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President Devlyn's February Message: eFlash Rotary 99

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    The Path of Peace This month, we commemorate a very special anniversary . . . the birth of Rotary on 23 February 1905, known as World Understanding and Peace
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2001
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      The Path of Peace

      This month, we commemorate a very special anniversary . . . the birth
      of Rotary on 23 February 1905, known as World Understanding and Peace
      Day. During Rotary's 96 years of existence, we have accomplished
      milestones in service that even founder Paul Harris could not have
      envisioned during his lifetime. We have provided educational
      opportunities for thousands of international scholars, provided
      health care to tens of thousands of needy people, and make possible
      the immunization of millions of children against the crippling
      disease of polio. In less than the span of a century, we have forged
      a powerful force for peace, built on the foundation of service.

      To me, the magic of Rotary is its internationality. The incredible
      diversity of our organization is its greatest asset, and it is what
      distinguishes us from other organizations. Through international
      programs such as Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, the
      Ambassadorial Scholarships program, matching Grants and World
      Community Service, we are able to expand our reach of service.

      Such service is the first step on the path to peace, because peace is
      rooted in the health and happiness of a nation's people. It is
      difficult to have peace when children go hungry, when parents lack a
      livelihood, when a country goes to war. I believe that Rotary can
      make a difference, even if it is one child at a time, one community
      at a time.

      One of our greatest programs is World Community Service, which
      matches clubs and districts in need of assistance. Today, thanks to
      the Internet, clubs can contact other clubs and districts around the
      world in order to carry out a joint project. You can publicize a
      project in need of a partner by posting it on the Project Registry,
      via the World Community Service Resource Task Force, at

      Other great resources are the Projects Fairs, which help match clubs
      in need of a partner. These gatherings are invaluable in linking
      people who want to take action and meet face-to-face. One shining
      example is the first international Projects Fair held last May in
      Eastern Europe, organized by Halina Stepien, WCS chair of District
      2230 (Belarus, Poland and Ukraine). This event, held in Kielce,
      Poland, attracted 100 participants and featured 107 projects. These
      fairs put the "action" into Rotary service, by helping to bring clubs

      Rotary also has been successful in advancing international
      understanding and peace through our joint health initiatives with the
      United Nations and its agencies. Indeed, people have often compared
      Rotary to the United Nations, with its great diversity and striving
      to achieve a common good. Our greatest partnership to date has been
      working with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and other groups
      to eradicate polio. We are on the threshold of achieving this great
      dream . . . to see polio wiped out in our lifetime. With your
      continued support and vigilance through the PolioPlus Partners
      program, we plan to celebrate our historic victory over polio in the
      year 2005 - Rotary's centennial.

      This month, I encourage you to Create Awareness and Take Action
      through the programs of Rotary to bring peace to the world. It may
      sound like a monumental task, but it is achievable in small steps.
      By taking these small steps, you will continue a noble journey that
      began with one man, Paul Harris, nearly a century ago.

      Frank Devlyn, RI President, 2000-01

      Courtesy: Frank Devlyn Website
      ___________________________________________ e-Flash is a Rotary news-
      capsule edited by Rtn. Sunil K. Zachariah ( PDG, D3200, India )
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