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698: New RI president spells out Rotary's mission in 2003-04

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  • sunilkzach
    New RI president spells out Rotary s mission in 2003-04 RI President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe took office on 1 July with a call to Rotarians to place the family
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      New RI president spells out Rotary's mission in 2003-04

      RI President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe took office on 1 July with a call
      to Rotarians to place the family at the center of their quest for
      "Service Above Self," and consider it a touchstone of efforts to
      increase and retain membership.

      "I am asking every club to form a Family of Rotary Committee to find
      more ways to create and nurture an atmosphere of warmth and caring,"
      he said. "This greater sense of a family atmosphere within our clubs
      is so important to the overall health of Rotary. It will not only
      make our Rotary membership more meaningful, it will support the work
      we do outside of our clubs."

      To translate the 2003-04 Rotary theme, "Lend a Hand," into action,
      Rotarians will devote their professional and business skills to serve
      in their own communities and internationally through emphases on
      activities that help in alleviating poverty, addressing health
      concerns, and promoting literacy and education.

      Replacing RI presidential conferences in 2003-04 will be 15
      presidential celebrations aimed at spotlighting outstanding Rotary
      projects and initiatives in various parts of the world. To help keep
      them affordable and maximize opportunities for participation, the one-
      day events will be planned and organized by local Rotarians.

      Venues and dates include Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on 19
      July; El Paso, Texas, USA, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on 26 July;
      Johannesburg, South Africa, on 2 August; Abuja, Nigeria, on 9 August;
      Stockholm, Sweden, on 13 August; Seoul, Korea, on 13 October; Antibes-
      Juan Les Pins, France, on 25 October; Bradford, England, on 1
      November; and New Delhi, India, on 9 December. Other celebrations
      will take place in Perth, Australia, on 16 January 2004; Manila,
      Philippines, on 31 January; Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA, on 13
      March; Macon, Georgia, USA, on 18 March; Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 27
      March; and St. Petersburg, Russia, on 2 April.

      Majiyagbe is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and principal counsel in
      J.B. Majiyagbe & Co. Born in Lagos, he is a graduate of the
      University of London. A member of the Honourable Body of Benchers,
      Majiyagbe is a former member of the interim judicial service
      committee, Kano State, a past vice president of the Nigerian Bar
      Association, and a member of the International Bar Association.

      He has served as a trustee of the Kano Lebanon Club and the Kano
      Club. He was a long-time chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Kano
      and served as chairman of the Kano branch of the Nigerian Red Cross
      Society for many years. Majiyagbe is also a member of the Kano
      Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture.

      A Rotarian since 1967, Majiyagbe is a member and past president of
      the Rotary Club of Kano. He has served Rotary International as
      district governor, International Assembly instructor, committee
      member, director and trustee of the Rotary Foundation. He is a
      recipient of the Rotary Foundation Meritorious Service and the
      Distinguished Service Awards. Majiyagbe is a past chairman of the
      African Regional PolioPlus Committee and a former member of the
      International PolioPlus Committee.

      Also assuming office on 1 July were the 2003-04 chairman of The
      Rotary Foundation Trustees, Past RI President James Lacy of the
      Rotary Club of Cookeville, Tennessee, USA; RI vice-president Frank C.
      Collins of the Rotary Club of East Hartford, Connecticut, USA; and
      treasurer Gennaro M. Cardinale of the Rotary Club of Firenze
      Brunelleschi, Italy.

      Courtesy: Rotary Newsbasket
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