niger Rotary Crisis Committee.
      > Some positions come with UN logistical support -- usage of project
      > vehicles and office space at the regional UN offices in Niger. All
      > positions come with basic housing provisions based on an agreement
      > between UN agencies and the Niger Rotary Crisis Committee. There
      > are no provisions to pay per diem, travel to Niger, nor other
      > expenses in Niger by the Niger Rotary Crisis Committee nor the UN
      > agencies involved in Niger for Rotary Volunteers. All sources of
      > funding for this must be found outside if required. All volunteers
      > are requested to agree to come for a period of between 3 and 6
      > months. Level 3 French is preferable as Niger is a French speaking
      > country. Once primary needs are filled, people with experience in
      > administration and pharmacy will be required.
      > With this email, I would like to especially ask the assistance of
      members of Hands Across The Sea and others in assisting in finding
      appropriate volunteers for this urgent need.
      > Working conditions are very difficult in Niger. Extreme hardship
      > conditions should be expected by anyone interested.
      > I would prefer that serious inquiries be addressed to me privately
      > at my email address: nicholas_mancus@...
      > I thank you for any help that any Rotarian can afford in filling
      > this urgent need.
      > Regards,
      > Nicholas Mancus
      > Chair Water/Health/Hunger Task Force D9100, Zone 10B
      > Hands Across the Sea Zone 10B Benin Advisor
      > Member: RC Cotonou Centre

      Courtesy: Rtn.L.V.Vora, R.C. Anjar RID 3050 India
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